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dark continent
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The Chinese role which China acted in Africa could be a kind of mode in supporting the developing country. Those are updating and building the basal establishment of the Africa country roundly, building the concessionary area of economy, impulsing the development of scopes in Afric economy which had been neglected by the west world , encouraging Chinese company to invest in the danger location, believing the Afric country's ability and supporting them institute the tactic of development by themselves.


Beverly Joubert,非洲,狮子 A hundred years ago there were 450,000 lions in Africa,When we started our work in the early 1980s,research told us ther were only about 50,000 lions.


Africa is the antecedence and the politicians will altercate abbreviation the debt burden, catastrophe barter regulations which put the continent's abridgement at a disadvantage, and giving added aid.


The studies was proceeded on the the supercritical CO2 extraction technique of rotenone from Tephrosia vogelii. The extraction influences of technology conditions were systematically groped, The research results were listed as follows:1 The analysis method applied in this paper has been proved to be suitable to technology research of the studies on the SC-CO: extraction technique of rotenone from Tephrosia vogelii. 3 indexes, extraction ratio of rotenone. extraction ratio of total compounds and rotenone content percent in total compounds weight, were carried out with HPLC quantitatively determination combined with the sample weight loss after extraction. With these 3 indexes. The extraction influences of technology conditions were evaluated by synthesis. Then the best technology conditions were ascertained for different extraction aims.2 The pretreatment of rough material should be needed before extraction. Comminuting the material to 0.28mm size is most fit to SC-CO: extraction.3 Firstly static extracting 20 min then turn to dynamic doing is the better extraction mode than other ones.4 The orthogonal experiment was conduct with 3 factors and 5 levers.


Meanwhile, Achebe also introspects the dark side of African culture, reflects on the outlet for Africa development and argues that only by persisting in their national culture, winning national dignity and absorbing the essence of western civilization can a new Africa be built.


When traveling in Africa, sometimes I was embraced by heavenly natural scenes, and other time the simple and honest custom caught my eye balls. Once and again . I felt the heartbeat of the continent from ancient African drumbeats, in the exciting racecourse and in the crowded streets.


The Scramble for Africa 15 对非洲的掠夺 At the beginning of the 19th century British possessions were confined to slave trading posts on the west coast.

the North 19 世纪初英国的占领地局限于西海岸的堡垒和奴隶交易点。整个 19 世纪欧洲人逐渐发现并殖民了非洲内陆。

The Scramble for Africa对非洲的掠夺At the beginning of the 19th century British possessions were confined to forts and slave trading posts on the west coast.


At the turn of the century, as the fast development of economic globalization, Africa is confronting with tremendous challenges in political, economical and social fields. Africa needs a continental organization with higher authority than the Organization of African Unity.


Forty-four years ago today, the Organization of African Unity was established, which was a historic step taken by African countries and peoples for liberation, solidarity and unity . The 25th of May thus became a special day in the annals of Africa. The African Union formally succeeded the OAU in 2002, shouldering the important responsibility of maintaining peace and stability and achieving development and renaissance in Africa. African countries entered a new stage in their efforts to develop themselves through unity.


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afresh /重新/再度/ | afric /非洲的/非洲人的/黑人的/ | africa /非洲/

AfriC oMaC oMa:非洲的C oM.非洲人

AfriC oMaC oM.非洲 | AfriC oMaC oMa.非洲的C oM.非洲人 | afterprep.在...以后;次于


将由"中国"(China)和"非洲"(Africa)合成的"中国与非洲"(ChinAfrica)作为书名的这本书是法国和瑞士的非洲专门记者跑遍非洲后编写的. 作者在2006年至2007年走遍了非洲15个国家. 结果汇集了很多生动的"成功事例".


Africa 非洲 | African 非洲人,非洲的 | after 在...之后

Africana:非洲的,非洲人的 n.非洲人

129African. 非洲 | 130Africana. 非洲的,非洲人的; n. 非洲人 | 132after all毕竟


African.非洲 | Africana.非洲的n.非洲人 | afterprep.在...以后;次于


非洲西部 当地报价 非洲紫檀(Padouk) 原木 B 立方 313 非洲西部 当地报价 非洲紫檀(Padouk) 原木 BC/C 立方 267 非洲西部 当地报价 筒状非洲楝(Sapele) 原木 LM 立方 271 非洲西部 当地报价 筒状非洲楝(Sapele) 原木 B 立方

African Padouk PTEROCARPUS SOYAUXII:紫檀木,非洲珊瑚木,非洲紫檀木

非洲桃花芯树叉,卡雅楝树叉 African Mahogany Crotch KHAYA IVORENSI... | 紫檀木,非洲珊瑚木,非洲紫檀木 African Padouk PTEROCARPUS SOYAUXII | 非洲红豆树,高美木豆,西非红豆树,金柚木 Afrormosia PERICOPSIS ELAT...

Union of African Sports Confederations:非洲体育联合会联盟(非洲体联),UASC,非洲体联

Union of African Railways;非... | Union of African Sports Confederations;非洲体育联合会联盟(非洲体联);UASC;非洲体联 | Union of African Sports Confederations and African Football Confederations;非洲体育...

Union of African Sports Confederations and African Football Confederations:非洲体育联合会和非洲足球联合会联盟 (非洲体联);UASC;非洲体联

Union of African Sports Confederat... | Union of African Sports Confederations and African Football Confederations;非洲体育联合会和非洲足球联合会联盟 (非洲体联);UASC;非洲体联 | Union of African Towns;非...