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Beat Boy



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Beat Boy 击败男孩

Yo Dj Hi-Tek 呦嗨的DJ -Tek公司

Drop The Motherfuckin Beat Box Dog 滴娘拍框狗

Bring That Next-Level Shit 把那个下一级妈

Uh, Yo, For Real 嗯,哟,真正的

That’s What I’m Talking About 这就是我说的

Check It Out 看看这个


Totally Psychic, Open Your Mind Quick As The Vibe Kicks 完全的心灵,打开你的心快,盛传踢

Moederfok It, I Skeem This Vibe’s Rou Moederfok它,我Skeem这Vibe的柔

Jislaaik Yo Jislaaik呦

Yo Yo Yo Yo Check Out This Hype Flow 呦呦呦呦看看这个炒作流程

I Go By The Name Of 我去到的名称

N-I-N-J To The Motherfuckin A N- -N -J的娘á

Straining Your Brain Like Tv Static 紧张你的大脑,如电视静态

Check Out The Phunky 3D Grafix 退房Phunky 3D GRAFIX

Rave Visuals, Enter My Digital Zone 狂野的视觉效果,输入我的数字区

As I Recite A Poem On The Microphone 当我朗诵一首诗的麦克风

I’m Scoping, 3Rd Eye Strobing, Mind Open, Sweat Streaming 我作用域,第3眼闪,心胸开阔,汗流浃背

Flesh Gleaming, Best Feeling, High-Energy Peaking, Deep Meanings 闪闪发光的肉,最好的感觉,高能量峰值,深层含义

Freak When I See Things, Like This Chick In A G-String 怪胎当我看到的东西,就像这小妞成一丁字裤

Can I Touch You Friend? 我可以摸你的朋友?


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Beat Boy, Beat Boy 击败了男孩,男孩打

Hit That Perfect Beat Boy 打完美的节拍男孩

Hit That Perfect, Hit That Perfect 打的完美,打的完美

Hit That Perfect Beat Boy 打完美的节拍男孩


[Repeat] [重复]


Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh! 抽它嗯!呦泵它嗯,嗯!

Yo Pump It Uh! 呦抽它嗯!

Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It, 舔它,浸它,扭曲它,打开它,

Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh! 抽它嗯!呦泵它嗯,嗯!

Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It, Stick It, Dunk It 舔它,浸它,扭曲它,打开它,坚持下去,扣篮

P-P-P-P-Pump It! P-P -P-P -泵它!


I Think About You When I Masturbate 我想你当我手淫

You Can’t Even Believe It But That’s Ok 你甚至不能相信它,但没关系

On The Microphone I Fascinate 上的麦克风í着迷

When I Let My 3Rd Eye Exaggerate 当我让我的第三眼夸大

Freaky Visions, I Tell You What I See 怪异的眼光,我告诉你,我看到了什么

Cold Concrete Scattered With Dry Leaves 冰冷的水泥散落着干枯的树叶

You Naked Lying On The Pavement 你裸体躺在路面

People Are Standing Round With Laany Shoes 人们站在圆形带Laany鞋

You Can Hardly Move, You Look Sexy 你很难移动,你看起来性感

All Of A Sudden, The Streets Are Empty 突然,满街都是空的

You Stand Up, Open Your Eye-Lids 你站起来,睁开眼睛,盖

You In A Trench Coat, It’s French, You Look Stylish 你在一个风衣,这是法国人,你看时尚

You Walk In The Silence, Not Sure What The Time Is 你走在沉默,不知道什么时间是

It’s Totally Twilight, The Sky Is Violet 这完全黄昏,天空是紫色

An Abandoned House, Look Ahead You See 一个废弃的房子,前瞻你见

Some Open The Door, Yes It’s Me 有人开门,是的这就是我

With The Meanest Penis You Ever Seen 用最卑鄙的阴茎你见过

You On Your Period, With No Tampon 你有你的期限,没有凹凸

You Kneel Down And Get With The Vibe 你跪下来获得与盛传

Your Period Blood Has Crystalized 你的月经血,结晶的

You Offer Me The Red Crystal, It’s Ill 你给我的红水晶,它是生病

Grab Hold Of The Mic Tight, Tonight’s The Night 抓牢的MIC紧,今晚的夜

The Vibe Is Live, Pump Up The Base 盛传是实时,泵出的基

I Got Tentacles Coming Out My Face 我被触手来到我的脸

I Rise Into The Air Cut Myself Open 我起来到空气割开手腕公开赛

Warm Blood Pours Down All Round 热血倾泻而下全圆

I Speak From The Deep Cut In Between My Thighs 我讲的深切割在我的大腿之间

You Covered In Blood Rubbing Your Boobs, Feeling Nice 你满身是血揉你的胸部,感觉不错


[Hook] [钩]


