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Beast Mode



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Yeah 是啊

It seems like the world is testin me 好像世界是试验在我

Will I conquer or will it get the best of me 我要征服还是会得到最好的我

Half of the world sees success in me 世界上有一半认为,在我成功

The half other is second guessin me 半另一个是第二guessin我

But I kid you not don't mess with me 不过,我不骗你我就不要乱

Cause I think I got something possed in me 因为我觉得我得到的东西possed在我

No matter what I'm gonna give whats left in 不管是什么我会给什么留在

I didn't choose this life it was destiny 我没有选择这样的生活,这是命运

Now I'm feelin like I might go psycho 现在,我感觉就像我可能会去心理

Stand back cause I'm feelin like I might blow 退后的原因我感觉就像我可能会吹

Slim chance but I'm puttin up a fight though 机会渺茫,但我puttin打一场,虽然

They tell me this the wrong path but I know its right though 他们告诉我这个错误的道路,但我知道它虽然正确

I'm Bout to pick up the world and shake it 我就要拿起世界,摇

Throw it to the ground and laugh as I break it 它扔在地上,笑了,因为我打破它

Let the whole world know that I'm gonna make it 让全世界知道,我会让它

And if you don't give it to me then I'm gonna take it 如果你不把它给我,然后我要把它


Gunnin for the top cock back reload 绝杀的顶级公鸡回来重装

I'm a new man with a new attitude 我是一个新的人以崭新的姿态

But don't get me wrong I'm still me though 但不要误会我的意思,我还是我,虽然

I'm all in now, I ain't bluffin 我都在,现在,我是不是bluffin

I risk everything regret nothin 我冒险的一切没什么遗憾

My determinations disgustin 我决定disgustin

So everyday my ass I'm bustin 所以,每天我的屁股,我巴斯廷

Lemme take ya back, break it down 还是让我拿雅回来了,把它分解

Just a couple more months then college bound 短短几个多月后的大学界

Got a scholarship, my bags were packed 拿到了奖学金,我的包被挤得

Then my world turned upside down 然后,我的世界被颠覆了

When I got that phone call so shockin 当我拿到那个电话让shockin

I thought my heart was stoppin 我觉得我的心脏是阻止这

Are you serious? this a one in life time opportunity knockin 你是认真的?这一次在一生一次的机会敲入

But wait, what now? I thought I had my life figured out 别急,现在该怎么办?我想我有我的生命想通了

Everything I was once sure about was now skepticizim and doubt 一切我曾经是肯定现在skepticizim和疑问

Almost lose control lost sanity 几乎失去控制失去理智

Meanwhile my friends abandoned me 同时我的朋友抛弃了我

I felt lost in the world for a little bit 我觉得自己失去了在世界上的一点点

I had nobody but my family 我有没有人,但我的家人

But I bounced back and got in the zone 但我反弹,并得到了区

Last nights just me and the microphone 昨天晚上只有我和麦克风

My friends were off at college while I was right here sittin here at home 我的朋友们关在大学,而我就在这里坐在这里在家里

They were partying I was cuttin tracks 他们聚会我cuttin轨道

They were goin out I was makin stacks 他们要出去我是马金堆

This the road I choose so you know I'm gonna walk it proudly and never look back 这路上,我选择让你知道我会骄傲地行走,并永不回头

Now fast forward a couple years 现在一晃几年

Most of my fears have dissapreaed 我大部分的恐惧已dissapreaed

After the blood the sweat the tears I dedicate this right here 血后的汗水泪水我奉献在这里的权利

To all my nonbelievers and haters 我所有的怀疑论者和仇敌

You'll doing me nothin but favors 你会做我没什么,但好处

Keep talkin, I can't hear you 保持说话,我听不见你

Someone go get me a translator 有人去给我拿翻译

It used to get to me, to the old me 它曾经找到我,给我的老

Think you can do it better? then show me 你觉得你可以做的更好?然后告诉我

Those who know me least have the most say 那些谁知道我至少得到了最有发言权

Don't judge me if you don't know me 你们不要论断我,如果你不认识我

Whether I'm a billioanire or flat broke 无论我是billioanire或身无分文

You think that matters? is that a joke 你认为事情?是一个笑话

If you ain't got talent, you really think the money will get you anywhere? nope 如果你是没有天赋,你真的认为这些钱将让你在任何地方?没了

Oh you wanna play music monopoly 哦,你想玩音乐的垄断

Ive mastered the game no toppin 香港专业教育学院掌握了游戏无托平

Takin over the world why the money adds up 羚牛全世界为什么钱加起来

I'm just passin go theres no stoppin me 我只是passin去世界上没有阻止这我

I worked so hard, I earned it 我工作这么辛苦,我赚了

Its mine now and ill never return it 它的矿现在我永远无法归还

Ima do it, Ima do it so damn big IMA做到这一点,伊玛愿意这样做该死的大

Everyday my fans confirm it 每天我的歌迷确认

So blast off I'm outta here 所以升空,我离开这里

Outta this world to the atmosphere 失控这个世界上大气

So long, I'm gone 这么久了,我走了

Beena hell of a ride what a year 一骑什么一年Beena地狱

This just the start the beginnin 这仅仅是个开始搁

The top of the very first innin 的第一innin的顶

No need for a call to the bull pen bottom of the 9th and ill still be winnin 无需调用第九和虐待的牛市笔底仍然WINNIN

What I went through, it was worth it all 我的经历,这是值得所有

All the times being pinned up against the wall 所有的时间被固定起来靠在墙上

Tryin to please my family friends and fans 试着取悦我的家人朋友和粉丝

When its all said and done after all 当所有说的和做毕竟

I gotta do whats right for me 我得做什么适合我

I gotta chase after this dream 之后我这个梦得追

I'm so proud of us how we far came 我很自豪我们的,我们怎么就来了

Me and my whole damn team 我和我的整个该死的团队

Yeah I'm just doin my best 是啊,我只是上来我最好的

For real I feel so blessed 对于真正的我觉得太幸运

I think somebodys watchin over me 我觉得somebodys凝视着在我

Tell me world did I pass your test 告诉我,世界上没有我通过测试

Did I do this right? please tell me 难道我这样做对吗?请告诉我

I need you now, please help me 我现在需要你,请你帮我

Cause life don't come with no manual 因为生活不来,无需人工

I played the cards that you dealt me 我打你处理了我的牌

My life is on the line, everytime I rhyme 我的生活就行了,每次我韵

Always on my grind, 24/7 总是在我磨,每天24小时

So much on my mind, someone please remind 这么多在我的脑海,有人请提醒

Me that I'll be fine, where am I headin 我说,我会没事的,我在哪里航向

To da fans, my life I owe you 要达球迷,我的生活我欠你

So close to my heart I hold you 如此接近我的心脏我抱着你

But to anyone who ever doubted me 但任何人谁曾经怀疑过我

Im so proud to say that I told you 我好自豪地说,我告诉你

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