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Bin Laden


歌词相关歌手:THREE 6 MAFIA

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[Juicy J talking] [多汁Ĵ说]

Mane check this shit out we was up in Chicago right 鬃毛检查这个狗屎了,我们是在芝加哥的权利

With my nigga big hemp, you know what I'm saying? 与我的兄弟们大麻类,你知道我在说什么?

The nigga pass me a blunt 黑鬼递给我一个钝

Like smoke this shit nigga this some Bin Laden weed 如烟这个狗屎黑鬼这部分拉登杂草

Y'all don't know nothing 'bout this shit down south 你们不知道什么布特这个狗屎南下

What the fuck is Bin Laden weed it's three different 什么他妈的是本·拉登的杂草是三个不同的

Kinds of weed all grown together that shit some straight killer 杂草的种类都一起成长的那些事有些直杀手

Them Chicago niggas named that shit Bin Laden mane some straight fie 其中芝加哥黑鬼名为狗屎拉登鬃直一些外商投资企业


[chorus 4x's] [合唱4倍的]

Who got that hydro 谁得到了水电

Who got that light green 谁得到了浅绿色

Who got that Bobby brown 谁得到了鲍比 - 布朗

Who got that Laden weed 谁得到了拉登的杂草


[DJ Paul] [DJ保罗]

I swear sometimes I got to get high to hang around my hoe 我发誓,我有时得飘飘然挂在我的锄头

Sometimes I feel like I got to get high to hang 'round niggas I know 有时候,我觉得我必须让高挂起“轮黑鬼,我知道

I speed it up on weed I slowed it down on snow 我速度起来杂草我放慢下来的雪

'Cause I seen so many niggas fall of that blow 因为我看到了这么多黑鬼下降的打击

One day they got it all and ain't got shit to show 有一天,他们得到了这一切,并没有得到狗屎展示

So often nasal my nazzle, I had to cut that hoe 所以经常鼻我nazzle ,我不得不削减了锄头

But now I'm feeling happy I'm on that binny Bin Laden 但现在我感觉幸福,我上binny拉登

And niggas is acting like they don't know what the fuck just happened 和黑鬼的作用就像他们不知道什么他妈的刚刚发生

My vision getting blurry I'm about to fall asleep 我的视力越来越模糊,我即将入睡

Or am I dying If I O.D.'d 'cause this some potent weed 还是我死去如果我ODd因为这方面的一些有力的杂草

My life start flashing like holograms like right in front 我的生活开始闪烁如像右前方的全息图

Of my own face I never felt this way on one blunt 我自己的脸我从来没有这样的感觉就一个平

I see my son gaining life and my dad losing his 我看到我的儿子获得的生活和我的父亲失去了他

And old girlfriends and niggas I shouldn't hung with 老女朋友和黑鬼我不应该挂

The picture starting to fade it's getting hard to breathe 画面开始褪色它越来越难以呼吸

I'm blacking out with no pulse up under my shirt sleeve 我涂黑了我的衬衫袖子没有脉搏了


[Chorus 4x's] [合唱4倍的]


[Juicy J] [多汁J]。

Well since I'm on Bin Laden let me tell you a story 嗯,因为我对本·拉登让我告诉你一个故事

'Bout these three pussy rappers who couldn't do nothing for me “布特这三个猫说唱歌手谁不能为我做什么

Gave a whole lot of cheese said I fucked him his shit 给了一大堆的奶酪说我搞砸了他的狗屎

Smoked a whole lot of weed so he seem to forget 熏一大堆杂草,所以他似乎忘记了

Who bought trunks and your cars gave you bitches and hoes 谁买的树干和你的车给你的母狗和锄头

Who told you ass to take a bath when you thought you was raw 谁告诉你的屁股洗澡的时候,你以为你是生

Mane I tell you he a killer when we talk on the phone 鬃毛我告诉你,他是个杀手,当我们在电话上交谈

When you see him face to face he'll leave you alone 当你看到他面对面,他还是离开吧

That's why I'm smoking on this fucking Bin Laden 这就是为什么我吸烟对这个他妈的拉登

All my niggas in the hood they got it 在引擎盖我所有的黑鬼他们得到了它

Take one little puff you're addict 就拿一个小粉扑你上瘾

Take a gun to the head means tragic 拿一把枪指着头部表示惨烈

Boy I tell you like this we can smoke it anywhere 男孩,我告诉你这个样子,我们可以在任何地方抽烟了

In front of police station with a six pack of beer 在派出所门前有六包啤酒

Seven A.M. in the morning just watching people stare 上午七早上刚看的人盯

Let 'em point them damn fingers say they wild over there 让时间点这些该死的手指说,他们的野生那边


[Chorus 4x's] [合唱4倍的]


[Lord Infamous] [主声名狼藉]

Ey ey it's glowing like it's indigo I smell it through the bag 安永EY它的光辉像它的靛蓝我从袋子闻到它

I'm floating like a magic carpet straight from Baghdad 我浮像魔毯直接从巴格达

From my brains from my blood from my lungs from the dutches 从我的大脑从我的血从我的肺部从dutches

Can't just let this reefer just escape from my a clutches 不能只让这个冷藏刚刚从我的A逃脱魔掌

'Cause it's the substance I'm loving I'm buzzing 因为它是物质的,我爱我嗡嗡

Smoking like a narven huffing and puffing 吸烟就像narven气喘吁吁

This ain't Indonesian, Colombian or kaliman 这不是印尼,哥伦比亚或kaliman

It's a Bio Weapon straight from the Taliban 这是一种生物武器直接从塔利班


[Crunchy black] [香脆黑]

Do you remember me from smoking good weed 你是否吸烟好杂草记得我

Break it down, roll it up, give it the indo need 打破它,把它卷起来,给它印需求

Do you remember me from no sticks no seeds 你从没有支记得我没有种子

Or you remember me from putting you on this Laden weed 或者你把你对这个拉登杂草记得我

Get your funds together and come go and see 让您的资金一起进来去看看

I'm gone take you on the strip where Bin Laden be 我走了,你走对加沙地带的地方拉登是

This one blunt action you'll have to smoke and see 这一个生硬的动作,你就会有抽烟和看

Have you choking, falling out with your family 有你窒息,与家人闹翻


[Chorus 4x's] [合唱4倍的]

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