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附件 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
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Those using video are encouraged to use one of the Global Positioning System video time inserters, such as the Kiwi OSD by PFD systems ( http://www.pfdsystems.com ) in order to link specific Baily's bead events with lunar features.

那些使用影像机的人们被鼓励去使用一种GPS录像时间插件,例如Kiwi OSD。附件:您需要登录才可以下载或查看附件。没有帐号?加入超大

Sadly, measuring government beastliness looks like a future-proofed business.

附件: 您需要登录才可以下载或查看附件。没有帐号?注册成为ECOer

It is very important that the electric field intensity distribution of a cable accessory is reasonable and the numerical results of electric field intensity is high precision as developing of a cable accessory from low to high voltage.


Article 2.2: The Parties included in Annex I and Parties not included in Annex I, which have elected to make a commitment inscribed in Annex BI, shall pursue limitation or reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases not controlled by the Montreal Protocol from international aviation and international maritime transport, as part of their commitments under Article 3, and shall do so in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization, respectively.


Review of the Guidelines 35 Annex 1 Membership of Working Group 36 Annex 2 Fish Species under Family Gempylidae 38 Annex 3 Fish Species under Order Gadiformes 40 Annex 4 Different International Practices in Handling "Oilfish" 59

指引检讨 16 附件 1 工作小组成员名单 36 附件 2 蛇鲭科鱼 38 附件 3 鳕形目鱼 40 附件 4 国际间在处油鱼"的同做法 59

Article 5 Temporary Textile Export License in terms of these specifications includes Export License for Textiles Exported to European Union(in quintuplicate, see Appendix 1), Origin Certificate for Textile Exported to European Union (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 2), Export License for Textiles Exported to the USA (in quintuplicate, see Appendix 3), Origin Certificate for Textiles Exported to the USA (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 4), Certificate for Handcraft Exported to European Union (in quintuplicate, see Appendix 5), Origin Certificate for Silk and Jute Products Exported to European Union (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 6), Origin Certificate for Silk and Jute Products Exported to Turkey (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 7), Origin Certificate for Textiles Exported to Turkey (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 8) and Temporary Textile Export License of the People's Republic of China (in quadruplicate, see Appendix 9, Temporary Textile Export License in short below).

第五条 本规范所指纺织品临时出口许可证件包括输欧盟纺织品出口许可证(一式五联,见附件1)、输欧盟纺织品产地证(一式四联,见附件2)、输美纺织品出口许可证(一式五联,见附件3)、输美纺织品原产地证(一式四联,见附件4)、输欧盟手工制品证(一式五联,见附件5)、输欧盟丝麻制品产地证(一式四联,见附件6)、输土耳其丝麻制品产地证(一式四联,见附件7)、输土耳其纺织品产地证(一式四联,见附件8)和中华人民共和国纺织品临时出口许可证(一式四联,见附件9,以下简称纺织品临时出口许可证)。

The method according to claim 6, for manufacturing a blade wherein a part external to the shell comprises a blade rooting part having at least one attachment bar, in which an end portion for linkage to a hub of said rotor is fitted with a laminate attachment, also comprising thermoplastic composite, and extending said at least one spar bar housed in the shell, the method further comprising the step of producing the elementary piece comprising the at least one spar by producing each attachment bar and the spar bar in the form of a strip of continuous and unidirectional reinforcing fibres which are agglomerated by said thermoplastic matrix, obtained by pultrusion at a melting temperature of the matrix, of several plies of continuous and unidirectional fibres which are agglomerated by said matrix, and, if said rooting part comprises at least two attachment bars, each one of which respectively extends one spar bar, in superimposing parts of corresponding strips forming the spar part housed in the shell, with interposition of at least one ply of continuous and unidirectional fibres which are agglomerated by said matrix between the adjacent superimposed strip parts, and fitting a removable tool, in the shape of a wedge, between parts held spaced from each other of two neighbouring strips, to form two attachment bars of the rooting part, then arranging the strips in a mould, and inserting each linkage end portion of a pultruded strip between two laminate elements of the attachment, to superimpose all the laminate elements of the attachment, closing the mould and compacting its contents under pressure and at a melting temperature of said thermoplastic matrix, and solidifying the matrix by cooling to rigidify the spar thus obtained with the laminate attachment solidly attached to its rooting part.

