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B-Boy Bouillabaisse



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Get On the Mic] [坐上麦克风]


Get on the mic Mike let's be real and don't cloud the issue 获取的麦克风麦克让我们成为真正的,不模糊焦点

The rhymes are dope an M.C. you must listen to 押韵都掺杂了M.C。你一定要听

People say that they been missin' me and missin' you 人们说,他们一直想念我,想念你

Get on the mic and let's show them like we used to 获取的麦克风,让我们告诉他们,我们一样用

You say fuck that yo holmes fuck this 你说他妈的哟福尔摩斯这他妈的

The king Ad-Whammy your Dick Butkus 王广告,晦气你的鸡巴布特库斯

One half science and the other half soul 一个半科学和另一半灵魂

His name's Mike D. not Fat Morton Jelly Roll 他的名字的Mike D.不胖莫顿杰利

M.C. Busy Le Disco fooled around in Fresno M.C。忙乐迪斯科弗雷斯诺鬼混

Got over on your girlie cause you know she never says no 越过你的娘娘腔,因为你知道她从来不说

Well Mike D. is a special individual 以及迈克D.是一种特殊的个体

Pulling out knots pulling in residuals 拉出拉结在残差

Go to the movies get the Rolos the cholos riding slow and low 去看电影获得Rolos的cholos骑慢,低

Mike on the mic and bust with the solo 迈克的麦克风和萧条的独奏

Mike my stromy don't be so selfish 迈克我stromy不要这么自私

Get on the mic cause you know you eat shellfish 获取的麦克风,因为你知道你吃贝类



[Stop That Train] [停止火车]


It's 4:00 a.m. I've got the Dr. Hfuhruhurr Ale 这是上午04时00分我已经得到了Hfuhruhurr啤酒博士

I've got nothing to lose so I'm pissin' on the third rail 我有什么可失去的,所以我pissin “的第三轨

Groggy eyed and fried I'm headed for the station 昏昏沉沉的眼睛和炸我直奔车站

D-Train ride to Coney Island vacation D-坐火车到康尼岛度假

Dedicated to the boofers in the back of the 1 train 献给boofers在1路车的后面

They'll be kicking out windows high on cocaine 他们将高蹬出窗户可卡因

Then I ump the turnstyle I lost my last token 然后我UMP的十字转门我失去了我的最后一个令牌

Riding between the cars pissing smoking 汽车撒尿吸烟之间骑

Head for the last car fluorescent light blackout 负责人上车荧光灯停电

Policeman told my homeboy put that crack out 警察告诉我的巨蟹座把那个破解了

You know you light up when the lights go down 你知道你点亮时,灯光暗下

Then you read the New York Post Fulton St. downtown 然后你看纽约邮报富尔顿街街市

Same faces every day but you don't know their names 同样的面孔每一天,但你不知道他们的名字

Party people going placed on the D-Train 党的人外出时放置在D列车


Trench coat wing tip going to work 风衣翼尖去上班

And you'll be pulling a train like Captain Kirk ,你会像拉柯克船长火车

Pick pocket gangsters paying their debts 扒窃歹徒支付其债务

I caught a bullet in the lung from Bernie Goetz 我从伯尼·戈茨肺抓到一颗子弹

Overworked and underpaid staring at the floor 过度劳累和少缴盯着地板

Prostitutes spandex caught in the slide doors 妓女氨纶夹在滑动门

Stuck between the stations it seems like an eternity 该站之间的停留,似乎像一个永恒

Sweating like sardines in a flophouse fraternity 出汗像在flophouse博爱沙丁鱼

$50.00 fine for disturbing the peace 50.00美元罚款,扰乱治安

The neck tortoise your Lees are creased 颈龟的酒糟起皱

Hot cup of coffee and the donuts are Dunkin 一杯热咖啡和甜甜圈是邓肯

Friday night and Jamaica Queens funkin 周五晚上和牙买加女王funkin

Elevated platform never gonna conform 高架平台永远不会符合

Riding over the diner where I always get my toast warm 骑在小餐馆在那里我总是让我的吐司温暖

Bust into the conductor's booth and busted out rhymes 胸围到导体的展台,并破获了儿歌

Over the loud speaker about the hard times 在对困难时期的外放

Sat across from a man readin El Diario 从一个人看书萨尔瓦多日报坐在对面

Riding the train down from El Barrio 来自萨尔瓦多的Barrio坐火车下来

Went from the station straight to Orange Julius 从车站直接到橙色朱利叶斯去了

I bought a hot dog from my man George Drakoulias 我买了一个热狗,从我的男人乔治Drakoulias



[Year and a Day] [一年零一日]


