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Assassination Day



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[Raekwon:] What? Hey yo! [ Raekwon的: ]什么?嘿哟!


[Intro: (from the motion picture "The Usual Suspects")] [简介: (来自电影“非常嫌疑犯”)]


There's no coke! 有没有焦!

What? 什么?

You heard me you dumb fuck, there's no coke! 你听我的,你他妈的哑巴,没有焦!

What the fuck do you mean, there's no coke? 你他妈的什么意思,有没有可乐吗?

I've been up and down this ship. I've been in every fuckin room! 我一直在向上和向下这艘船。我已经在每一个他妈的房!

There's gotta be coke! 有一定有焦!

There is nothing! NOTHING! 没有什么!什么都没有!


Huh, uh, uh, help please! 嗯,嗯,嗯,请帮忙!

Huh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, help me! *gunshot* 嗯,嗯,嗯,嗯,嗯,嗯,嗯,帮帮我吧! *枪击*


[Intro Two: Masta Killa] [简介二:空间Masta Killa的]


It's assassi, it's assination day, I stalk... 这是遇刺,这是assination一天,我梗...

It's assassination, I sta... 这是暗杀,我站...

It's assassination day... 这是暗杀一天...

It's assassination day, I 这是暗杀的日子,我


[Verse One: Inspectah Deck] [诗一: Inspectah甲板]

Ryzarector, Madman, uh, uhh, yo, uhh Ryzarector ,狂人,呃,呃,哟,嘘

I move through the third world, my third eye's the guiding light 我谨动议通过第三的世界,我的第三只眼的明灯

Invite the fight, we all die tonight 邀请的斗争中,我们都死了,今晚

The life I lived, a 25 to life bid 在生活中,我活了下来,有25人生出价

Parole reneged, I stroll the globe fugitive 假释食言,我漫步在全球逃犯

CREAM is short, C-cypher power stalk plus the fiend talk 霜是短暂的, C- CYPHER电力杆加上魔鬼的谈话

Three G's accost in Supreme Court 三G公司的招呼在最高法院

White lies and blackmail land me back in jail 善意的谎言和勒索登陆我回监狱

We're all for sale, a stolen gold but it fail 我们都出售,偷来的黄金,但它失败

Stranded on the front line, I shine to the dumb and blind 滞留在前线,我照的哑巴和瞎子

It comes time I take back what was once mine 它的时候我收回我的是一次

Crunch time in the first quarter, from the worst slaughter 关键时刻,在第一季度,从最坏的屠杀

Devil's poisonin the birth water 魔鬼poisonin诞生水

The earth daughter rest her head on my chest 大地的女儿休息,她的头靠在我的胸口

Through the struggle we cuddle under half-moon crest 通过斗争,我们在半月形的波峰拥抱

While the press plant fear and exploit the gun blastin 而记者厂房恐惧和利用枪BLASTIN

Central broadcasting is shackling, nerves are unfastened, shhhh 中央广播镣铐,神经被解开,嘘

Trapped in deep-water gaspin 被困在深水gaspin

I Clash With the Titans from my half on the action í冲突与泰坦从我的一半在行动


[Verse Two: RZA] [诗二: RZA ]

I stop producers careers, the weak spot was their ears 我停下来生产事业,将弱点是他们的耳朵

Scorpion darts hits their mark, pierce their heart with silver spears 蝎子飞镖击中了自己的印记,刺穿他们的心脏银矛

You're bewildered, my unsaturated, low filtered 你一脸茫然,我不饱和,低过滤

Devils still peeled it still they're living built tilted 魔鬼还是削皮依然他们住建倾斜

MC's upon their axis, their body has a tactic 三菱商事在他们的轴心,他们的身体有一种战术

Lactic acid, desert drop cactus, practice 乳酸,沙漠仙人掌下降,实践

You can never master, it's invincible, Wu-Tang indispensable 你永远无法掌握,这是无敌的,武当不可或缺

