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阻碍 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
bafflement  ·  barricade  ·  brake  ·  brakes  ·  counteract  ·  counterwork  ·  cumber  ·  discourage  ·  embarrass  ·  embarrassed  ·  embarrassment  ·  encumbrance  ·  forestall  ·  hamper  ·  hinder  ·  hobble  ·  impede  ·  impediment  ·  impeding  ·  obstacle  ·  stoppage  ·  stymie  ·  thwart  ·  clag  ·  counteracting  ·  hobbling  ·  incumber  ·  thwarting  ·  hampered  ·  stymy  ·  thwarted  ·  barricaded  ·  barricades  ·  barricading  ·  braked  ·  counteracted  ·  counteracts  ·  cumbered  ·  cumbering  ·  cumbers  ·  discourages  ·  embarrasses  ·  forestalled  ·  forestalls  ·  hampering  ·  hampers  ·  hindered  ·  hindering  ·  hinders  ·  hobbled  ·  impeded  ·  impedes  ·  incumbered  ·  incumbering  ·  obstructing  ·  stymieing  ·  stymying  ·  thwarts  ·  bottlenecks  ·  interferences  ·  obstructions

choke point · set back · stand in one's way · tie up · put sth back · road-block
更多网络例句与阻碍相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Three are three major actions that Mn effects fracture behavior in the alloy at room temperature, as follow: One is that Mn fines grains, antiphase domains and weakens dislocation clog, which retain formation of cleavage crackle. The second is that Mn decreases APB energy and promotes slop and cross slip, in particular, a large number of cross slip make deformed APBs transform from line type into zigzag type and the APBs interact and cross each other, resulting in propagation of cleavage cracks. The last is that Mn raises the relative proportion of cleavage strength to grain-boundary strength and then restrains formation and propagation of cleavage crack.


That will inevitably baffle the advancement of market reforming and the coordinated development of regional economics in China.


During the study, researchers recorded the width of the tree rings of balsam firs. Each ring marked a year of the tree's growth. A narrow ring indicated that the tree's growth had been suppressed that year. The narrow rings appeared only after wolf populations decreased, allowing a greater number of moose to survive and eat more balsam firs.


It pointed out the basic historic mission of the first generation of CPC people headed by Zedong Mao is the independence of the country and national liberation, to overthrow the "three big mountains "pressing on the heads of Chinese people and all reactionary forces to hinder Chinese social progress, and from this formed the mode of thinking with the main character of revolution; The basic historic mission of the second generation CPC people headed by Xiaoping Deng is to transform the rigid economic and political system of traditional socialism, from thinking theory, eliminate the bookishness and"Left"dogmatism which hindered economic development and social progress and spread seriously, and from this formed the mode of thinking with the main character of transformation; Then, the basic historic mission of the third generation CPC people headed by Zemin Jiang is, on the basis of the cause opened by the first and second generations CPC people, to open up the new situations of building the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, in theory and practice, realize overall creation in all fields of life, and from this formed the mode of thinking with the main character of creation; The historic mission undertaken by the new central leading group headed by Jintao Hu is to completely realize the objective of well-off society, strengthen international competitive, the main point is economic development, the stress is in the countryside, and the difficult point lies in social development.


The rain is knockin at my heart and I can't see the sun no more I can't live without you my sun if I'm ever gonna get back picture this You got a kid in a room his hands sweatin and shakin while he's lacin his shoes the excitement's buildin up for what's comin up soon To get there and do what he was born to do He's listenin to the beats He's trying to get in the zone He's gotta take control and make every moment his own just a little bit tired he is a little bit scared but he's so focused he won't show it when he's finally there Cuz now he's out on the floor And he's catchin the pass slashin to the glass, movin so fast, right to the hole, they don't know how to stop him and he keeps on droppin 2's and 3's by the second and the crowd is rockin so they knock him knock him down to the ground before he's crowned as the best He takes a deep breath before he gets up and looks around Everything's in slow motion The crowd is an ocean Only one minute left The rain is knockin at my heart and I can't see the sun no more I can't live without you me sun if I'm ever gonna get back, get back, get back The rain is knockin at my heart and I can't see the sun no more Ican't lice without you my sunif I'm ever gonna get back Imagine A little girl in the stands the kid's her older brother and she's his number one fan He's always lookin out for her and she looks up to him and she wants nothin more than for her brother to win But the truth is that there's someone on the other team Someone who stole her heart Someone who holds her dreams They kiss for the 1st time just the other evening Her brother's 23 but her lover's number 16 The drama is set the whole scene is intense she doesn't know which one to cheer for and she's gettin upset 23 on the chase cuz they're at each other's necks and what happens next Her boyfriend steals the ball and checks the kid in the chest 16 on the break Brother goes in the air with brother up in his face They come crashing to the dirt Tears about to burst When the game is over who she gonna run to first, yo The rain is knockin at my door and I can't see the sun no more I'ma hafta fight my way if I'm ever gonna get back, get back, get back The rain is knockin at my door and I can't see the sun no more I'ma hafta fight my way if I'm ever gonna get back 有时感觉阻碍太多但我还是为了我的梦想而奋斗 Nothin's gonna stop me Ey yo this game of life is one big struggle We gotta hustle just to make it everyday to fight the fears we facin and grab those dreams we chasin cuz there ain't no competition when we rise to the occasion c'mon The rain is knockin at my door and I can't see the sun no more I'ma hafta fight my way if I'm ever gonna get back, get back, get back The rain is knockin at my door and I can't see the sun no more I'ma hafta fight my way if I'm ever gonna get back 注:IN可以看作是ING如FACIN可以看作facing

