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Be Real



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus: 2X] [合唱: 2倍]

If you a thug my nigga be a thug 如果一个暴徒我的兄弟们是一个暴徒

if you sell drugs my nigga then sell drugs 如果你卖药我的兄弟们再卖药

if you gonna rap about it be trill about it 如果它会斥责是颤音吧

and don't say shit if you can't BE REAL about it 不要说狗屎,如果你不能是真实的呢


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Comin up as a child all I seen was hell 科曼作为一个孩子我所看到的是地狱

My momma was the best soldier, dad stayed in out of jail 我的妈妈是最好的战士,父亲住在出狱

I came robbin and kickin in doors then went from a half to sellin 10 o's 我是罗宾和唱歌的门,然后就从半到出卖10点的

But ya see shorty, My mom was a G 但你看见矮个子,我的妈妈是A G

she made it real easy for my sista and me 她成功了我的姐妹和我真正的轻松

She did what she had to do, and got out the damn crowd like a nigga would do 她做什么,她必须做的,并得到了该死的人群像黑鬼会做

Talkin about pimpin, o she did that too 说话有关潘潘,邻她这样做太

I got robbed and this old nigga took all my loot 我被抢劫和这个老黑鬼把我所有的战利品

And I was just 12 years old on 13 skin and bones thats why I think my heart is so cold 我只是12年13皮包骨这就是为什么我觉得我的心脏是如此寒冷的老

I gives a fuck about none of you hoes I给出一个关于你没有锄头他妈的

All you fake thugs think about is grills and gold, and pressin these doors 所有你假的暴徒想到的是烧烤和黄金,压力机,这些门

(shorty) and cakin these hoes (矮个子)和cakin这些锄头

Ima pimp, I spend my time makin these hoes IMA皮条客,我把我的时间出不来这些锄头


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Nobody loves me so I guess I stay to myself 没人喜欢我,所以我想我留下来,​​我自己

A nigga thinkin bout change contemplating my death 那个黑鬼想着回合打算改变我的死亡

Fell my pain as it reigns all over a nigga 落在我的痛苦,因为它在一个黑人统治一切

and the only way I can get away is weed and liquor 我可以脱身的唯一途径是杂草和酒

Fukin niggaz up on the daily if they didn't pay me Fukin的兄弟们了当天的,如果他们不支付我

Niggaz pullin guns on me damn near drove me crazy 在我的兄弟们普林枪差点儿让我抓狂

Young nigga went to school just to sell some dope 年轻的黑人去学校只是卖一些涂料

A lil crazy ass nigga wit a knife in his coat 阿律疯狂的屁股黑鬼机智刀在他的外衣

And in the streets broke heathens went through drama especially 而在街头爆发异教徒通过戏剧去特别

momma swung on a nigga, I stabbed the bitch in her head (nigga) 妈妈摆在了一个黑人,我在她的头上捅了婊子(黑鬼)

I dun scratch my head unless it itches í逼债抓我的头,除非它痒

an I dun smoke unless I'm bustin at you hatin bitches 一个I逼债烟除非我巴斯廷你hatin母狗

nigga we was bred to die, don't be askin me why 兄弟们,我们育成死,不要被地问我为什么

Ill rather hustle in the cold cuz niggaz sprayin wit fire 生病而喧嚣在寒冷的Cuz的兄弟们sprayin机智火

All the childhood fixins wit tha devil inside the kitchen 所有厨房内的童年fixins机智恶魔塔

Got my mind on my gun and I'm finna pull a pistol 得到了我心中对我的枪,我FINNA拉一把手枪


[Verse 3: Bohagen] [第3节: Bohagen ]

You see the streets, they'll shallow you whole, mind body and soul 你看街上,他们会浅,你的整体,心身体和灵魂

And leave you in a ditch wit no shoes and clothes ,让你在一条沟里机智没有鞋子和衣服

Waitin for the trash collector 等待着垃圾收集器

Follow me mind selector to the ghetto sector 跟我心目中选择的贫民窟部门

They'll kill you over thirty dollars 他们会杀了你三十多块钱

I seen a man cut wit a dirty bottle blood squirted on his shirt and collar 没看到一个人切机智脏瓶血喷在他的衬衫,领子

I heard him holla a sound that I cant forget 我听到他呼啦我不能忘记的声音

Ran home, watched cartoons and ain't said shit 跑回家,看着动画片,而不是说狗屎

And to this day momma thought I was up at the park 并以这一天妈妈以为我是了,在公园

while she was at the church praising the lord 而她在教会赞美主

I made through amazingly unscarred 我做了令人惊讶的通过别来无恙

She had to be praying cuz I made it by the grace of the god 她不得不祈祷因为我在神的恩典使得

I'm proud of my hard times, I spit hard rhymes 我为我的艰难时刻感到骄傲,我吐硬童谣

Bible in one hand, the other hand 9 圣经在一方面,另一方面9

dreaming of naming streets and boulevards mine 做梦命名的街道和林荫大道矿

Grab yo piece of the pie, the other parts mine 抢哟分一杯羹,其他部分矿


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]

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