You Open The Door Step Into The Place 你开入广场家门一步

Look Around, Strange Painting On The Walls 环顾四周,奇怪的画在墙壁上

A Chick On The Floor On All Fours, Totally Nude 321小鸡在地板上完全一致,完全裸体

In High Heels, The Vibes Ill 穿着高跟鞋,在伊利诺伊州的共鸣

She’s Hand-Cuffed, Ankle Cuffed, Steel Collar 她的手,翻边,翻边踝,钢领

With A Long Lease Attached To The Ceiling 用长租约安装在天花板

The Scene’s Appealing, Revealing Weird Feelings 场景的诉求,露出奇怪的感觉

Make You Forget About What You Believing 让你忘记关于你相信

Another Chick Chilling Against The Wall 另一个小鸡心寒撞墙

Flashing Her Boobs, Legs Spread With A Nice Vagina 闪烁她的胸部,双腿用一个漂亮的阴道

And A Long Stick, There’s A Nice Big 并长期坚持,有一个漂亮的大

Painting Above Her Head, Expensive! 上面画她的头,贵!

You Check Another Chick On All Fours 你检查的另一个小鸡完全一致

Chilling Next To Another Chick Lying On The Floor 低温旁边,另小鸡趴在地板上

Legs Spread In The Middle Of The Corridor 双腿在走廊的中间

Close Shave, Don’t Touch What You Can’t Afford 死里逃生,不要碰你不能买得起

The Next-Room’s A Bed Room, You Become Two 下一个房间的大床房,你就成为双

What I Mean Is: You Plus Another You 我的意思是:你和另一个你

You Get Down With Yourself While I Watch 你踏踏实实地生活,不忘我看

Body Buzzing Like A Bed Of A Billion Bees 身体嗡嗡像一张床十亿蜜蜂

You Kneel Down In Front Of The Other You 你下跪在前面的另一你

Time To Learn Something New 时间学习新的东西

The One Kneeling Is A Slave 在一跪就是一个奴隶

Kneel For The Master 跪在师父

Feel The Warm Hand On The Back Of Your Head 感到温暖的手放在你的头上返回

You Got A Tattoo On The Back Of Your Neck 你有纹身对你的脖子上一步

An Infinity Sign That Represents Your Past 一个无穷大符号,代表你的过去

Your Master Touches You On Your Tattoo 你的主人倒是你在你的纹身

And Removes Your Tattoo, Now You Brand New 并移除你的纹身,现在你全新

I’m Proud Of You Dear 我为你感到骄傲亲爱的

There’s Nothing You Not Allowed To Do Here 有什么你不能在这里做

Listen To Me, The Infinity Tattoo Is A Key 听我的,无限的纹身是关键

Let Go To My Rhyme And Open Your Mind 放手我的韵敞开你的心灵


[Hook] [钩]


Lift Up Your Dress, Open Up Your Legs 抬起你的着装,打开你的腿

Your Vaginas Sewn Up, Untie The Thread 你的阴道缝起来,解开主题

My Sublime Rhyme Inside Your Head 我的崇高韵里面你的头

Your Mind Is Rushing, Vagina Gushing 你的心是冲过来,阴道涌

Another Chick In The Corner Taking A Piss 另一个小鸡在角落里以小便

It Looks Nice, The Whole Vibe Is Totally Kinky 它看起来不错,整个盛传是完全纠结

Look Around, The New Room Is Fancy 环顾四周,新的房间,就是看中

Remove Your Fur Coat, Remove Your Panties 删除您的裘皮大衣,卸下你的内裤

I’m Rocking A Suit And A Black Face Mask 我摇西装和黑色口罩

I Ejaculate In Champaign Glass í射精香槟玻璃

Your Precious Flesh Is So Mysterious 您的宝贵肉体是如此神秘

Pierce Your Nipples With Two Long Needles 刺穿你的乳头带2个长针

Like A Crucifix, Take You To Another Level 像一个十字架,带你到另一个层次

While I Get My Freak On, The Vibe Is Mental 当我得到我畸形人在,盛传是精神

Transcendental, We Somewhere Else Now 先验,我们在另一个地方

Still Rocking A Mask, But I’ve Taken Off My Suit 仍然摇摆口罩,但是我已经迈出了我的西装

You Rocking A Mask Too, Shaking Your Nice Boobs 您摇一张面具太多,摇你的好奶子

I Tell You I Like You, You Feel My Piel 我告诉你我喜欢你,你觉得我的彼尔

We Start French Kissing With Flippin Long Tongues 我们先从法国接吻随着弗利长舌头

We Somewhere Else Now, You Dressed Conservative 我们在另一个地方,你穿着保守

I Transform Into A Big Black God í变换成一个大黑神

Feel The Realness, My Dick’s Lank Hard 感觉的真实性,我的鸡巴的又长又硬

You Can’t Belive It, A Dick In Your Palm 你能不敢相信它,一个家伙在你的手掌

As Big As Your Arm, We Somewhere Else Now 大如手臂,我们在另一个地方

A Hospital Uh! Get Ready For The Operation 某医院嗯!做好准备的操作

Lot Of Guys Chilling Behind You, Blasts From The Past 很多人心寒的背后你,疾风从过去

All Rocking A Mask, Penises Out 所有摇摆口罩,阴茎出

Drop Your Panties For The Surgeon 放下你的内裤外科医生

“I’m Not A Virgin” It’s Not A Problem “我不是处女”这不是一个问题

Look In The Mirror, You Can See It’s You 照照镜子,你可以看到它是你

You Got Two Nice Boobs And A Penis Too 你有两个漂亮的胸部和阴茎太


[Hook] [钩]