M.C. for what I AM and do M.C。对我是什么做

the A is for Adam and the lyrics; true 在A是亚当和歌词;真

so as pray and hope and the message is sent 这样祈祷,希望和邮件发送

and I AM living in the dreams that I have dreamt 我现在住在我所梦想的梦想

because I'm down with the three the unstoppable three 因为我下来的三个势不可挡3

me and Adam and D. were born to M.C. 我和亚当和D出生于M.C。

and my body and soul and mind are pure 我的身体和灵魂,心灵是纯洁

not polluted or diluted or damaged beyond cure 没有污染或稀释或损坏而无法治愈

just lyrics from I to you recited 从我的歌词给你背诵

arrested, bailed but cuffed and indicted 被捕,获准保释,但手铐和被起诉

enter the arena as I take center stage 进入竞技场,因为我站在舞台的中央

the lights set low and the night has come of age 灯光设置为低,夜晚的时代已经来临

take the microphone in hand as that I am a professional 拿话筒的手,我是一个专业的

speak my knowledge to the crowd and the ed. is special 我的知识人群和编辑说话。特别是

for I AM a bard but not the last one 我是个诗人,但不是最后一个

I'm my own king and this is my castle 我是我自己的国王,这是我的城堡

dwell in realms of now but vidi those of the past 住在现在的领域,但VIDI与过去的

seen a glimpse from ahead and I don't think it's gonna last 从未来看过一眼,我不认为这是最后要去

and you can bet your ass 你可以打赌你的屁股


I drop the L. when I'm skiing 我放弃了L。当我滑雪

I'm smoking and peaking 我抽烟,峰值

I put the skis on the roof almost every single weekend 我把滑雪板在屋顶上,几乎每一个周末

can't stop the mindfuck when it's rolling along 无法停止时,它的滚动沿mindfuck

can't stop the smooth runnin's when the shit's running strong 无法停止的顺利飞奔的时候狗屎的运行强劲

broke my bindings the lion with wings 打破了我绑定了翅膀的狮子

preaching his word in the B. Boy sing 宣讲他的话在二男孩唱

I AM one with myself as I turn to The 我就是用我自己,因为我转向

I prefer the dreams to reality 我更喜欢的梦想变为现实

I prefer my life don't need no other man's wife 我更喜欢我的生活不需要任何其他的男人的妻子

don't need no crazy lifestyle with stress and strife 不需要压力和冲突没有疯狂的生活方式

but it's good to have turn to be a king for a day 但它的好,有转向是一天一个国王

or for a week or for a year or for a year in a day 或者一个星期或一年或一年中的一天

come what may 无论怎样


I'm fishing with my boat and I'm fishing for trout 我钓了我的船,我钓鳟鱼

mix the Bass Ale with the Guiness Stout 混合巴斯啤酒的吉尼斯黑啤

fishing for a line inside my brain 捞我的大脑里面的线

and looking out at the world through my window pane 而望着窗外的世界,通过我的窗玻璃

every day has many colors cuz the glass is stained 每天都有很多颜色的Cuz的玻璃被弄脏

everything has changed but remains the same 一切都变了,但依旧

so once again the mirror raised and I see myself as clear as day 所以再次升起反光板,我认为自己是清楚的一天

and I AM going to the limits of my ultimate destiny 而我要我的终极命运的极限

feeling as though Somebody were testing me 感觉就好像有人在测试我

He who sees the end from the beginning of time 他谁看到结束,从刚开始的时候

looking forward through all the ages is, was and always shall be 期待通过所有年龄段的,是始终应

check the prophetic sections of the pages 检查网页的预言部分


He goes by the name of Disco Dave 他接着由Disco戴维的名字



[Hello Brooklyn] [你好布鲁克林]


Hello Brooklyn 你好布鲁克林


New York New York it's a hell of a town 纽约纽约是一个城市的地狱

The Bronx is up and I'm Brooklyn down 布朗克斯到了,我倒布鲁克林

They don't know my name they only know my initials 他们不知道我的名字,他们只知道我名字的缩写

Building bombs in the attic for elected officials 在阁楼上的民选官员建立炸弹

I quit my job I cut my hair 我辞掉工作,我剪了头发

I cut my boss cause I don't care 我将我的老板,因为我不在乎

You tried to get slick you bust a little chuckle 你试图让你圆滑胸围有点窃喜

You're gonna get smacked with my gold finger knuckle 你会得到砸到了我的金手指节

Cause being as fly as me is something you never thought of 原因是因为飞象我是你从来没有想过

You'll be sticking up old ladies with the hand gun or the sawed-off 你会坚持了老太太的手里的枪或个子矮的

Like a buffalo soldier I'm broader than Broadway 像水牛战士我比百老汇更广泛

Keep keepin' on I don't care what they say 继续坚持着“对我不在乎别人怎么说

I play my stereo loud it disturbs my neighbors 我玩我的音响声音太大了,扰乱了我的邻居

I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor 我要享受我的劳动成果

Cause I am the holder of the 3-pack Bonanza 因为我是3包富矿持有人

If you open the book then you will get your hand slapped 如果你打开​​这本书,你会得到你的手掴

I am the keeper of the 3-pack Bonanza 我是3包富矿的门将

If you ask a question you will get the answer 如果你问一个问题,你会得到答案

Her breast I saw I reached I felt 她的乳房,我看到我伸手,我觉得

M.O.N.E.Y. the belt M.O.N.E.Y.皮带

I stay at home just like a hermit 我留在家里就像一个隐士

I got the jammy but I don't got the permit 我得到了轻易的,但我没有得到许可证

Yes you got a boyfriend and indeed his name is Slick Nick 是的,你有一个男朋友,事实上他的名字是尼克·斯利克

that is why Annabelle you're caught with the shrimpy limp dick trick 这就是为什么安娜贝尔你赶上了shrimpy跛行家伙招