雨是敲入我的心我看不到太阳不再我不能没有你我的太阳如果我曾经去买回来此图片你有一个孩子在一个房间里他的手sweatin和沙金,而他的拉欣他的鞋兴奋的buildin了什么的,很快就要来要到那里做什么,他出生做他listenin的节拍他试图在该地区获得他得采取控制和利用自己的每一刻只是有点累了他有点害怕但他是如此专注,他将不显示它的时候,他终于有现在的Cuz他在地上他的捉通行证 slashin的玻璃,居无定得那么快,有权向孔,他们不知道如何阻止他他不断droppin 2的和3的由第二摇滚和人群所以他们会把他会把他撞倒在地之前,他的加冕为最佳他深吸了一口气,才起身环顾四周一切都在慢动作人群是一个海洋仅1分钟雨是敲入我的心我看不到太阳不再我不能没有你我的太阳如果我曾经去买回来,回来,回来雨是敲入我的心我看不到太阳不再没有你我的sunif Ican't虱子我曾经去买回来想像看台上的一个小女孩这个孩子是她的哥哥,她是他的头号球迷他总是在找谁了她和她抬起头来他和她想没什么比她的哥哥更赢得但是,事实是,对其他团队的人有人谁偷了她的心有人谁拥有她的梦想他们只是亲吻对方的第一时间为晚上她的弟弟,但她的爱人23的16号该剧设置整个场面激烈她不知道哪一个加油,她的gettin不高兴 23大通他们的Cuz在对方的脖子和接下来会发生什么她的男朋友抢断球,并检查孩子的胸部 16个突破哥哥和弟弟去他的脸在空中他们来到崩溃的污垢即将爆裂泪当比赛结束谁,她要去跑第一,溜溜雨是敲着我的门我看不到太阳不再我是打我的方式hafta 如果我曾经去买回来,回来,回来雨是敲着我的门我看不到太阳不再我是打我的方式hafta 如果我曾经去买回来有时感觉阻碍太多但我还是为了我的梦想而奋斗没办法,拢不惊安永哟这样的生活游戏是一个大斗争我们得喧嚣这只是为了日常战斗的恐惧,我们都会面临的两个并抓住那些梦想,我们查辛没有的Cuz没有竞争当我们挺身而出来吧雨是敲着我的门我看不到太阳不再我是打我的方式hafta 如果我曾经去买回来,回来,回来雨是敲着我的门我看不到太阳不再我是打我的方式hafta 如果我曾经去买回来

Not to pursue the pursuit of the wrong choice after giving up because there is need to pursue obstruction, number of obstacles through their own efforts to eliminate may be some obstacle in the hands of someone else's hands, regardless of how their efforts in every possible way but still have to a little bit less than the return, perhaps love is like that.


The sequence of leisure constrains for high-tech employee are: structural constrains, intrapersonal constrains and interpersonal constrains.


Fortunately, although we often give up our goals when something like this happens, a life event that disrupts your progress doesn't have to sidetrack your goal completely. You can overcome this obstacle - and it is an obstacle, just like any other.


Photonic quantum-well structures can be constructed by stacking 3 photonic crystals with the same photonic band gap and different defect modes. On condition that the defect mode of the PC in the well region is located into nontransmission frequency ranges of the PCs in the barrier regions, the confined photonic state appears and can completely transmit through the structure by tunneling. However, its transmission will be strongly prohibited due to vanishing of the photonic QW induced by shifting the defect mode frequency of either of the PCs in the surrounded regions to that of the middle PC.


At 1273K, the density of dislocations were considerably decreased in deformed TiAlMnNb alloy, twinning and 11 superdislocations were hardly observed, but few 1/212 superdislocations and 01 perfect dislocations were found in deformed TiAlMnNb alloy. In high temperature range, brittle-to ductile transition had already occurred in deformed TiAlMnNb alloy, unpinning and climbing were the dominant deformation behavior in TiAlMnNb alloy. In the same way as TiAlMnNb alloy, different distinguishing feature the dislocation configuration at low, intermediate and high temperatures emerged in deformed TiAlMnNbB alloy.


更多网络解释与阻碍相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

bafflement:阻碍; 迷惑 (名)

baffle 困惑, 使挫折, 为难 (动) | bafflement 阻碍; 迷惑 (名) | baffler 困扰阻碍者; 扰流器; 折流板 (名)

obstruction cocycle:阻碍闭上链

阻碍|obstruction | 阻碍闭上链|obstruction cocycle | 阻碍集|obstruction set


encumber阻碍 | cumber阻碍,v. n | cumbersome讨厌的


compass罗盘 | encumber阻碍 | cumber阻碍,v. n

impedient:阻碍的; 障碍的 (形)

impede 妨碍, 阻碍; 阻止 (动) | impedient 阻碍的; 障碍的 (形) | impediment 妨碍; 障碍物; 阻碍 (名)

interruptive:中断的; 打扰的; 阻碍的 (形)

interruption 中止; 障碍物; 阻碍; 打扰, 干扰 (名) | interruptive 中断的; 打扰的; 阻碍的 (形) | interscapular 肩胛间的 (形)

undampted natural frequency:没有阻碍尼固有频率

uncoupled modes,非耦合振型 | undampted natural frequency,没有阻碍尼固有频率 | undamped natural mode of vibration,没有阻碍尼固有振动模态


阻碍的bafflingobstructive | 阻碍地obstructively | 阻碍或妨碍议程stonewalling


obstruction 障碍物 | obstructor 妨害者,妨碍物,阻碍者 | obstructive 妨害的,阻碍的,妨碍的


阻碍地obstructively | 阻碍或妨碍议程stonewalling | 阻碍物holdback