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鉴别程序 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)

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Chinaberry witches'broom, Ziziphus jujube witches'broom, Mulberry dwarf disease, JWB and Paulownia witches' broom phytoplasmas were identified by comparative studies of PCR amplify of phytoplasmal 16SrDNA、23rDNA and ribosomal protein gene, heteroduplex mobility assay, RFLP of PCR-amplified products (16S rDNA), cloning and sequence analysis of 16SrDNA and rp gene. An efficient procedure for rapid identification and differentiation of phytoplasmas was established, which could identify and differentiate phytoplasma collected from field.

通过对桑萎缩病、枣疯病、酸枣丛枝病、泡桐丛枝病和苦楝丛枝病植原体16SrDNA、23SrDNA和核糖体蛋白基因的PCR扩增、异源双链迁移率分析、16SrDNA PCR产物的限制性片段多态性分析以及植原体16SrDNA和rp基因的克隆和序列分析等比较研究,建立了一种快速确定未知植原体种类和分类地位的分子鉴别与鉴定优化程序;此程序可对田间采集的各种植物植原体样品直接进行快速鉴定和鉴别。

Latro , a tool for identifying insecure Perl CGI installations, by Tom Christiansen

克里斯汀森开发的用于鉴别不安全的 Perl CGI 安装程序的工具。

In the process of communicating we can realize the couple's imagine and expectance,wedding consultant will record the couple's idea and requirement in detail,explain the combine of procedure and links of the wedding,introduce related standard of service item and the way of distinction.


Chapter one is "Introduction". On the basis of summarizing the history of the study of the pictophonetic characters, we suppose some theoretical principle, such as the principle of the correspondence between the form and the meaning of the individual graph of Chinese characters, the principle of the total graphs of Chinese characters being a character-formation system, and the principle of the optimum development of the character -formation system in the history, and som analytic methods, such as the methods of structrue-function analysis, form-position analysis and meaning factor analysis, in the study of the pictophonetic characters. Chapter two is titled"General knwledge of the pictophonetic character." We discuss their origins, nature and some standards of distingnishing them, introduce the knowledge about the editions of SHUO WEN JIE ZI, analyse the functions of the modules of pictophonetic characters in detail, discuss concretely the function of phonetic graphs showing origins and pronunciations, the function of meaning graphs showing meanings and analogies, and the function of distinguishment when the two kinds of graphs are conbined. Chapter three is"The system of meaning graphs of Xiao Zhuan system."After we describe the structure of the meaning graph system, the relations between meaning graphs, the distributions of the function of meaning graphs showing meanings, and the frequency of all this kind of graphs, we get a table of all meaning graphs, a table of the frequency. Chapter four is"The system of phonetic graphs of Xiao Zhuan system."We describe the structure of the phonetic graph system, the relations between phonetic graphs, and between their function showing origins and their function showing pronunciations, and their frequency, then we get ageneral table of phonetic graphs and table of their frequency. Chapter five is "conclusion". We think that systematical methodology is useful in describing and analysing the formation system of Chinese characters. The methodology is adaptable in describing the formation system of modern Chinese characters as well as the historical character systems, adaptable in describing horizontally as well as comparing vertically. Only when we finish the systematical vertical compare on the base of systematical horizontal decription, could we know the true history of the system of Chinese characters, recover the rule of the system's development, and supply the theoretical supports for the scientifical arrangement of modern Chinese characters.


The Criminal Division, in conjunction with the Cook County State' s Attorney's Office, also operates the Career Criminal Program, which focuses on the identification and prosecution of habitual offenders.


Due to the efforts of McCarthy(1962),Landin(1964),Strachey(1966),Wegner (1968),and others who provided insight into operational models of computation , we can now evaluate programming languages in terms of an unifying view of computation structures .


Discuss the findings and differential of sudden infant death syndrome, and demonstrate knowledge of

讨 有关婴儿猝死症候群的发现与鉴别,并展现适当的法程序与对於家属给予支持的能。

It is necessary to encourage patients to undergo mediastinoscopy for pathological basis,but must strictly abide by the orders and steps of the differential diagnosis in mediastinal lymphadenectasis.


The microscopic examinations of sediment demonstrated RBC urine in 46 cases (50%),RBC morphology was homogenerous type under the light microscope; WBC urine in 33 cases (35.9%), of which cultures for microorganism in 12 cases were all negative; crystal urine in 14 cases (15.2%), of which noncrystal type crystal was identified in 12 cases, while calcium oxalate crystal in 2 cases.


An automatic algorithm was used in the analysis to identify clusters of groupings of patients. We used the classical unsupervised clustering method called the Iterative Self-organizing analysis technique of DATA analysis originally introduced by Ball and Hall.25 The technique allows the splitting and merging of clusters while trying to find the "best" configuration. It therefore, requires very little a priori knowledge about the data and predefining the possible number of clusters or groups is not required. The range of possible minimum and maximum number of clusters within which the algorithm can search for an optimal configuration was determined by a procedure called the chainmap which reorders the multidimensional data in the form of a 2D distance map.26 A patient vector is randomly selected and its nearest neighbor is identified as that with the shortest distance between the 2 patients' vectors.


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Java archive file:爪哇归档档案

Java 压缩档 Java archive | 爪哇归档档案 Java archive file | Java程序语言鉴别和授权服务 Java authentication and authorization services

banding pattern:带型

定义 带型(banding pattern) 即染色体带型. 借助细胞学的特殊处理程序,使染色体显现出深浅不同的染色带. 染色带的数目、部位、宽窄和着色深浅均具有相对稳定性,所以每一条染色体都有固定的分带模式,即称带型. 染色体带型是鉴别染色体的重要依据.



CID CallingSubscriberIdentification:呼叫用户的鉴别

CPA CallingProcessorAnalysis 调用程序分析 | CID CallingSubscriberIdentification 呼叫用户的鉴别 | CPE CallonParityEven 调用奇偶位偶数(指令)