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间隔 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
alternation  ·  compartment  ·  interval  ·  septa  ·  space  ·  spaced  ·  spaces  ·  compartmented  ·  compartmenting  ·  compartments  ·  intervals

septum alveoli
更多网络例句与间隔相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

The invention discloses a data transmitting method, a device and a system in a time division duplex system, which is used to solve the problem in the prior art that downlink data among adjacent cells interfere to uplink data; the method comprises that: a blanket channel of a whole cell or a high-power transmit channel is mapped to OFDM symbols of a downlink time slot in a transmit frame, a guard interval in the transmit frame and the OFDM symbol on a time domain space OFDM symbols which are not mapped to any of the blank channel of the whole cell and the high-power transmit channel; an uplink control channel is mapped to OFDM symbols of an uplink time slot in the transmit frame, the guard interval and the OFDM symbols for mapping the uplink control channel on the time domain space OFDM symbols which are not mapped to uplink control channel; the OFDM symbols of the transmit frame are transmitted; the invention is adopted to avoid the interference between the downlink data and the uplink data among the adjacent cells.


High culturing temperature results in short interval between fertilization and eclosion, whereas more days are required at low temperature. The culturing temperature has a significant influence upon the numbers of P.


In comparison to the vector containing 4-exa gene without spacer peptide, the expression level of vectors containing glycosylation site sequence and enterokinase recognition site sequence as spacer was increased by 4 and 9 times, respectively.


In order to provide more than four partitions, a primary partition can be designated as an extended partition.


The foundations of support vector machines are introduced. Four mathematics models of support vector classifications including linearly hard margin SVM, linearly soft margin SVM, non- linearly hard margin SVM and non-linearly soft margin SVM are discussed.

摘 要:介绍了支持向量机的基本思想,依据是否引入核函数,是否具有惩罚因子,支持向量分类算法被分为线性分界面硬间隔、线性分界面软间隔、非线性分界面硬间隔和非线性分界面软间隔四类,并讨论了它们的数学模型。

En face views of the secundum ASD and perimembranous and outflow tract or doubly committed subarterial VSD were imaged on the interatrial septal section and inflow and outflow interventricular septal section at parasternal or apical position, respectively.


Under control operation, display is the remaining timekeeping of pulse interval or cycle interval; if nixie


It is found that the third order method is the best when abridging reflectance from 5 nm to 10 nm, 20 nm or 30 nm intervals, while the direct selection method is the best when abridging reflectance from 10 nm to 20 nm or 30 nm.

从仿真的结果可以看出:若将测量间隔为5 nm的数据压缩成间隔为10 nm、20 nm或30 nm的数据,则采用三阶删节方法误差最小;若将测量间隔为10 nm的数据压缩成间隔为20 nm或30 nm的数据,则直接选取法似乎结果更好一些。

It also showed that the main influencing parameters of the uniformity of LGP front, middle and rear regions are the angle and interspacing of incidence side V-Cut.


Distance: the so-called distance refers to the nozzle to the plate surface, which is the distance from the Etchant spray to the substrate surface distance, this is very important.


更多网络解释与间隔相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

gapped tape:间隔带,有间隔带

gapped bed 凹口床身 | gapped tape 间隔带; 有间隔带 | gapper 间苗机; 疏苗机

intertribal interval effect:试验间隔效应 试验间隔效应

intertribal interval 练习间距 | intertribal interval effect 试验间隔效应 试验间隔效应 | interval 间距

lattice plane spacing:点阵平面间隔;晶格平面间隔

点阵平面间隔;晶格平面间隔 lattice plane spacing | 点阵向量;晶格向量 lattice vector | 晶格振动;点阵振动 lattice vibration

proportional spacing:比例间隔,比例协调间隙,字母的比例间隔

proportional space 比例空格 | proportional spacing 比例间隔,比例协调间隙,字母的比例间隔 | proportional spacing mechanism 比例间隔机构

refresh interval:刷新间隔

() A.重试间间隔(Retry Interval)必须等于刷新间隔(Refresh Interval). B.重试间隔必须大于刷新间隔. C.重试间隔必须小于刷新间隔. D.以上结果都不对. 任何设置都是可行的. 63.DHCP 客户端会在以下所列举的几种情况下,

timeouts interdigit:配置按键间隔超时间隔

配置初始化超时间隔 timeouts initial | 配置按键间隔超时间隔 timeouts interdigit | 配置等待超时间隔 timing clear-wait


\\"中隔,隔离\\",\\"septum\\" | \\"齿槽间隔,肺泡间隔\\",\\"septum,interalveolar\\" | \\"肌间隔\\",\\"septum,intermuscular\\"

interatrial septum; interauricular septum:心房间隔;心耳间隔;耳间隔

间隔 interasal septum | 心房间隔;心耳间隔;耳间隔 interatrial septum; interauricular septum | 鳃间的 interbranchial


\\"齿槽间隔,肺泡间隔\\",\\"septum,interalveolar\\" | \\"肌间隔\\",\\"septum,intermuscular\\" | \\"室间隔\\",\\"septum,interventricular\\"

mean time between rejections:平均修理间隔时间

mean time between overhaul 平均大修间隔时间大修平均间隔时间 | mean time between rejections 平均修理间隔时间 | mean time between removals 平均拆卸间隔时间