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English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Alright, alright 好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright, alright 好吧,好吧


Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright, alright 好吧,好吧


[Verse 1: Kanye West] [诗歌1 :肯伊威斯特]

On a scale of one to ten, what do you rate yourself? 其规模一到十,你怎么评价自己?

Here's some champagne, hydrate yourself 下面是一些香槟,滋润自己

I know I'm lookin' good, you lookin' great yourself 我知道我正在寻找“好,你看着的自己很大

I mean you shittin' on these bitches, you should hate yourself 我的意思是,你对这些母狗shittin ,你应该恨自己

My style so cold I could skate myself 我的风格那么冷,我可以自己滑冰

But I go so hard I could make it melt 但是,我那么刻苦,我可以让它融化

I mean the flow so solar every bar 我指的是流量,使太阳能电池每栏

Could power an electric car 可以驱动电动车

My, my, my, whips is side-by-side 我,我,我,鞭子是并排侧

He just talkin', mine's outside 他只是说 ,矿井外

Do you mind if I 你介意我

Take you on a test 带您测试

Do you have all-wheel drive? 你有全轮驱动?

And if that baby purr, I'm gonna baby her 如果宝宝的呼噜声,我要她的宝贝

Bitches gon' hate and maybe worse 母犬会去恨,也许更糟

Cause your ice so brrr I copped you a baby fur 因为你的冰让BRRR í copped你生个孩子皮草

Just to work 刚参加工作

I know you was on pur-pur 我知道你是在PUR -PUR

But this is a whole new arena 但是,这是一个全新的舞台

See, niggas come by talkin' bout they make it rain 你看,黑鬼来了说布特他们使雨

I'll make that bitch Katrina 我会让那个婊子卡特里娜

Mr. Kanye Omari, with my Entourage, no Ari 坎耶奥马里先生,我的Entourage ,没有阿里

And a motorcycle jacket, no Harley 和机车夹克,没有哈雷

She said dude, that's cool 她说,老兄,这很酷

Gnarly 粗糙


[Chorus: 4X] [合唱: 4X ]

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright alright, alright 好吧好吧,好吧

Alright, alright 好吧,好吧


[Verse 2: Twista] [诗2:特斯塔]

Twista where you at? 特斯塔你在哪里?

Abracadabra, did he vanish? 胡言乱语,他才消失?

Hurry up and come out 快点出来吧

But I ain't want to panic 但我并不想恐慌

I say that I'm in the zone 我说我在区

But they don't understand it 但他们不明白

Physically I'm here but mentally I'm on another planet 身体上,我在这里,但精神上我是在另一个星球

And it only kinda made 'em look at me like I was stupider 它只是有点做全身看着我,好像我是愚蠢

Now they askin' which planet, is it Jupiter? 现在,他们问哪个星球,是木星?

So I let the money show 'cause I know stacks could talk 于是我让钱秀,因为我知道栈会说话

I'm mackin' on bitches with my intergalactic thoughts 我是麦金的母狗与我星系间的想法

In my Mercedes Benz 在我的奔驰

Pull up on a chick and holla at her and her lady friends 在小鸡和霍拉她和她的女伴们拉起

Like as rich as an Arabian 像那样富有阿拉伯

I'm kickin' pure flows 我在唱歌“纯粹流

Euros they pay me in 欧元,他们付我

For what I put together in the dungeon 对于我放在一起在地牢

I'm lookin' for a UK chick with a nice onion 我追寻的英国小妞用一个漂亮的洋葱

Never beat it up like Paul Bunyan 永远不要打它像保罗·班扬

And I can't believe they let an American Werewolf in London 我简直不敢相信,他们让美国狼人在伦敦

Especially when drinking Gs with a tonic 有滋补喝GS尤其是当

Steady be trippin' while smokin' on the hydroponic 稳定被践踏的水培“,而吸

When I spit it like this they be callin' me bionic 当我吐出这样他们可以叫我仿生

Kanye with the Twist, nigga, how ironic 坎耶与扭曲,兄弟们,多么讽刺

And I'm astonished haters don't wanna see me on 我很惊讶仇敌不想看到我

They wanna know how Twista get the easy dome 他们想知道特斯塔怎么弄简单穹顶

Swag off the chain, 23s be chrome 赃物掉了链子, 23S是镀铬

Artful Dodgers with the Yeezys on 狡猾的道奇队与上Yeezys



[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Twista] [第3节:特斯塔]

I'm blowin' on flame but yours is all white 我吹的火焰,但你的是全白

And I'ma pull up in the Bentley all white 而我是拉起来的宾利全白

Step up in the club with nothing but all dykes 加强在俱乐部什么也没有,但所有的堤坝

Sippin' on some Louis and partyin' all night “在某些路易斯和partyin ”整个晚上啜饮着

Phony-ass people, I don't feel they demeanor 假屁股的人,我不觉得他们风范

So I hop in the rocket and go and chill over Venus 所以,我跳在火箭一起去放松过金星

One of rap's heroes, who came from zero 其中一个说唱英雄,谁是来自零

Makin' something out of nothing, call me Gilbert Arenas 金无中生有,叫我吉尔伯特 - 阿里纳斯

Now I'm fuckin' with divas that rock the stadiums 现在,我他妈的与摇滚天后体育场

Blow my brains back 'til my face be numb 把我的头后面,直到我的脸麻木

I am the shit 我是狗屎

It don't make me numb 它不会让我麻木

Rockin' wit a swagger like I got an eight-feet gun 摇滚才子像我招摇了一个八英尺枪

And my flow be colossal 'cause I spit the impossible 我的流量是巨大的,因为我吐了是不可能的

Whether with rhythm no limit to what I can do 无论是节奏没有限制我能做些什么

See through a prism when I conquer an obstacle 见通过棱镜时,我征服的障碍

And always get money no matter how illogical 总是拿钱不管多么不合逻辑

I follow through because, uh 我是通过因为跟随,恩


[Chorus 10X] [合唱10X ]

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