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调和 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
accommodate  ·  accord  ·  attemper  ·  conciliate  ·  concordance  ·  congruity  ·  consonance  ·  consonancy  ·  coordination  ·  harmonise  ·  harmony  ·  proportionment  ·  reconciliation  ·  regularity  ·  temper  ·  unison  ·  unisonance  ·  accordancy  ·  conciliating  ·  accommodated  ·  accommodates  ·  accorded  ·  accords  ·  conciliated  ·  conciliates  ·  congruities  ·  harmonies  ·  tempers  ·  unis

mix up · blend in · be in harmonious proportion
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Based on the continuous ordered weighted harmonic averaging operator, the continuous three parameters interval argument OWHA operator is proposed.


This paper presents the boundary value problem solved as the biharmonic equation of upper plane and strip domain with Green functional method and it deals with the numerical solution of bihormonic equation, using the Matlab program calculation to realize the visualization of numeric solution.


The result showed that there was reverse correlation between cultivated land area and urbanization leve1,the Coordinated index between urbanization and farmland area was a nonlinear relation in the past 30 years,the overall trend was"concessive and basically concessive→not concessive→concessive and basically concessive".


Compared with the comparison group,the number of children who have positive history of hypersusceptibility and familys disease are markedly different. 2.Compared with the comparison group, the number of children not only between the congruity constitution and non-congruity constitution,but also between the Fei-Pi constitution and Pi-Shen constitution have significant difference.AH the children in CVA group are non-congruity constitution types.Of all the children with Fei-Pi constitution types,there is much more distributing in CVA group than that of comparison group. 3.The criterion of constitution types which is adopted in this research can be recommended in some degree and area. 4. there is a hypothesis that probably the particular constitution which caused the CVA in the episode of CVA.


Harmonic function generalizes the harmonic function, the following respects are discussed: the least energy, Liouville theorem with respect to harmonic function and the relation of harmonic function and subharmonic function.

如对次调和函数的平均值不等式的推导[3- 4 ] ,调和函数的存在性的证明等[5] 。2 0 0 0年,PeterLi提出了另外一种函数,即调和函数,这一类函数比调和函数的应用广泛得多,同时又具有和调和函数类似的性质。

In this project, we have mainly researched the complex-anlyticity,constancy and stability of pluriharmonic maps to complex grassmannian manifolds;the characterization and isotropicity of pluriharmonic maps with finite uniton number;the regularity, singularty and Liouville theorem of harmonic maps.


In this paper, we give explicit constructions and formulations for harmonic maps from R1,1 into classical real semisimple Lie groups by using Darboux transformation. We also discuss pluriharmonic maps from complex manifoldsinto symmetric spaces and Willmore surfaces in Sn. By converting geometric conditions satisfied by these maps into integrable systems, and using the the-ory of integrable systems, we give explicit constructions for pluriharmonic maps from complex manifolds into symmetric spaces and the Willmore surfaces in Sn respectively. Finally, we classify hypersurfaces in Sn+1 with three distinct prin-ciple curvatures and zero Mobius form using the theory of Mobius geometry. The paper consists of four chapters.


In recent years,medial average has still not been introduced in Sports statistics,which is used as a textbook in institutes of P.E. On the basis of analyzing the nature of medial average ,the author proposes that medial average is commonly got using average rates in sports researches because of its features and laws. Since medial average is gained by reciprocal of its observation value,a quick method of arithmetical average might be medial average equals to...


If theharmonic index is finite,then each end may be represented by a non-constant positiveharmonic function,and these functions compose a partition of unity.For minimalhypersurfaces with finite total scalar curvature,we can explicitly estimate the harmonicindex.Moreover,the space of bounded harmonic functions are exactly generated bythose functions associated to each end.This gives geometric interpretations of the ends.


Color Harmonies: Monochrome, Analogous, Dominance of Hue, Triadic,Complementary, Split and Double Complement


更多网络解释与调和相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

biharmonic operator:双调和运算子

调和方程式 biharmonic equation | 双调和运算子 biharmonic operator | 双调和偏微分方程式 biharmonic partial differential equation,BIPDE

biharmonic operator:双调和算子

biharmonic equation | 双调和方程 | biharmonic operator | 双调和算子 | biharmonic | 双调和的, 双谐波的 重调的, 双谐的

blending agent:调和剂

145. blended lubricating oil 调和润滑油 | 146. blending agent 调和剂 | 147. blending octane number 调和辛烷值

harmonic conjugate line:调和共轭直线

harmonic conjugate 调和共轭 | harmonic conjugate line 调和共轭直线 | harmonic conjugate rays 调和共轭射线


discordance /不调和/不和/ | discordancy /不调和/不一致/ | discordant /不调和的/不和的/


disharmoniously /不调和地/ | disharmonize /打破调和/使不和谐/ | disharmony /不调和/不一致/不和谐/

tidal harmonic analysis:潮汐调和分析

潮汐调和常数 tidal harmonic constants | 潮汐调和分析 tidal harmonic analysis | 潮汐非调和常数 tidal nonharmonic constants

harmonic conjugate:调和共轭

调和分析|harmonic analysis | 调和共轭|harmonic conjugate | 调和函数|harmonic function

Harmonic mean:调和平均数

调和平均数(harmonic mean)是平均数的一种. 但统计调和平均数,与数学调和平均数不同. 在数学中调和平均数与算术平均数都是独立的自成体系的. 计算结果两者不相同且前者恒小于等于后者. 因而数学调和平均数定义为:数值倒数的平均数的倒数

harmonic measure:调和测度

调和平均;调和中项;调和中数 harmonic mean | 调和测度 harmonic measure | 调和振子 harmonic oscillator