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高调的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)

high-profile · high-sounding · high-key
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However, there have been case reports highlighting one case of female-to-female transmission of HIV via cunnilingus and another case of female-to-male transmission of HIV via cunnilingus.


In October it grew shrill over an electioneering trip to the state by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


Chenyifei and market reaction is not significant diplomatic exchanges, and overseas Chinese town were released through the media this wind, and held its August 27 "launched Fino life style photography contest winning entries" published planted later, the same, careful person to be found, in addition to 170,000 did not disclose the privately with President Chen Yifei of communication, Mr Wong Tak Yuen wrote in his "The loft Chenyifei estate Museum Watch" in the word is not mentioned 50,000, and the author was Mr Wong Tak sources confirmed that Chen Yifei and indeed have spent exchanges overseas Chinese town Chenyifei high-profile launch events, and 170,000 have been high profile, seems to be lacking initiative, and become emotional, or 170,000 consider themselves artists to be loud brands Tim Kwong Choi added?


Dislike high-profile life, and really just want to make their own!


It enabled him to become the leading voice in the opposition to the war.


I'm not a hollerer and a screamer, Bryant said.


Mandelic acid has been shown to reduce Melasma by as much as 50 percent in four weeks resulting in a more evenly toned complexion.

扁桃酸已被证明,以减少黄褐斑,由高达50 %,在四周,导致一个更均匀高调的肤色。

It is perhaps no surprise that they have become among the most vocal advocates of the need for global action.


But fobbing them off with crumbs risks alienating a vocal, largely Democratic, constituency.


This is since carrying Cheng to announce to enter business travel market 4 years most high-key.


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high-hat /俊俏的/潇洒的/时髦的/自命不凡/妄自尊大/势利者/ | high-hearted /果敢刚毅的/清高的/ | high-key /全般色调光亮的/高调的/感受性强烈的/


high-heel shoe 高跟鞋 | high-heeled 高跟的 | high-key 高调的


最近也在号称日本汽车页大本营的名古屋,其他比较灵巧(nimble)的厂商不会开发出更好的电池.环保车(Ecofriendly Car)现在已经驶离了展场和设计中心而开向了道路.在南加州,HONDA已经针对了某些特定的高调(high profile)客户群体出


high-rise /多层的/多层高楼/ | high-sounding /夸大的/高调的/ | high-speed /高速的/


规模以上工业企业 industrial enterprises above the designated size???? | 高调的(冠冕堂皇的) high-toned | 国家食品药品监督管理 the State Food and Drug Administration

high-profile telethon:高调的筹款活动(长时间电视直播)

champion 支持,主张 | high-profile telethon 高调的筹款活动(长时间电视直播) | gala fundraisers 明星筹款晚会


高调的high-keyhigh-sounding | 高动力性的hyperkinetic | 高度heightveryhighdegreehighlyheighthighnessHighLeveltallness

I was high half the time:一半的时间我都很高调 )

Who the hell knows, huh? ( 谁知道呢? ) | I was high half the time. ( 一半的时间我都很高调 ) | Kind of why I got fired. ( 就是这么被炒了的 )

After 2 weeks skin is visibly firmed and toned:2周后,皮肤是明显的坚定和高调

L-carnitine will reduce fatty acids L -肉碱将减少不饱和脂... | After 2 weeks skin is visibly firmed and toned. 2周后,皮肤是明显的坚定和高调. | Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite明显降低的外观...


high-key 全般色调光亮的 | high-keyed 音调高的 | high-keyhigh-sounding 高调的