歌词 "Anotha One Dead And Gone" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Anotha One Dead And Gone


歌词相关歌手:DO OR DIE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus: x4] Just another one dead and gone [合唱: X4 ]另一只死了


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhha Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhha

A year from now where will I be when I get blasted 一年之后,其中上我时,我得到诅咒

I picture myself in a crime house filled with roses on my casket I像自己在充满玫瑰在我的棺材犯罪的房子

All my family and friends at my funeral wipin their tears away 我所有的家人和朋友在我的葬礼wipin的眼泪

Mama screamin wake up Im just restin till another day she falls away 妈妈尖叫醒来我只是的休眠,直到一天,她跌倒了

My kids are so confused cause their daddies gone left alone 我的孩子是如此混乱的原因他们的爸爸去了哪里呆着

Singin its so hard to say good-bye at the funeral home whats goin on 歌唱的这么难什么布莱恩说再见在殡仪馆

4 nights and a rainy day to the cemetery found Id be home 4个晚上和阴雨天到墓地发现标识回家

Come close to a call for mama she sees her baby buried 接近喊出了妈妈,她看到她的孩子被埋

All shes carried 所有畲族进行

But Im askin the lord is it ment for me to die this way 但是我地问耶和华是彪为我死这种方式

Will I live will your words see a brighter day 请问我住将你的话看到一个更美好的世界

Crutch love for the haters for were the infrared 为仇敌的拐杖爱情是红外

And everybody prays for the ride away is it time to pay 每个人都祈求的车程是时候要

Visualize me gunned down mama told me to pass and run from the clan 想象我枪杀妈妈告诉我通过从氏族运行

Didnt know then what I know now 不知道那么我现在知道


[Chorus: x4] Just another one dead and gone [合唱: X4 ]另一只死了


Lights flashin guns blastin Nigger assassin 灯flashin枪BLASTIN黑鬼刺客

You askin how long Im lastin when a nigger be blasted 您阿斯金林多久lastin当一个黑人被炸开

Negro means of a Negro 黑人对黑人的手段

Its 187 I know sometimes those Nigs know 它的187 ,我知道有时候这些Nigs知道

Its all about drama 它的所有关于戏剧

Save it for my baby mama 将其保存为我的孩子妈妈

Im gonna tell her 我还是要告诉她

When next summer comes Im gonna be a crack sella 当明年夏天来到我也会成为一条缝蝶鞍

But beat me there goes my fuckin choice and shit 但是,还有我他妈的的选择和狗屎打我

A nigga never be got a chance to put his voice in it 那个黑鬼永远不会有机会穿上他的声音在这

Tell me lies Nigga decide what your life is like 告诉我的谎言黑鬼决定什么样的生活是像

You gotta be dealin or sellin some fuckin dope 你必须是戏份还是出卖了一些他妈的涂料

Just to earn some fucking stripes 只是为了赚取一些他妈的条纹

She said dont go with the flow 她说DONT顺其自然

And help your hommie get off his kilo 并帮助你的hommie下车,他公斤

Cause they have the neighborhood watchin your ass an the TV show 因为他们有邻居在看着你的屁股的电视节目

Like Americas Most Wanted well what the fuck they want me for 像美国头号通缉犯还有什么他妈的他们想要我

Except to fight they wars 除了打他们的战争

But I a young nigger with potential 不过,我一个年轻的黑人与潜在

Shootin game and shootin niggas thats all fundamental 乱射游戏和乱射黑鬼这就是所有的基本

Drug house since other drug house persons goin to jail for others 因为其他药家的人要去坐牢的人药家

Ounces why he out here free you both seein shit 盎司为什么他在这里免费你俩seein狗屎

Still three months and a couple of soultrains to help you think 还是三个月,一对夫妇soultrains来帮助你思考

Now how you gonna get over that shit&..I dont know nigga 现在,你准备怎么渡过的那些事: ..我不知道黑鬼


[Chorus: x4] Just another one dead and gone [合唱: X4 ]另一只死了


I see image in the sky 我看到图像中的天空

Is it me I cant believe my soul would ever die 难道是我,我不能相信我的灵魂将永远死

So please god tell me why 所以,请上帝告诉我为什么

Have I committed murder did I commit a sin 我犯了谋杀我才造孽

Have I broke any of your laws shall I repent 有我打破你的任何法律,我会后悔

Is it to late to go wish my family farewell 是晚去祝我的家人告别

Before I continue on my journey dont know whether its heaven or hell 在我继续我的旅程不知道它是否天堂还是地狱

All they have is my picture my beloved memory 他们所拥有的是我的照片我心爱的记忆

They still rejoicein upon the times the way I used to be 他们在时代仍然rejoicein我以前的方式

Not a pleasant game I played to keep them happy 不是一个愉快的游戏我玩过,让他们开心

I knew of castles never just like my pappy 我知道城堡永远就像我的糊状

Half this death is commin at me 这一半的死亡是commin我

Hangin up my suits slowly diein 绞死了我的衣服慢慢diein

Cause all the wrong that Ive done to keep my mama cryin 因为所有香港专业教育学院做了让我的妈妈哭泣的错

So much longer and if I could return Id read the book of revelations 这么多的时间更长,如果我能回到ID读启示录

Nigger what Im facin is a no win situation 黑鬼是林facin是一个没有双赢的局面

I guess this world will come to, lord 我想这个世界会来,主

So let my parents know for them I shed no tears 因此,让我的父母知道他们,我无泪

What hurts the most is when a brother falls 当一哥落在什么最痛是

I could see my mama ballin up and family and friends sayin kill em all 我可以看到我的妈妈劈腿和家人和朋友在说杀了他们所有

Tell Biggy Smalls there aint no reason for this homicide 告诉Biggy小商品那里是不是没有原因的杀人

Money women and pride took another brother for his life 钱,女人和骄傲又过了弟弟为他的生命

If you really want to fight put the straps down 如果你真的想打把带子倒

Stand firm go toe to toe see who survives in this last round 站稳脚跟去脚趾到脚趾看看谁在这最后一轮生存

Last down so walk away looks like you lost 最后下来,走开的样子,你失去了

For the ones who boast 对于那些谁夸

Whats the outcome of this roller coast 请告诉我该辊海岸的结果

Drive by and retaliation glock infrared 通过驱动和报复格洛克红外

We screw up on it by an inch and hit the babies head 我们搞砸了就可以用一英寸,撞上婴儿头

The babies dead an instant victim did you shoot to kill 婴儿死翘翘即时受害者你开枪杀人

Cause the man was live and gone and the baby still 造成该名男子是生活和消失,宝宝仍然

Mom told me I was a bad ass 妈妈告诉我,我是一个坏屁股

But to show my fast tap 但为了表示我快水龙头

Lyin never listenin to the bullshit 说谎从来不listenin的废话

But the bullshit could have saved me from the three rounds 但废话可以从三轮救了我

Didnt know then what I know now 不知道那么我现在知道

Attached to my advisements 贴在我的advisements

Aware of all this high-tech shit 意识到这一切的高科技狗屎

I lost my daddy in 92 from a drunk driver 我从一个醉酒的司机失去了我的爸爸在92

And it seem the only thing it did was made me get higher 而它似乎也做了唯一的事情是让我得到更高的

My oldest brother away from home with shackles on 我大哥离家与桎梏

In 93 we took the ride and lost payin a ton 93我们所采取的平顺性和失去婚前一吨


Just anotha one dead and gone [repeat] 只是anotha 1死了[重复]

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