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[Hook] [钩]

Even the sun goes down heroes eventually die 即使是太阳下山的英雄最终死亡

Horoscopes often lie and sometimes "y" 占星经常撒谎,有时是“ Y”

nothin' is for sure nothin' is for certain nothin' lasts forever 没什么是肯定没什么是一定这世上没有永恒

But until they close the curtain 但直到他们合上窗帘

it's him & I Aquemini 这是他和I Aquemini


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

Now is the time to get on like Spike Lee said 现在是时候让像斯派克·李说:

get on the bus go get your work 上车去得到你的工作

and keep your beeper chirpin' is a must 并保持你的蜂鸣器chirpin “是必须的

Is you on that dust or cornstarch 是你在灰尘或玉米淀粉

familiar with that smack man 熟悉的人嫌

The music is like that green stuff 音乐就是这样绿色的东西

provided to you by sack man 由麻袋的人提供给您

Pac man how in the fuck do you think we gon' do that man? 吃豆人是如何在他妈的你以为我们会去这样做的人吗?

Ridin' round Old National on 18's without no gat man 坐车轮旧国家对18的没有任何人水道

I'm strapped man & ready to bust on any nigga like that man 我绑人及准备胸围像那个人的任何黑鬼

Me & my nigga we roll together like Batman & Robin 我和我的兄弟们,我们滚在一起,就像蝙蝠侠与罗宾

we prayed together through hard times 我们度过艰难的日子一起祈祷

and swung hard when it was fitting 而摆硬当它是件

But now we tappin' the brakes from all them corners 但是,现在我们自攻“所有这些弯道刹车

that we be bending in Volkswagens & Bonnevilles 我们可以弯曲大众汽车与Bonnevilles

Chevrolets and Coupe De Villes 雪佛兰和小轿车de Villes

If you ain't got no rims nigga don't get no wood grain 如果你没有得到任何的轮辋黑人没有得到任何木纹

steering wheel for real you can go on chill out & still build 方向盘为真正的你可以去乘凉和建设仍

let your paper stack instead of going into overkill 让你的纸堆,而不是进入矫枉过正

pay ya fuckin beeper bill bitch 付雅他妈的蜂鸣器法案婊子


[Hook] [钩]


[Dre] [肛门指诊]

Twice upon a time there was a boy who died twice 两次仙界有一个男孩谁死了两次

and lived happily ever after but that's another chapter 并且过得很幸福但那是另一章

live from home of the brave with dirty dollars 住在家里的勇者脏美元

& beauty parlors & baby bottles & bowling ball Impalas 美容店及婴儿奶瓶及保龄球黑斑羚

& street scholars that's majoring in culinary arts 与街道学者认为是主修烹饪艺术

You know how to work bread cheese & dough 你知道如何工作的面包奶酪和面团

from scratch but see the catch is you can get caught 从头开始,但看到的缺点是可以被抓

Know what ya sellin' what ya bought so cut that big talk 知道什么是雅出卖什么雅买了这么砍了大话

Let's walk to the bridge now meet me halfway 让我们走到桥上,现在我在半途相见

now you may see some children dead off in the pathway 现在,你可能会看到一些孩子在通路死翘翘了

it's them poor babies walkin' slowly to the candy lady 这是他们可怜的孩子走着慢慢的糖果小姐

It's lookin' bad need some hope 它看着坏需要一些希望

like the words maybe, if, or probably more than a hobby 喜欢的话,也许,如果,或者可能比一个爱好多

when my turntables get wobbly they don't fall 当我的唱盘获得颤抖,他们不属于

I'm sorry y'all I often drift I'm talkin' gift 对不起你们,我经常漂我说的礼物

so when it comes you never look the horse inside it's grill 所以,当谈到你从来不看马里面的烧烤

of course you know I feel like the bearer of bad news 当然,你知道,我觉得自己的坏消息

Don't want to be it but it's needed so what have you 不要想它,但它是必要的,这样你有什么

Now question is every nigga with dreads for the cause? 现在的问题是每一个黑人与畏惧的原因是什么?

Is every nigga with golds for the fall? Naw 是每一个黑人与金色的秋天呢?瑙

So don't get caught in appearance 所以不要让她的老公在外观

it's Outkast Aquemini another Black experience Okay 这是流浪者合唱团Aquemini另一个黑色的经验好了


[Hook] [钩]


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

The name is Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax 这个名字是大博伊爸爸发萨克斯

the nigga that like them Cadillacs 那喜欢凯迪拉克的黑鬼

I stay down with these streets 我留下来与这些街道

'cause these streets is where my folks at “造成这些街道是我的乡亲

Better know that some say we pro-black boy we professional 更好的知道,有些人说我们亲黑人小男孩,我们的专业

we missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional 我们错过了很多教堂所以音乐是我们的自白

Get off the testicles & the nut sacks 下车后睾丸与螺母麻袋

you bust a rhyme we bust back 你胸围一韵,我们回胸围

Get get back for real niggas that's out here tryin' to spit facts 获取找回真正的黑鬼这就是在这里试着吐事实

You hear dat can't come near dat maybe you need to quit 你听到DAT不能走近逸也许你需要退出

because Aquemini is Aquarius & Gemini runnin' shit like this 因为Aquemini是水瓶座和双子座飞奔狗屎像这样

Yea yea yea yea 是啊是啊是啊是啊


[Dre] [肛门指诊]

My mind warps and bends floats the wind count to ten 我的心扭曲和弯曲浮风数到十

meet the twin Andre Ben. welcome to the lion's den 满足双安德烈奔。欢迎到狮子的巢穴

original skin many men comprehend 原皮很多男人理解

I extend myself so you go out & tell a friend 我向我自己,所以你出去和告诉朋友

Sin all depends on what you believing in 仙一切都取决于你相信

Faith is what you make it that's the hardest shit since MC Ren 信心是你自己创造的是因为MC仁最难的狗屎

Alien can blend right on in wit' yo' kin 外国人可以在正确的机智在融合哟健

look again 'cause I swear I spot one every now & then 再看看,因为我发誓我发现1每一个现在和再

It's happenin' again wish I could tell you when 它的happenin “再次希望我能当告诉你

Andre this is Andre y'all just gon' have to make amends 安德烈是安德烈你们都只是坤有将功补过


[Hook] [钩]

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