The Men In The Masks Gather Round The Patient 男子在面具围着病人

Waiting In Anticipation 等待预期

The Old Surgeon Says “Can You See This?” 老外科医生说“你能看见吗? ”

“A Beautiful Woman With A Brand New Penis!” “漂亮女人以一种崭新的阴茎! ”

You Klap The Surgeon, Flip Him Right Round 您Klap外科医生,他翻右轮

Bend Him Over, Lift His White Gown 弯他过来,抬起白色长衫

Gryp The Surgeon’s Milky Butt-Cheeks Gryp外科医生的银河对接脸颊

Rape The Surgeon, Break The Surgeon 强奸外科医生,打破了医生

Absorb You Penis Into Your Tummy 吸收你阴茎进入你的肚子

You A Woman Again, Complete With A Vagina 你一个女人了,完全与阴道

I’m Flipping My Rhyme Uh! 我翻转我的韵嗯!

Tripping Your Mind Out 绊倒你的心输出

Ripping And Vipping Your Pip 抓取和Vipping画中画

Flip It Inside-Out 翻转它从内到外

Now You The Teacher, You The Guide 现在,你的老师,你的指南

The Real You Won’t See You Denied 真实的你不会看到你被拒绝

You Got Crazy Sex Appeal, All Tied Up 你有疯狂的性感,都绑向上

Kneeling On The Pavement, You Can’t Say Shit 跪在人行道上,你不能说妈

Your Mouth Is Gagged, You Surrounded By 你的嘴塞住,你周围有

A Thousand Guys Totally Under Your Spell 千家伙完全根据你的法术

They All Totally Scared Of The Power You Hold 他们都完全吓的电源你持有

You Can Changed The Rules Of The Game And Devour Their Souls 你可以改变游戏的规则和吞噬他们的灵魂

Now’s The Time Girl 现在是时候女孩

Let’s Head Back Into The Outside World 让我们的后脑勺到外面的世界

The World Of Others, It’s Time To Go Back 别人的世界,这是回去的时候了

The Doors Are Stuck Shut But The Walls Are Beginning To Crack 大门被卡住闭着,但墙壁上开始出现裂缝

Uh! Now The Walls Are Bleeding 嗯!现在的墙壁是出血

It’s All Deceiving, You Soaking Wet 这都是骗人的,你湿透

With No Regrets, Feel Your Body Sweat Blood 没有遗憾,觉得自己的身体流血流汗

Peel Off Your Old Skin, Time To Get Love 撕下你的老皮,时间让爱情


You Arrive At The Cemetery In Time For The Ceremony 您到达公墓赶在典礼

I Give You A Hot Kiss, Grab Hold Of Your Arse Cheeks 我给你亲亲热热你撅起屁股脸颊,抓牢

How’d You Like To Get Laid On This 你是怎么想获得特在此

Tomb Stone In The Middle Of The Rain Forest 墓碑在雨林木中东

My Gaze Puts You In A Dase, I’m Loving Your Long Tongue 我的目光把你放到一个阿欧,我爱你长长的舌头

Look At Your Beautiful Face, Covered In Hot Come 看看你美丽的脸庞,浑身热加油

Spread My Wings Block Out The Sun 展开翅膀遮挡太阳

Lie On My Back, Scope Out Your Bum 李群在我的背上,范围之你的屁股

My Penis Stays Hard, You Breathing Heavily 我的阴茎撑硬,你喘着粗气

I Penetrate You, The Feelings Heavenly í穿透你,感受天工

Now Bounce Girl, You Know It’s Hot 现在弹跳女孩,你知道它的热

Bounce, Bounce Girl Like, Oh My God! 反弹,反弹的女孩一样,噢,我的上帝!

Totally Freaky Deaky Phunky 全辣妈Deaky Phunky

Wad:E Make You Leave Your Body WAD : E使你离开你的身体

Transport You To Another Dimension 送你到另一个层面

You Alone In The Desert, Totally Nude 你一个人在沙漠中,完全裸体

The Silence Is Violent 沉默是暴力

You Floating Above The Ground 你漂浮在地面之上

Invisible Energies Penetrate 无形能量渗透

Every Hole In Your Body While You Levitate 每一洞在你的身体,而你漂浮术

You Start Coming Apart, Shape-Shifting 你开始慢慢崩溃,形状移

Wild, Out Of Control 野生,一发不可收拾

Destructo Destructo

Ghan Odn Ar 汗号ODN氩

Dbir Vahniss DBIR Vahniss

Dgug Rgyud Dgug Rgyud

Hgyur Bzan Hgyur Bzan

Bhren Sseh Bhren Sseh

Ehrsta Sugam Ehrsta Sugam

Satah! Satah !

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