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车厢 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
compartment  ·  compartmented  ·  compartmenting  ·  compartments

body of car
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I think that in the railroad car we are inclined to spend more on luxury than on safety and convenience, and it threatens without attaining these to become no better than a modern drawing-room, with its divans, and ottomans, and sun-shades, and a hundred other oriental things, which we are taking west with us, invented for the ladies of the harem and the effeminate natives of the Celestial Empire, which Jonathan should be ashamed to know the names of.


Object: To compare with deratization effectiveness of Bromadiolone and Bromethalin in different car of passenger train.

目的 :比较溴敌隆和溴杀灵对旅客列车不同车厢的灭鼠效果。方法:在车厢四角投放毒饵,用粉块法调查灭鼠前后密度,考核灭效。

The "Hard-seat" compartment is a very common choice of transportation in China, these carriages are often crowded with passengers and luggage piled up in the most various and unsecured ways.


Overloaded carriage It is said that we are going to climb over Lentigo Mountain. In this overloaded carriage,looking at others' quiet expressions,I have prayed so many times:"God blessing".


It consisted of a kitchen and dining-car, a sleeping-car and two local coaches.


This paper takes the CO_2 concentration of train compartment as the control object in order to control fresh air.


In 1865 on June 10,狄 more the 斯 multiplies by from France the train return to his home town, at over a big bridge hour the train derails suddenly, before of 7 section car compartments dropped to the bridge next,狄 more a car compartment 悬 of the place of 斯 is empty in the half, he fell the car compartment underneath.


The YW(subscript 25G) train corn partments were studied, and passengers and several kinds of barriers (including desks, racks, dosses, seats) were taken into account for airflow. The k-ε turbulence model was applied for numerical simulation of indoor fluid flow and age of air, and the air exchange efficiency was obtained.

笔者以YW(下标 25G)型空调硬卧列车车厢为研究对象,在物理模型中考虑了旅客以及车厢内各障碍物(包括边桌、行李架、床铺、折座)等对流场的影响,采用k-ε湍流模型及数值模拟的方法,对硬卧车厢内流场及空气龄的分布变化规律进行研究,从而得到车厢内的换气效率。

Through the result we know that it is lower on the firmness and higher on the rot, there is a big difference between the upper(0-40cm)and middle and floor(40-120cm)in the stack, so if controlled the height of stack about 60cm, and shorten the time in the stack ,there is a little decline on fruit rot.


They didn't know they would face most of seats reserved to Fort Willaim even they advanced the time to take the train. In the beginning, they decided to sit in To-Oban carriage and change to Fort William carriage when they arrived at Crianlarich.At least, they didn't need to stand such long.


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富兰克林市一所大学的负责人灵机一动,建议办一所火车大学,教室就设在一节特定的车厢(carriage)内. 消息一公布,申请就读的人十分踊跃. 每天早晚,火车一开动,特别车厢内的教授(professor)便开始上课,到站时,课也讲完了,分秒不浪费(waste).

concertina walls:(车厢通道两侧的)伸缩篷

roof 车顶 | concertina walls (车厢通道两侧的)伸缩篷 | step; foot board (车厢门口的)踏板

concertina walls:(车厢通道两侧的)伸缩篷zGz中国学习动力网

roof 车顶zGz中国学习动力网 | concertina walls (车厢通道两侧的)伸缩篷zGz中国学习动力网 | step; foot board (车厢门口的)踏板zGz中国学习动力网

freight car:货车厢

passenger car 客车厢 | freight car 货车厢 | dining car 餐车厢

luggage van:(火车的)行李车厢;货车厢

luggage rack (火车、公汽的)行李架 | luggage van (火车的)行李车厢;货车厢 | mackintosh n.雨衣,防水布

A palace car:软卧车厢,豪华火车车厢

5.write...on...以......为话题写...... | 6.palace:a palace hotel豪华酒店 | A palace car软卧车厢,豪华火车车厢

Bi-Colour Sportive:双色车厢布局(运动型)

Bi-Colour Elegant 双色车厢布局(优雅型) | Bi-Colour Sportive 双色车厢布局(运动型) | Alcantara 麂皮车厢布局


"处所"(premises) 包括所有与缆车相关使用而不该属任何性质的处所,包括终站及缆车车厢;"职员"(official) 指公司任何人员或雇员,包括掌管任何缆车车厢的售票员及任何车票稽查员;"缆车车厢"(tramcar) 包括在缆车轨道上

Underfloor engine:(安装在)车厢底板下的发动机,底置式发动机

underfloor catalytic converter (安装在)车厢底板下的催化转换器,(安装在)车厢地板下... | underfloor engine (安装在)车厢底板下的发动机,底置式发动机 | underfloor engine bus 发动机在车厢底板下的公共汽车,发动...


Bi-Colour Sportive 双色车厢布局(运动型) | Alcantara 麂皮车厢布局 | Interior Carbon Package 碳纤维车厢内饰套装