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[Talking:] [谈: ]

Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlaws 是啊,修身Thugger ,老板霍格水浒传

Got plex, with the Boss, ha 复杂了,与老板,哈哈

Something you gotta deal with baby, ha, fa sho 有些事情,你得处理宝宝,哈哈,发翔


[Slim Thug] [超薄暴徒]

What's up motherfuckers, it's the show stopper Lil Yo dropper 这是怎么回事怎么就,它的显示塞律呦滴管

Kappo popper, bout to break them off something proper 割烹波普尔,回合打破了他们正确的东西

One man army, bout to make they summer stormy 一个人的军队,回合,使他们夏天的暴风雨

I'ma handle every nigga, out here trying to harm me 我是天天看兄弟们,在这里想害我

Young Capo, bitch you ain't young no mo' 年轻的Capo ,婊子,你是不是年轻无莫“

You a old man, why you still riding with Lil Yo 你一个老男人,为什么你还在律呦骑

You need to get off Pac dick, and stop that copying shit 您需要下车精灵家伙,并停止复制狗屎

Boy you ain't no OG, over there in the bricks 小子,你是不是没有OG ,那边砖

Old hating ass nigga, talking bout you bust on me 旧恨蠢货,谈论关于你的胸围在我身上

I'll have Lil Yo, singing This Is For My Homies 我要律呦,唱这是我的家人

I'm the fucking Boss, against all odds 我他妈的老板,克服一切困难

Lil' Zane ass niggaz, y'all some broads and frauds 律赞恩屁股的兄弟们,你们都有些湖区及诈骗

I'll pull your hoe card, snake skin ass bitch 我来拉你的锄头卡,蛇皮屁股婊子

I don't even know you nigga, so I'm making it quick 我什至不知道你的兄弟们,所以我使快速

All I know, is that you rolling with two hoes 我所知道的,是你滚了两个锄头

All you gay ass niggaz, need to get on your toes 所有你是同性恋屁股的兄弟们,需要得到你的脚趾


[Hook] [钩]

Yeah, I'm serious 是的,我是认真的

And this is one of 3:16 这也是3:16 1

You bastards, I'm serious 你混蛋,我是认真的

This is only one of 3:16 这是唯一一个3:16

Straight up, I'm serious 直线上升,我是认真的

That was only one of 3:16 这是唯一的3:16

But check this shit out 但检查这个狗屎了


[Slim Thug] [超薄暴徒]

It's Slim T-H-U-G, about to wreck Big Pic 这是修身T -H -U -G即将破坏大图

Fuck you and everybody, that you down with 他妈的你和大家,那你下来

You try to talk that hard shit, like you wanna come fight me 你试图说服硬狗屎一样,你要来打我

Knowing damn well, you wanna be just like me 知道该死的,你想成为像我

Talking down on my click, I'ma back em up 在我的点击居高临下,我是背举起手来

You fuck with Sir or Doodie, and I'ma crack you up 你他妈的先生或Doodie ,并且我破解了你

Bitch you ain't in Swishahouse, sucker take off that piece 婊子你是不是在Swishahouse ,吸盘脱掉那件

Quit trying to use that name, so you can sell in the streets 退出尝试使用该名称,这样你就可以在街头卖

I saw that nigga A.D., and he didn't wanna speak 我看到黑人公元,他确实不想说话

Well fuck you too, definition of weak 好了,你他妈的太薄弱定义

Take that fake ass earring, up out of your ear 采取假屁股耳环,同比增长了你的耳朵

Stop claiming up the street, you embarrassing your peers 停止声称在街上,你为难你同行

Try that bullshit cougar, in the lake somewhere 尝试废话美洲狮,在湖的地方

Hating on me to a bitch, go play somewhere 恨上我是婊子,你去什么地方玩

Slim Thug says, you need to get off his dick 修身暴徒说,你需要得到了他的家伙

And Slim Thug says, you and Pic a bitch, motherfuckers 纤薄暴徒说,你和PIC婊子,怎么就


[Hook] [钩]

