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警惕 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
alert  ·  guard  ·  precaution  ·  watchfulness  ·  alerted  ·  alerts

on guard · on one's guard · weather eye · be on guard against · be vigilant · keep one's eyes peeled
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The discussion of this issue is barely involved with how the spirit of Utopia and individual value that exist naturally in the Western abstractionism have decayed and weakened while it is developed in China style. Instead, it concerns the gains and losses of 'nationalizing' the oil paintings, safeguarding cautiously the inherent spirit of the modern tradition, which, together with non-painting avant-garde art and figurative paintings, constitutes the three-pillar fine art forms.


This text tries to research from the concept of logistics" and it is in our current development condition;" Logistics" is the person whom a the economy that kind is all new operation mode reflect to acculturate the exaltation of the degree; Make use of the mark thinks to develop the three greatest appearances theories concerning the person, to the economic condition of merchandise first the person"s existence appearance of analytical wait three aspects, made the first step investigation to the " logistics" and the persons acculturation degree.


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But, he adds, I do not think it is time to let our guard down.


Trying doors as he went, twirling his club with many intricate and artful movements, turning now and then to cast his watchful eye adown the pacific thoroughfare, the officer, with his stalwart form and slight swagger, made a fine picture of a guardian of the peace.


Aid sb with/in sth first aid come to sb's aid with the aid of… aim at doing/aim to do/be aimed at be on the alert be alert to A and B are/look alike.


As showed above, we could draw the conclusion that H3 viruses could cause outbreaks or local epidemics in Shanghai for the immune of population to the new emerging antigenic drift was still unknown though there was strong immune barrier to the previous vaccine strain, H1 viruses also may caused epidemics as the population had a weak immune protection to the previous reference strains A/New Caledonia/20/99-like and part of the recent isolates were distingwishing from them and continued to evolute on the new reference strain, and H5N1 HPAI activities has expanded its geographical range thus increasing the size of the population at risk as the continuing emergence of human cases which give the virus an opportunity to evolve towards a fully transmissible pandemic strain. We should keep eyes on the human cases of avian influenza virus an its variation for the H5 isolates in Shanghai also has the possibility to infect human directly and the infection of H5, H9 viruses had previously occurred in the population especially in those contacting with animals.


Then weigh what loss your honour may sustain, if with too credent ear you list his songs, or lose your heart, or your chaste treasure open to his unmaster'd importunity.


Take heed of this large privilege, The hardest knife ill-used doth lose his edge.


But in general Americans are warier of government than of capitalism.


更多网络解释与警惕相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

acknowledging lever:確認手柄;警惕手柄

146 acknowledging device 確認裝置;警惕裝置 | 147 acknowledging lever 確認手柄;警惕手柄 | 148 acknowledging of signal 確認信號

acknowledging contactor:警惕手柄; 警惕接触器; 确认接触器

acknowledging circuit | 警惕电路 确认电路 | acknowledging contactor | 警惕手柄; 警惕接触器; 确认接触器 | acknowledging device | 警惕装置

Be alert to:对.... 警惕

concentrate on全神贯注于 ; | be alert to 对.... 警惕 ; | be on guard 警惕,站岗;

be on guard:警惕,站岗

be alert to 对.... 警惕 ; | be on guard 警惕,站岗; | To look...in the face正视 ;

drop one's guard:丧失警惕

lower one's guard 丧失警惕 | drop one's guard 丧失警惕 | get past sb.'s guard 冲破某人的防御(指拳击 击剑等)

off guard:没有警惕,毫无防备

288.keep guard 站岗,警卫,注意 | 289.off guard 没有警惕,毫无防备 | 290.on guard 保持警惕,站岗,望风

vigilance n.f:警惕,警惕性

vifargent n.m. 水银 | vigilance n.f. 警惕,警惕性 | vigilant ,e adj. 警惕的,审慎的,细心的

vigilance n.f:警惕,警惕性 urQ法语学习网--卓林法语网

vifargent n.m. 水银 urQ法语学习网--卓林法语网 | vigilance n.f. 警惕,警惕性 urQ法语学习网--卓林法语网 | vigilant ,e adj. 警惕的,审慎的,细心的 urQ法语学习网--卓林法语网

Vigilant:警惕的 alert 警惕的

324 vast 宽广的,巨大的 large 巨大的 | 325 vibrate 震动 convulse 震动 | 326 vigilant 警惕的 alert 警惕

forestalling handle:警惕手柄

4142 forestalling button 警惕按鈕 | 4143 forestalling handle 警惕手柄 | 4144 forestalling lever 警惕手柄