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[Bizzy Bone] [ Bizzy骨]

Motherfuckers ain't gon' get at me like that nigga [laughs] 怎么就不是坤让我这样的黑鬼[笑]


And ready for warfare 并准备战

They ain't ridden me of nothin but weapons of war playa 他们是不是骑我没什么,但战争武器滩

Pick up the double for reverends and devils 拿起双为reverends和恶魔

more weapons will give 'em the bite there 更多的武器将会给他们的一口有

But the war yeah, he got us a sword right out of a drawer 但战争是的,他得到了我们一把剑右出抽屉

Now give me a reason this isn't assault, my fault 现在给我一个理由,这是不是侵犯,是我的错

Caught up in the crosshairs, here's more playa 陷入了十字,这里的更干盐湖

They thought it was over and it was a wrap 他们认为这是结束,它是一个包裹

I tap-dance, for the paper, escape in a world that they never did care playa 我一敲,舞,为造纸,逃离的世界,他们从来没有照顾滩

And when it was written, the devil didn't deliver it in your mail 它写的时候,魔鬼并没有提供它在您的邮件

And what do you know, it's just like livin in hideous times here 那么,你知道,这就像活着在这里狰狞倍

Addicted to kick it, compete with the price 嗜踢它,竞争的价格

Pour me some ice, yeah, now give me some liquor to get with the vibe 倾我一些冰块,是啊,现在给我一些酒,以获得与氛围

For quicker than fast to get with the mass 比快更快地获得与质量

the underclass is what they call it 在下层就是他们称之为

Call me a drunk or an alcoholic I'm ballin, motherfucker! 说我是喝醉了还是个酒鬼,我劈腿,混蛋!


[Chorus: repeat 2X] [合唱:重复2倍]

I'ma-I'ma keep it thug 'til the day that I die 我是,我是保持它的暴徒,直到我死去的那天

I'ma keep it thug 'til the day that I die 我是保持它的暴徒,直到我死去的那天

See ya - see ya boys hatin cause you see a nigga ballin 再见 - 再见男孩hatin因为你看到一个黑人劈腿

Sippin-sippin on the Hennessy until a nigga fallin 在轩尼诗啜饮着,啜饮着,直到一个黑人坠落


[Jim Jones] [吉姆·琼斯]

Jones... now I'ma push it to the limit, I was dyin to be the boss 琼斯......现在我是将其推到了极限,我快要枯萎是老板

And we was up early cause grindin was a sport 我们是早起的原因折磨是一种运动

Rewindin in my thoughts, late 90's it was cold Rewindin在我的心中, 90年代后期,它是冷的

Lost a friend every month, couldn't survive another loss 每个月失去了一个朋友,就无法生存的另一个损失

My niggaz in the pen, until we meet again 我在笔的兄弟们,直到我们再次相见

Picture me in the Benz, blowin weed in the wind 想象着我在奔驰,杂草飘荡在风中

I caught a few cases, and now the Coupe races 我抓了几个案例,现在的双门轿跑车赛

Right through the Westside, floor seat at the Lakers, the milli-makers 通过右键西边,楼座位在湖人队中,毫厂商

Uhh, and do you know what that money mean? 呃,请问你们知道这是什么钱呢?

The wintertime turn to sunny scenes 冬天转向阳光明媚的场景

50 thou' on my dungarees, I made it rain like it's thundering 50你我的粗布工作服,我做了下雨就像是打雷

But the money got me nervous 但这些钱让我紧张

My niggaz pack guns cause I ain't tryin to get murdered 我的兄弟们装枪,因为我没有​​试着让谋杀

And the feds tryin to serve us 并试着联邦调查局为我们服务

Cause we ballin, but I'ma thug 'til I die 因为我们劈腿,但我是个暴徒,直到我死

Until I hug the sky - Jones! 直到我拥抱天空 - 琼斯!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Bizzy Bone] [ Bizzy骨]

As soon as we judge you give me the grudge you get it away from me 当我们判断你给我怀恨在心,你从我这里得到它走

Always seem to be druggin the bud, they get with the scrubs 似乎总是druggin萌芽状态,他们与磨砂得到

I'm sittin here waitin for somebody daily 我坐在这里等待着别人的日常

Hopin for love cause shit it is hard enough, myself, get 'em away from me 河滨爱情事业拉屎是够硬,我自己搞定他们离我而去

Probably does continue to move it and groove it 大概会继续移动它,它槽

and why you never get rid of me 为什么你永远摆脱我

Can never get rid of beef, nobody know me and nobody owe me, I get it myself 永远无法摆脱的牛肉,没有人认识我,没有人欠我,我明白了自己

I'm earnin respect and wealth up under the belt, the baby can feel the welts 我earnin下带的尊重和财富了,宝宝能感觉到伤痕

Been livin in poverty, livin and prosperous 被生存的贫困,活着和繁荣

Livin in the matrix, I'm gettin it how 活着的矩阵,我想趁自己如何

Huh, I'm movin this shit, I stay on the edge and ready to smash 呵呵,我要离开这个狗屎,我留在边缘,随时准备粉碎

And we better then that, Lord I hope we kick it to get it together real fast 而且我们更好那么,上帝,我希望我们踢它得到它一起真正的快速

Together at last, under the bridge, you know what it is, move my ass 总之,最后,下桥,你知道它是什么,将我的屁股

Drunk or an alcholic I'm ballin, even if I'm crawlin 醉酒或alcholic我劈腿,即使我crawlin

Quicker than fast, now get with the mass 比快更快,现在得到了大众

The underclass is what they call it, motherfucker 下层阶级就是他们所说的话,娘


[Chorus] [合唱]

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