I'm serious 我是认真的

And this is two, of 3:16 这就是3:16 2 ,

You punks, I'm serious 你的小混混,我是认真的

This is two, of 3:16 这是3:16 2 ,

Punk ass niggaz, I'm serious 朋克屁股的兄弟们,我是认真的

This was two, of 3:16 这是3:16 2 ,

16 number three 16号3


[Slim Thug] [超薄暴徒]

So motherfuckers think, they can flow 所以怎么就觉得,他们可以流动

But all of them niggaz, is some hoes 但是,所有这些兄弟们,一些锄头

I got a lot of niggaz, that's down with me 我得到了很多的兄弟们,这倒与我

But you bitch niggaz, shouldn't of clowned with me 但是你婊子的兄弟们,不应该clowned与我

Lil Yo, you say you looking cute in Polo shit 律哟,你说你看可爱的马球狗屎

I heard your weak ass c.d., and it's bullshit 我听说你的薄弱屁股C.D. ,它的废话

You gotta run to your hood, and beg em for help 你得跑到你的引擎盖,求EM求助

You can't talk shit, and back it up for yourself 你可以不说话,妈的,并将其备份自己

You hating on the Boss, trying to get you some wealth 你讨厌的老板,想给你一些财富

But hating on me, is real bad for your health 但恨我,是真正对健康不利

I see your whole click, on 2Pac dick 我看到你的整个的点击,在2Pac的家伙

Nursery rhyming ass nigga, you a lil' old bitch 苗圃押韵的蠢货,你一个可爱的小老娘们

Yeah I talk about my cars, I talk about my click 是的,我说说我的车,我就说说我的点击

But bitch I wanna see you, try to put me on bricks 但母狗我想看到你,尽量把我放在砖

You better battle Lil Romeo, weak ass boy 你最好的战斗律罗密欧,屁股男孩弱

I gave you street fame, old weak ass boy, remember that 我给你的街头名声大噪,弱老屁股的男孩,记住,


[Hook] [钩]

You little motherfucker 你这个小混蛋

I'm serious, and that was three of 3:16 我是认真的,那就是三3:16

For any niggaz, that wanna test 对于任何的兄弟们,那要测试

Come up and stress, these three motherfucking 16's 上来和压力,这三个他妈的16的

You can't fuck with it fool 它傻瓜,你不能他妈的

We dropped three, of 3:16's 我们下降了3个3 , : 16的

And ain't a motherfucker tight like this 而不是一个娘紧这样的

We dropping three tight ass 3:16's 我们滴加三紧屁股3 : 16的


[Talking:] [谈: ]

Who they talking to man 他们是谁说话的人

These niggaz must of forgot 这些兄弟们必须忘记的

I know these niggaz man, I hung with these niggaz 我知道这些人的兄弟们,我挂了这些兄弟们

Roll with these niggaz man 推出这些人的兄弟们

Did everything with these niggaz man 所做的一切与这些人的兄弟们

Helped them niggaz come up, the little they did 帮助他们的兄弟们来了,小他们做

Ha, and they wanna turn they back on me and hate on me 哈,他们想要把他们背对着我,恨我上

Showed all them hoe ass niggaz nothing but love man 显示所有这些锄头屁股的兄弟们只是爱的男人

Let them niggaz borrow money to promote shows 让他们的兄弟们借钱,以促进表演

And clothes and shit, you know I'm saying 和衣服和狗屎,你知道我在说什么

He remember, turned your back on me mayn 他还记得,原来你回来了我迈恩

All you niggaz is some hoes for that 所有你的兄弟们一些锄头为

Should of stayed down, and got paid with me 应在留了下来,并拿工资我

We all had the same chances, opportunities 我们都有相同的机会,机会

But y'all ain't make it, y'all ain't got it 但是你们都没有做到,你们都没有得到它

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