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辩论 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
argue  ·  arguing  ·  argument  ·  controversy  ·  counterargument  ·  debate  ·  pleading  ·  polemic  ·  reason  ·  reasons  ·  debating  ·  polemize  ·  argued  ·  argues  ·  controversies  ·  debated  ·  debates  ·  polemized  ·  polemizing  ·  polemizes

pro and con
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She wires a campaign contribution by text. And then she notices on television a debate on her favorite topic, and listens to the arguments and taps into her phone words that will soon scroll across the screen.


Chapter 1 is the acquaintanceship of the Principle of debate This chapter is composed of four sects.


As a woman, I wonder how the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters feel about the way in which members of their families have been politically mangled in Senate debate―and I use the word "debate" advisedly.


When I went to college, I studied logic and argumentation and went in for debating contests.


Throughout the Great Debate our studio guests Stan Boardman and John Keith made powerful arguments to support their own views, but after listening to them, a host of legends and watching archive footage, you picked Roger Hunt with 34 per cent of the vote.


First, we analyze their limitations in describing temporal and values which are related to arguments. Then,according to the requirements, TEVAF is proposed.We present a complete description of the structure of framework,and the semantics of the framework,and give the fundamental Lemma and some basic results shown by Dung' argumentation framework,which also hold for TEVAF.


A good debater is not necessarily an effective vote-getter: you can find a hole in your opponent's argument through which you could drive a coach and four ringing jingle bells all the way, and thrill at the crystallization of a truth wrung out from a bloody dialogue -- which, however, may warm only you and your muse, while the smiling paralogist has in the meantime made votes by the tens of thousands.


The debate in the Church about sainthood is thus just as much cultural as political.


When I am present, therefore, at any dispute , I always consider with myself, whether it be a question of comparison or not that is the subject of the controversy; and if it be, whether the disputants compare the same objects together, or talk of things that are widely different.


In this chapter,on the base of discussingcomprehensively the three subjects of the Adversary Principle,andcombining with the practice of the reform of the civil trial style,thewriter holds that the non-binding Adversary Principle that is beingpracticed for the time being in our country is not the Adversary Principleof its essence,and it should be changed to be the binding standard to boththe court and the parties.On this,the writer have given the followingdefinite suggestions:First,the parties' claim acts should be controlledunder the law,and cannot be exercised for the objectives of delaying theproceedings or raising the action cost,otherwise will suffer losing hisright,or will be punished economically;Second,in order to reflectthe fairness of the action,and prevent the delay of the process,in thecivil procedure field of our country the timely evidence producism shouldbe carried out and implemented,and the evidence-production deadlinesystem should also be set up.Furthermore,to the parties that produceevidence out of time,hewill be deprived of attack and defense,orwill be given certain economic sanctions; Third,scientific admissionsystem should be set up,and to the admission withdrawal or statementscontradictory to the admission,should give legal restrictions orprohibitions.


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Adversary system:辩论制度,当事人主义,对抗制

adversary proceedings 辩论式的诉讼程序,辩论式诉讼,辩论主义诉讼程序,当事人主义诉讼程序 | adversary system 辩论制度,当事人主义,对抗制 | adverse party 他方当事人


首先,究竟甚麼是辩论(controversy)呢?我们要确保我们是在谈论相同的话 题. 这个词是由拉丁文 "contra"和 "versia" 这两个词组成的. 辩论的时候,你提出一个「相反的看法」,列举理由证明一种与对 方相反的观念. 辩论者不需要,


controvert /议论/辩驳/驳击/参加辩论/ | controvertible /可争论的/可辩论的/有辩论余地的/ | contumacious /不听命令的/顽固的/反抗法院命令的/

controvertible:可争论的, 有辩论余地的, 可辩论的

controvert | 议论, 辩论 参加辩论 | controvertible | 可争论的, 有辩论余地的, 可辩论的 | controvertist | 争论者, 好争论者


polemicist /善辩论者/ | polemics /辩论/ | polemist /善辩论者/争论者/

Polemics:论证法; 辩论术 (名)

polemicist 善辩论者 (名) | polemics 论证法; 辩论术 (名) | polemize 辩论, 争论 (动)


polemics /辩论/ | polemist /善辩论者/争论者/ | polemize /辩论/争论/

reargument:再争论; 重新辩论 (名)

reargue 再辩论; 重新辩论 (动) | reargument 再争论; 重新辩论 (名) | rearm 再武装; 改善装备 (动)

They stopped debating:他们停止了辩论. (不辩论了)

(1) stop doing是指停止做某事,即doing这个动作不再继续... | They stopped debating.他们停止了辩论. (不辩论了) | He had to stop driving as the traffic lights changed in to red. 由于交通灯变成了红色,他不得不...

reargue:再辩论; 重新辩论 (动)

rearer 养育者; 栽培者; 饲育者 (名) | reargue 再辩论; 重新辩论 (动) | reargument 再争论; 重新辩论 (名)