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限制物 的英文翻译、例句


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limiter  ·  limitr

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The native can take from life only what they have gained, i.e. as long as life contains no disorder, restriction, or active engagement, he cannot forge something new.


The native cantake from life only what they have gained, i.e. as long as lifecontains no disorder, restriction, or active engagement, he cannotforge something new.


Herein we designed and synthesized conformationally constrained α-GalCer analogues with different fatty acyl chains.


Based on the work of the first part, we studied the possibility of allyl as a protection group in the synthesis of oligonucleotides consisting in some unstable nucleotide analogues, such as nueleoside carbonate and sulfite.


With regard to the scope of subject matter of lien, it includes not only personal property, but also real property and valuable instruments which possess characteristicics of personal property; contains not noly merchantable things, but also prohibited merchantable things and limited merchantable things, chapter III is about question of deadiline of lien, lien isnt invalid as prescription of quaranteed obligatory right completes ,but lienor possesses the fruits odf subject matter of lien, because of his occupying cubject matter of lien, because of his occapying subject matter of lien.therefore lien is different from mortgage, is without excluded period.


The thicker the DBL is, the stronger the inhibition will be. Thus, the presence of DBL in a polder reservoir can result in a delay of natural clearing process of polluted water. The effect of salt release from deposited sediments on the water quality will be a long lasting process.


APS system utilizes advance information technology and scheduling technique in order to provide inventory monitoring and production scheduling under limited resource. APS system also provides what-if analysis. Planners are able to combine production conditions and relative information in order to making the best decision to satisfy demand and against competitive market.

先进规划与排程(Advanced Planning and Scheduling; APS)系统是用先进的资讯科技及规划技术,在考企业资源限制下提供可的物需求规划与生产排程计画,提供what-if的分析,可以让规划者快速结合生产限制条件与相关资讯(如订单、途程、存货、BOM与产能限制等),以作出平衡企业与顾客权的最佳规划与决策,满足顾客需求及面对竞争激的市场。

FT-IR spectra shows that the polyaniline is present primarily in the emeraldine salt form, and the polymeric chains interact with inorganic framework, most likely via V=O…HN hydrogen bonding. XRD,TG and DSC indicate that the lamellar structure of the V_2O_5 is preserved, PAn chains eliminate water form the interlamellar region and are partially inserted between the layers, and exist with extended-chain conformation owing to the confined environment.Electrochemical investigation in the range of 1.8~3.8V vs.


We also found that, stress concentrated at the symphyseal area of superstructure during opening movement, and separating the superstructure at the symphyseal area will decrease the stress concentration of implant prostheses.


The real devotee knows the absurdity of worshipping the Transcendental Reality with material articles - clothing That which pervades the whole universe and the beyond, putting on a pedestal That which cannot be limited by space, feeding That which is disembodied and incorporeal, singing before That whose glory the music of the spheres tries vainly to proclaim.


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check a list:查点,核对,清算

353checkn. 检查,支票,阻止物; v. 检查,阻止,核对 | 354check a list查点,核对,清算 | 355check price最低价格,限制价格

Show Decals:显示弹痕. #是否显示子弹击中或爆裂物爆炸后留在物体上的弹痕

Min Desired Framerate: 最低帧率限制. #每秒显示帧数小於此限制时,游戏会减少... | Show Decals: 显示弹痕. #是否显示子弹击中或爆裂物爆炸后留在物体上的弹痕. | Use Dynamic Lighting: 使用动态光线. #是否使用动态...

lost-and-found objects, flotsam:遗失物、漂流物

宣告为无(限制)民事行为能力人:declare ... to be a person to be without or with ... | 遗失物、漂流物:lost-and-found objects, flotsam | 以合法形式掩盖非法目的:perform under the guise of legitimate acts whi...

hamper: v.1:妨碍,阻碍 2.限制,束缚

justification: n.1.辩解,证明为正当 2.正当的理由,借口 | hamper: v.1.妨碍,阻碍 2.限制,束缚 | equivalent: n.相等之物

law of limiting factor:限制因子律

09.043 集光叶绿素蛋白复合物 light harvesting chlorophyll-protein complex, LHCP | 09.044 限制因子律 law of limiting factor | 09.045 后效 after-effect

Ultra vires hereditarias:不受遗产额的限制

Tutoris optio plena 完全选择权 | Ultra vires hereditarias 不受遗产额的限制 | Unde vi 强取物回复令状

res in commercium; a thing in commerce:流通物

生活资料 means of livelihood; means of subsistence | 流通物 res in commercium; a thing in commerce | 限制流通物 limited merchantable thing

res extra commercium; a thing out of commerce:禁止流通物

限制流通物 limited merchantable thing | 禁止流通物 res extra commercium; a thing out of commerce | 资产 asset

one's cup of tea:喜欢的人/物

422. one another 相互 | 423. one's cup of tea喜欢的人/物 | 424. open to不限制,开放的

absorbent for confining spills:限制溢出物蔓延的吸收性材料

absorbed gas||吸收状态气体(或瓦斯) | absorbent for confining spills||限制溢出物蔓延的吸收性材料 | Acceptance check and reception systems of plant||设备验收交接制度