I ride around town cause my ride is fly 我骑在镇上引起我坐的是飞

I shot a man in Brooklyn just to watch him die 我拍一个人在布鲁克林区,只为了看他死



[Dropping Names] [下跌名称]


He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees a ghost 他猛所拳头打击后,仍然坚称自己看到了鬼

He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees a ghost 他猛所拳头打击后,仍然坚称自己看到了鬼

She's slippin through his fingers as she's movin' out to the coast 她跌到通过他的手指,她的往前出来海岸

He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees a ghost 他猛所拳头打击后,仍然坚称自己看到了鬼


If your world was all black and if your world was all white 如果你的世界是黑色的,如果你的世界全是白色的

Then you wouldn't get much color out of life now right 然后,你就不会得到太多出彩的生活,现在权

Nicknamed Shamrock my name is not Shamus 绰号沙姆洛克我的名字是不是夏姆斯

Girlies on the tippy cause my homie is famous 在毛尖原因Girlies我亲密是著名的

My name is not O'Houigheighi Nor is it Brian 我的名字是不是OHouigheighi也不是布莱恩

If I said that I was weak you know I'd be lyin' 如果我说我软弱,你知道我会撒谎“

Suckers try to bite they try to pursue it 吸盘试图咬他们试图去追求它

If you explain to a musician he'll tell that he knows it but he just can't do it 如果你解释一个音乐家,他会告诉他知道,但他就是做不到



[Lay It On Me] [悠悠地对我]


Chinese eyes and Chinese suits 中国人的眼睛和中国服

Smokin' much Buddha and smokin' much boots 斯莫多佛和吸多少靴子

More updated on the hip-hop lingo 更多更新的嘻哈行话

My favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne Wingo 我最喜欢的纽约尼克斯队是霍桑永高

Met a girl at a party and I gave her my card 遇到一个女孩在一次聚会上,我给了她我的名片

You know that it said Napoleon Bonaparte 你知道它说拿破仑·波拿巴

Peepin' out the colors I be buggin' on Cezanne Peepin对塞尚出来的颜色我算是迷恋

They call me Mike D Joe Blow the Lover Man 他们叫我迈克· ​​ð乔吹的情人男人

Your face turns red as your glass of wine 你的脸会红作为你的酒杯

You spilled on my lyrics as you wasted my time 你泼在我的歌词,你浪费了我的时间

Girl you should be with me you should drop that bum 女孩,你应该和我在一起,你应该丢弃流浪汉

Cause I got more flavor than Fruit Striped Gum 因为我得到了更多的味道比水果条纹胶

With that big round butt of yours 用你那又大又圆的屁股

I'd like to butter your muffin I'm not bluffin' 我想你的奶油松饼我不是bluffin “

Serve you on a platter like Thanksgiving stuffin' 为您的感恩节一样兮兮拼盘



[Mike On the Mic] [麦克话筒]


Here's another one for y'all to peep 下面是另外一个你们都偷看

It's called M-I-K-E on the M-I-C. 这就是所谓的M- -K -E的M - I-C 。


I met this girl last night with a peculiar cackle 我遇到了这个女孩,一个奇特的闲扯昨晚

I laid the bait and then she took the tackle 我把诱饵,然后她把应对

Had too much to drink at the Red Lobster 有太多喝红龙虾

Now the room is spinning around like the blades of a helicopter 现在房间转圈像直升机的叶片

I never met a girl that was too finicky 我从来没有遇到一个女孩太娇气

If the press has their way then they're going to finish me 如果记者有自己的方式,然后他们要我完成

You might know this but you've never been this see 你可能知道这一点,但你从来没有去过这个看

If I ate spinach then I'd be called Spinach D 如果我吃菠菜,然后我会叫菠菜ð

I shed light like cats shed fur 我流下的光像猫的皮毛脱落

Ride around town like Raymond Burr 骑在城里像雷蒙德伯尔

I'm so high that they call me Your Highness 我是如此之高,他们叫我殿下

If you don't know me then pardon my shyness 如果你不认识我,然后原谅我的胆怯

I live in the Village wherever I go I walk to 我住在乡村,无论我去,我走路去

I keep my friends around so I have someone to talk to 我把我身边的朋友,所以我必须找人倾诉

I play my music loud because you know it's got clout to it 我玩我的音乐大声,因为你知道它有底气吧

It's a trip it's got a funky beat and I can bug out to it 这是它有一个时髦的节拍旅行,我可以出来的bug吧

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