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[Mannie Fresh] [曼妮新鲜]

Gentlemen and ladies, it's your boy, the dude 绅士淑女,这是你的男孩,花花公子

Freaky-fre, fre, fre-eh-Fresh 辣妈- FRE , FRE , FRE -EH-新鲜

We gon' bring it to you somethin like this 我们会去把它给你事端像这样


[Chorus One: Juvenile] [合唱一:少年]

Woof, I'm a animal, yes I am a animal 汪,我是一个动物,是的,我是一个动物

I'm a animal, yes I am a animal 我是一个动物,是的,我是一个动物

I'm a animal, yes I am a animal 我是一个动物,是的,我是一个动物

I'm a animal, yes I am a animal 我是一个动物,是的,我是一个动物


[Juvenile] [少年]

How you just gon' back me up and I'm 2 dollars from bein rich 如何你只是坤支持我,我2元钱从贝因富

You oughta be grateful a nigga like me even see you BITCH 你现在应该感谢像我这样的黑人甚至看到你婊子

I was thinkin about rockin Arribas, but the gators look nice 我当时在想关于摇滚阿里瓦斯,但鳄鱼好看

Nigga was talkin about they was comin out like players tonight 黑人是在说关于他们被科曼出像今晚的球员

They won't let me in with my pistol I'm okay with the knife-a 他们不会让我与我的手枪我没事用刀切-A

Anything I can get my hands on when the fight starts 什么是我能得到我的手在战斗开始的时候

Could get one of these hoes that's gotta stand, by the right bar 能得到这些锄头那得展台之一,由右棒

Get the wife and she could {?} {?} light stars 找妻子,她可以{ ? } { ? }光星

She ain't stupid, she recognize who it is 她不傻,她承认这是谁

Enjoy the lyrics on the records, play the songs for the kids 享受记录的歌词,播放歌曲的孩子们

For instance, I can come through bouncin in this bitch like what 举例来说,我可以来通过bouncin在这个婊子像什么

And she's figured this shit, she ready to give that life up 而她想通了这狗屎,她准备放弃生命了

Wonderin how do it feel to be with G's like us 迷惘是怎么做的感觉是与G公司像我们这样的

Be in a better situation than that all night bus 是不是所有的夜班车一个更好的局面

You're wild hoe be fuckin up my G's 你在野外被锄头他妈的我的G公司

You better get back, I spent six and a quarter for these, ya hear me? 你最好马上回来,我花了六个季度的这些,雅听到了吗?


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Chorus Two: Juvenile] [合唱二:少年]

Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it 获取大猩猩有了它,让猩猩与它

Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it 获取大猩猩有了它,让猩猩与它

Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it 获取大猩猩有了它,让猩猩与它

Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it 获取大猩猩有了它,让猩猩与它


[Juvenile] [少年]

I see you watchin how the boy comes to Grover 我看你在看着男孩怎么来格罗弗

And you wanna overthrown him, knock him off his throne 而你想打倒他,敲他了他的王位

Your potnahs rockin with you 'til they find out who it is 你potnahs与你摇滚,直到他们找出是谁

Then they gon' try to convince y'all to leave it alone 然后,他们会去试图说服你们息事宁人

I'm here to sabotage what enemies accomplish 我在这里破坏了敌人完成

They're not about the camouflage, the homies that I ride with 他们是不是伪装,我骑的兄弟们

I keeps it ghetto for my street people and convicts í保持它贫民窟为我街道人和罪犯

I don't vouch for nobody, I just make sure I pay homage 我不担保任何人,我只是确保我祭奠

Hey shorty, this nigga here's a vet like Shaq 嘿矮个子,这个黑鬼这里就像沙克兽医

I don't have to control the ball but I control that rap 我没有控制球,但我控制说唱

If I smack you on your ass you gonna throw that back 如果我揍你在你的屁股,你的背会丢

They like it when a gangster take control like that 他们喜欢它,当歹徒采取控制这样的

She feels protected when she in that Lexus 她觉得在雷克萨斯保护她

Givin me head, got me takin all wrong exits 得到安宁我的头,让我羚牛都错了出口

I'm not the people you should be upset with 我不是你应该被打乱了的人

I don't mean no harm baby and I'm not sexist 我不是说没有伤害孩子,我不是性别歧视


[Chorus One + Chorus Two] [合唱一+合唱二]


[Juvenile] [少年]

A gangsta still fightin charges but he totes that glock 黑道还是奋力抗争指控,但他零件箱的格洛克

Like a junkie with a pipe up in the smoke crack spot 就像一个管道在烟裂纹当场迷

I be in every hood, see I knows the block 我算是在每一个引擎盖,看我知道该块

From Watts to one-fo'-fifth by the clothing shops 从瓦到一fo五分的服饰店

Nope, I ain't rockin with them boys I was with 不,我是不是摇滚与他们的男孩我是用

But I'm still blingin and showin off my toys in this bitch 但我仍然blingin和舒了我的玩具在这个婊子

When a real nigga show up hoes switch up they games 当一个真正的黑人出现锄头转了他们的游戏

Tell us who they really is and give y'all different names 告诉我们,他们真正是谁,你们都给予不同的名称

Claimin, she ain't nuttin like them boys be sayin Claimin ,她是不是尼坦喜欢他们的男生可以在说

Shit I'm only tryin to knock the pussy outta the frame 妈的,我只是试着敲猫失控画面

Look here, I tried to chill but they gave me some mills 看这里,我试图冷静,但他们给了我一些钢厂

Me and Mannie back at it, 'bout to get another deal 我和曼妮回来了,“布特获得另一笔交易

I got my hand wrapped around the steerin wheel 我得到了我的手缠steerin轮

Hoes like EWWW they can't understand the grill 锄头像EWWW他们无法理解的烧烤

Skip called me up he got them all on chill 跳过给我打电话,他得到了他们所有的寒意

Well let's go and get us some hoes so we can do this heah, y'know 好了,让我们去把我们一些锄头,以便我们能够做到这一点heah ,你知道


[Chorus One + Chorus Two] [合唱一+合唱二]

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