One nation under God, indivisible 上帝之下的一个国家,不可分割

With liberty and justice, the mic is in my clutches 自由与正义,麦克风在我魔掌

Thugs who bring ruckus, leave in crutches 谁带来的骚动打手,在拐杖离开

Unforgiveable snakes face the double-edged swords starts to swivel 不可原谅的蛇所面临的双刃剑开始旋转

Decapitates the head, makes the projects, more livable 杀头的头,使项目更宜居

Interchangable, caution flameable 可互换,提醒flameable

My chamber is ninety-nine plus one unnameable, angles 我的房间是99加上一个难以名状,角

And strangles, microphone cords start to dangle 和扼杀,麦克风线开始摇摆

Silent as the gases that pass throughout your anal 沉默是通过整个肛门气体

Retrieve through your doors 通过你的门检索

Seep out like sweat through the pores 渗出等汗水通过毛孔

Destroy your internal organs with the biological warfare 摧毁你的内脏器官与生物战


[Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef] [诗三: Raekwon的厨师]

(Assassination day) (刺杀天)

First of all, before we move on, this shit is like a Yukon 首先,在我们继续之前,这一切,就像是育空

Don, spread it out like Grey Poupon 唐,宣扬出去像灰色Poupon

Splurgin, mergin in the suburbs, using this just like an adverb Splurgin , mergin在郊区,使用这个就像是一个副词

Action word, flowing like a blackbird 行动的话,流淌像黑鸟

God came in, aimin like Terry Bradshaw 神走了进来,爱民如特里布拉德肖

He hit the crash bar, stay relaxed God, his shit is smashed Pah 他打了防撞条,保持放松的神,他的狗屎砸了呸

You handle this just like algebra, UFO spot 'em like Galaga 你处理这就像代数,发现不明飞行物时间像小蜜蜂

Hold on like bullet-proof Acuras 持有类似防弹Acuras

You so fly, yeah right, you want to get me high 你就这样飞了,是吧,你想要得到我高

Yo Bobby, you hear how I'm shootin it like they blew top snow 哟鲍比,你听听我乱射像他们吹雪顶

You won't play me like your lady 你不会玩我喜欢你的女人

Pay me three-eighty spit it at you like a baby 在你撒娇支付我三80吐出它

Final destination Haiti 最终目的地海地


[Verse Four: Masta Killa] [诗四:空间Masta Killa的]

War is extremely serious and it saddens me 战争是非常严重的,这令我非常难过

To have to take tings to deadly measures 不得不采取恢复成致命的措施

And have you measured and shot for no pay 和你测量,并拍摄了无薪

It's assassination day I stalk my enemy like prey 这是暗杀一天,我像秸秆猎物我的敌人

Tranked by deceptional sounds that deceives 由欺骗deceptional声音Tranked

And lures MC's to the lair 和诱惑三菱商事的巢穴

With a mic-like bait, then awaits to be bitten by greed 用麦克风般的诱饵,然后等待被贪婪被咬伤

Temptation tempts my victim to proceed 诱惑我诱惑受害者进行

Forward, ignorance wouldn't allow retreat 前进,无知不会允许退

You'd rather pursue DEATH than admit defeat 你宁愿追求死,不服输

Now who's best to describe for what I specialize in 现在谁是最好的形容为我专门

Murdereous rhymin, constantly in climbin Murdereous rhymin ,不断climbin

My mind spits with an enormous kickback 我的脑子里吐出了一个巨大的回扣

Your brain didn't absorb the impact 你的大脑并没有吸收冲击

Disorderly conduct from the crowd is the feedback... 从人群行为不检的反馈...


It's assassination day, I 这是暗杀的日子,我

It's assassination day 这一天被暗杀

It's assassination day 这一天被暗杀

It's assassination day, I stalk my enemy 这是暗杀的日子,我梗我的敌人

It's assassination day, I stalk my enemy 这是暗杀的日子,我梗我的敌人

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