该方法根据索赔六,制造业刀片其中的一部分,罐壳外部包括一个叶片生根的一部分,拥有至少一个实习酒吧,在其中一结束部分为联系枢纽的说,转子是带有附件的层压板,也包括热塑性复合材料,并延长说,至少有一石酒吧住在蚬壳公司,进一步组成的方法步骤,生产初级一块组成的至少有一个SPAR公司生产每个附件的酒吧和酒吧在SPAR公司的形式,带不断加强和单向纤维是由烧结说,热塑性矩阵,得到的拉挤在熔化温度矩阵,数层的连续和单向纤维是由烧结说,矩阵,如果说,生根部分组成,至少有两个实习酒吧,每个人都分别延长一石酒吧,在叠加部分,相应的带形成的SPAR公司的一部分,居住在蚬壳公司,与干预的至少有一单层连续和单向纤维是由烧结说,矩阵之间的毗邻叠加条形零件,及装修一个可移动的工具,在形状,离间,部分之间举行的间隔从对方的两个邻国带,形成两个附件酒吧的生根部分,然后安排带在一个模具,并插入每个联系年底部分一拉挤带之间的二板的要素扣押,叠加所有层压板的要素扣押,关闭模具和压缩其内容的压力下和在熔化温度说,热塑性矩阵,并巩固矩阵冷却 rigidify该SPAR公司,从而获得与层压板的附着牢固重视其生根的一部分。

Mineral fuels, mineral oil and its products; asphalt; ore, ore slag and ash; jewellery, precious metals and products; imitation jewellery, coins, inorganic chemicals, precious metals and other compounds; aluminum products; meat and edible Zasui, boiler, machinery Apparatus, parts and components; vehicles and Accessories, but railway vehicles; drugs; copper and its products; drinks, wine and vinegar; motors, electrical, audio-visual equipment and Accessories; cereals; wool and other animal hair; horse hair yarn and woven fabrics ; Optical, photographic and medical equipment and Accessories; milk, eggs, honey, other edible animal products, nickel and its products; zinc and its products; iron and steel, wood and wood products; charcoal, plastic products, fish and other aquatic invertebrates Animal Health Paper and leather; Lead and its products; live animals, animal products, iron and steel products, paper and paperboard, paper pulp, paper or cardboard products; edible fruits and nuts, melon and other fruit peel; Rouliao; coloring materials ; Coating; putties; ink; cotton


Subject to the provisions of this Act, and unless the context of the policy otherwise requites, the terms and expressions mentioned in the First Schedule to this Act shall be construed as having the scope and meaning in that Schedule assigned to them


Is a production machine attachment attachment professional manufacturers, the product has JR-2 type rectangle metallic hose, P4-typestainless steel hoses, engineering plastics towline, Steel towline, DGT catheter protective kits Organ guard, plate guard, Chip, and machine work lights, adjustable plastic cooling pipe and other machine tool attachment, and the production and sale of P4-typestainless steel hose equipment and provide technical and after-sales service.


更多网络解释与附件相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Accessory kit:附件包,成套附件

Accessory equipment|辅助设备 | Accessory kit|附件包,成套附件 | Accumulator can|储电池外壳

Accessory kit:附件[辅助]工具包

accessory item;附件细目 | accessory kit;附件[辅助]工具包 | accessory load;附件负载,附加负载


nical Instructions) 指依据附件而按照国际民航组织理事会*所作的决定而批准和发布的危险品安全空运技术指令+;"附件"(Annex) 指在芝加哥举行的国际民用航空会议席上并于1994年12月7日开放签署的>附件18;

annex memory:附件内存

附件 annex | 附件内存 annex memory | 附件储存 annex storage

Chp 7 Atomic Structure:附件7

附件6:Chp 6 Thermochemistry | 附件7:Chp 7 Atomic Structure | 附件8:Chp 8 Electron Configurations, Atomic Properties, and the Periodic Table

Attachment Constraint:(附件约束)可将某物体作为附件以相对位置绑定在其他物体表面上并随其他物体变化

. Constraints(约束):该命令共七个子菜... | . Attachment Constraint(附件约束)可将某物体作为附件以相对位置绑定在其他物体表面上并随其他物体变化. | . Surface Constraint(表面约束)将一个物体沿着另一物体的表面...

Attachments Configurator:附件配置器

attachment 附件 | Attachments Configurator 附件配置器 | Attachments User Interface Component 附件模式

adnexal disease:子宫附件疾病

adnexa uteri 子宫附件 | adnexal disease 子宫附件疾病 | adnexectomy 子宫附件切除术,附件切除


adnexectomy 子宫附件切除术,附件切除 | adnexitis 子宫附件炎,附件炎 | adosculation 体外受精

encl.;enc. ecnlosure:附件 附件

67 encl.;enc. ecnlosure 附件 | 68 encl.;enc. ecnlosure 附件 附件 | 69 end. endorsed;endorsement 背书