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基本解释 (translations)
stamp  ·  stamps

postage stamp
更多网络例句与邮票相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

The story of these stamps began on may 14,1918,the day after they were placed on sale.in washington,d.c.,w.t.robey,a man interested in stamps,decided to buy a sheet of the new stamps and so went to the new york avenue branch post office in washington.when the clerk handed him a sheet of the stamps robey noted that they were poorly centered.he looked at other sheets and found that none was well centered.the clerk asked robey to return later in the day when more stamps were expected.


Keep a list of all of your rare stamps and collectable stamps in the program and track the value, price and dates that apply to each stamp.


Registered cover sent to philatelist julius maus, f.w. small dragon 1ca, empress dowager issue 1ca, 4ca amp;12ca, tied by newchwang dater, quot;rquot; registration handstamp alongside, shanghai transit cds, added with quot;chinequot; overprint on french peace amp;commerce 50c, tied by shanghai chine cds, with germany arrival marking, rare.


In my stamp book,I usually put the stamps from each country together I also collect stamps with sports and sportsmen and women on them,but I put these on a speial page.


As far as maaref in March of 1982 's philatelic Medica narration: emiting stamp refers to the following is issued by cyclometalated or fluorescent substances business card printing and membership card production, covering or flat-coated stamp for e-curatiue machine or stamp-cancelling machines used stamps are collectively known as cyclometalated stamps.


Surtax on stamp for Hitler 's Culture Fund . Henceforth , it can be assumed that all surtaxes on all stamps to the end of the Third Reich , apart from charity issues , are for this fund .


This research is in "has only one in mind" to Olympics postage stamp -has the strong interest to it in the foundation, through widely collects the domestic and foreign correlation data, and performs torero ganize, the refinement, the research, analyzes its development phase, the release background, the social factor, the thinking method, the content form, the artistic style several aspects, makes every effort enable the people to have an integrity, the brand-new understanding to the Olympics postage stamp, understands the Olympics elegant demean our from this square inch..


The stamp products include Mini-pane (each pane contains 12 stamps of HK$1.3 each), Souvenir Pack contains a se-tenant stamp sheetlet composed of 3 mini-panes with 36 stamps in total issued by 3 postal administrations and First Day Cover.


The German Post Office refuses to print special private stamps, because a stamp is the cultural embassador of a country and these stamps would not be up to their high standards.


Most stamps today are made of paper, but some stamps in the past have been made out of strange things. The US once made a stamp out of plastic, and Switzerland made a stamp out of wood. There have even been stamps made out of gold!


更多网络解释与邮票相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

a sheet of stamps:美国邮票(一大张有五十张邮票)

a sheet of paper%[]%一张纸% | a sheet of stamps%[]%美国邮票(一大张有五十张邮票)% | a shower of bullets%[]%一阵弹雨%

Airmail Stamp:航空邮票

此外还有军用邮票(military stamp)、航空邮票(airmail stamp)、慈善邮票(charity stamp)、快递邮票(express stamp)等. 集邮(philately)是伴随着第一枚邮票的出现而产生的. 在1840年5月1日出售"黑便士"的当天,

stamp collecting:收集邮票 ","收集邮票

"spider","蜘蛛 ","蜘蛛 " | "stamp collecting","收集邮票 ","收集邮票 " | "stationery store","文具商店 ","文具商店 "

Is that a stamp:那是邮票吗

62stampn. 印,邮票,打印器; v. 捺印,顿足,贴上邮票 | 63Is that a stamp?那是邮票吗? | 64hatn. 帽子

Stamp Stock Book:邮票插簿

邮票目录 Postage Stamp Catalogue | 邮票插簿 Stamp Stock Book | 邮票贴簿 Stamp Album


直到1984年,在德国汉堡召开的第十九届万国邮政联盟大会上,自动化邮票被正式确认为邮票(Stamp). 按照万国邮政联盟的有关规定,自动化邮票上不标注日期和地点,使用不受日期、地点的限制,投递贴有自动化邮票的邮件时必须用邮政日戳盖销.

imperforated stamp sheetlet:无齿孔邮票小型张

imperfect stamp 不完整的邮票 | imperforated stamp sheetlet 无齿孔邮票小型张 | impressed stamp 平版邮票

defaced stamp:票面损坏的邮票;票面损毁的邮票

decryption 解密 | defaced stamp 票面损坏的邮票;票面损毁的邮票 | Definitive Hello Phone Card 密密倾电话卡

Overprinted Stamp:加盖邮票

无面值邮票 No Face value Stamp | 加盖邮票 Overprinted Stamp | 附捐邮票 Charity Stamp

charity stamp:慈善邮票

此外还有军用邮票(military stamp)、航空邮票(airmail stamp)、慈善邮票(charity stamp)、快递邮票(express stamp)等. 集邮(philately)是伴随着第一枚邮票的出现而产生的. 在1840年5月1日出售"黑便士"的当天,