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螺旋状 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
twist  ·  twisted  ·  bostrychoid  ·  cochleiform  ·  twists

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The growth and nucleation rates of〓 cleavage face of YbYAB crystal are all very fast, because so many growth steps and growth centers were formed within only 2~3 second at the temperature near the saturate point. No spiral growth steps can be found, so growth mechanism is twodimensional nucleation. When the flux temperature increases for only 0.5℃ above the saturate point, the spiral melting holes are formed. The transformation from growth morphologies to melting morphologies is very sensitive to the temperature. When the temperature increases another 1℃, the spiral melting holes transform into two-dimensional nucleation melting holes.


Although the spiral parts is widely used, there is very few studies on the spiral buries parts and in the vicinity of the stress and strain analysis, and when studies on the force, often approximates the spiral surface to the smooth surface in computing, or obtains through experiments.


The state of being twisted into a spiral;torsional stress or strain .


The results are as below: 1. In Brasenia, 3 sepal primordia and 3 petal primordia initiated stimultaneously in each whorl. The first six stamen primordial initiated in a whorl stimultaneously, and the succeedings ones initiated in irregular spirals. Ascidiate carpel numerous, initiated in spirals.

结果表明: 1。莼菜的萼片和花瓣各3枚,都为轮状同时发生;雄蕊多数,除最早发生的6枚雄蕊原基为轮状同时发生外,其余均为螺旋状向心式发生;心皮多数,螺旋状向心式发生,为囊状型心皮。

In chapter 2,we establish theformulation of the extended mean-field theory that can be applied to cholesteric liquidcrystals,and we apply this extended mean-field theory to study the helical structure ofcholesteric liquid crystals.


Based on membrane extraction and helical tube technique, the mass transfer performance of some membrane modules with a different helically wound hollow-fibre was studied with the system of 30%TBP-water and phenol as the solute. The effects of two phase flow rates, geometry of the membranes on mass transfer coefficients were investigated.

在对中空纤维膜萃取以及螺旋管技术进行充分调研的基础上,选择水-苯酚- 30 %TBP煤油为实验体系,溶质由水相萃取到有机相,在不同结构的单束螺旋状中空纤维膜器中研究了螺旋管纤维膜管内外流速以及螺旋管结构等因素对传质系数的影响。

It is made up of a guide needle (11) which houses two or more active radio-frequency wires (14, 15) connected at their proximal end to a radio-frequency generator and each one having a spiraled, helicoidal or spiral, distal segment 14'.


Perianth usually with 1 petaloid whorl (in Saruma with 2 whorls: outer one sepaloid, inner one petaloid), mostly connate into distinct tube, cylindric to campanulate or subglobose; limb rotate, urceolate, cylindric, or ligulate, 1-3-lobed; lobes valvate.

花被通常形成管状一轮(在马蹄香属里有花被2轮:外部一个萼片状,内部一个花瓣状),大部分合生成显著的管,圆筒状钟形的或近球形;花被管螺旋状,瓶形,圆筒状,或者舌状,1-3 分裂;裂片镊合状排列。

The coiling testicular artery was thin and showed regular coiling. The testicular artery was surrounded by Pampiniform vein plexus and did not cut through Pampiniform vein plexus in control group.


6To the case of cholesteric and smectic liquid crystals so that it can also beapplied to cholesteric and smectic liquid crystals.


更多网络解释与螺旋状相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Helical symmetry:螺旋 helix 螺旋状对称

螺纹加厚 spiral thickening | 螺旋 helix 螺旋状对称 helical symmetry | 绿色革命 Green Revolution

spiral phyllotaxy:螺旋状叶序

02.136 覆瓦状叶序 imbricate phyllotaxy | 02.137 螺旋状叶序 spiral phyllotaxy | 02.138 莲座状叶序 rosulate phyllotaxy, rosette phyllotaxy

spiral thickening:螺旋状肥厚

螺旋纹理 Spiral grain | 螺旋状肥厚 Spiral thickening | 螺旋纹导管 Spiral vessel

helically wound:绕成螺旋状的

helically wound 螺旋绕组 | helically wound 绕成螺旋状的 | helices 螺旋线

spiral helicine:螺旋状的

2604. spiral heater 盘管式加热器,螺旋形加热器,旋管加热器 | 2605. spiral helicine 螺旋状的 | 2606. spiral highway 螺旋形公路

helicine artery:螺旋状动脉

螺旋形的,耳轮的,蜗牛的 helicine | 螺旋状动脉 helicine artery | 蜗状的,螺旋形的 helicoid


helicity 螺旋性 | helicline 螺旋状坡路 | helicoid 螺旋面


heel piece 艉柱根 | helicoidal 螺旋面的,螺旋状的 | hinge 铰链


螺旋吻;旋喙 spirignatha; spiritrompe | 螺旋状细菌 spirilla | 螺旋菌;弧菌(属) Spirillum


spirt /溅迸出来/喷出/一鼓作气/拚命跑/ | spiry /尖端的/尖塔状的/多尖塔的/螺旋状的/ | spissitude /稠度/