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基本解释 (translations)
mustard  ·  senvy

leaf mustard · indian mustard
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Then last year July , the person such as Pan Gaohua goes to the city such as Guangzhou , Shenzhen to research souse vegetable market , understanding bloats to southern city dish breed is much , if bloat leaf mustardleaf mustard , turnip , hot pickled mustard tuber , and market demand is big , bloat especially colour and lustre of leaf mustardleaf mustard is golden , do not have local color , accept southern favour fully ," Although be dishful cole , earn people to love ."


According to the ultrastrucral observation of PMCs, three successively specific phases could be distinguished as leptotene, zygotene and pachytene in early prophase Ⅰ of Arabidopsis.


KCR and HCD are erucic acid synthesis genes. In order to reveal the relationship between the synthesis of erusic acid and the quantitative expression of its functional genes, and to reveal the theoretic base of the breeding for high erucic acid content, the expression of KCR and HCD had been analyzed kinetically and quantitatively by using regular reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and the internal standards of QuantumRNA18S during the growing period of high erucic acid content lines of Brassica Juncea.

研究应用常规RT-PCR(Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction)的技术和QuantumRNA18S内标对芥菜型高芥酸油菜生育期内芥酸合成基因KCR、HCD基因的表达进行量化分析,了解芥酸的合成与功能基因量化表达的关系,为芥菜型油菜的高芥酸品种的选育提供理论依据。

The results of fitness of F1 demonstrated that the hybrid F1 of B. juncea and wild rapes did not decline, while that of hybrid F1 of B. napus or B. campetris and wild rapes declined significantly with the lower pollen fertility and fewer seeds per silique.


Juncen. The seed setting by backcross were even lower, only 0.35 and 0.33 per silique respectively, when using F1 with glufosinate-resistant gene and glyphosate-resistant gene as maternal plants and wild B. juncea as parental plant.


Methods The flavonoids were extracted by ethanol as the solvent from Bragica juncea coss with ultrasonic wave and ethanol extraction .


Objective To make use of the resources of Braglca juncea coss, avoid wasting and approach the extraction of total flavanone of Bragica juncea Coss and its effects on scavenging of hydroxyl radicals.


Any of several plants of the genus Heliotropium, especially H. arborescens, native to Peru and having small, highly fragrant purplish flowers.


The pickled cabbage special product of for the Yunlin County Tabision township, approximately has 1,500 hectares agricultural planters package of heart leaf mustard every year, usually around sows seeds in every year beginning of winter, approximately 80-100 day then recovers, is before the field insolation to expose to the sun 2 - 3rd, to the fading after some degree, except the tail leaf, the lamination shop makes in the big salt barrel to the cement, a leaf mustard, salt, generally speaking, 100 kilograms leaf mustards use 15-18 kilogram salt.

酸菜为云林县大埤乡之特产,每年约有 1,500公顷农地种植包心芥菜,通常在每年立冬前后播种,约80-100天即可采收,先於田间曝晒2-3日,到萎凋至某一程度后,除去尾叶,分层铺於水泥做成之大腌桶内,一层芥菜,一层盐,一般而言,100公斤之芥菜用15-18公斤之盐。

By removed ovary culture after positive and negative hybridization, produced interspecific hybridization, and have improved the hybrid seed through removed ovary culture and induced to shoot by culture medium MS, and produced hybrid F1, the plant of Brassica junce×B.pekinesis, the advantage characteristic of hybrid plant is similar to female nature;By cytology authenticating, chromosome number of F1 young flower bud cell (2n=28), it is the sum of monoploid chromosome number of female parent Brassica junce(2n=36) and male parent B.pekinesis(2n=20); The hybridization to Brassica junce×B.pekinesis, and embryonic bud come from removed ovary culture, and it found another form of plant embryo saving.


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main stem of mustard green:芥菜头

mustard 芥末 | main stem of mustard green 芥菜头 | leaf mustard 芥菜

Seedy mustard:子芥菜

芥菜芥菜(seedy mustard) 十字花科(Cruciferae)芸薹属芥菜种中以种子为产品的一个变种,一年生草本植物. 学名Brassica juncea Coss. var.

Aethionema cordifolium DC:心叶岩芥菜

Aegopodium podagraria L. 'Variegatum' 彩叶羊角芹 | Aethionema cordifolium DC. 心叶岩芥菜 | Aethionema grandiflorum Boiss. et Hohen. 大花岩芥菜

Aethionema grandiflorum Boiss. et Hohen:大花岩芥菜

Aethionema cordifolium DC. 心叶岩芥菜 | Aethionema grandiflorum Boiss. et Hohen. 大花岩芥菜 | Agapanthus campanulatus Leighton 铃花百子莲

Arabidopsis thaliana:拟南芥菜

基于这些事实,人们选中了一种毫无经济价值的小草--拟南芥菜(Arabidopsis thaliana)作为模式植物. 最早以拟南芥菜为实验材料的是一些经典的遗传学家,但近5年来,越来越多的植物分子生物学家和发育学家开始用它作为实验材料,

Barbarea taiwaniana Ohwi:台灣山芥菜

芥菜Barbarea orthocera Ledeb. var. formosana Kitamura | 台灣山芥菜Barbarea taiwaniana Ohwi | 碎米薺屬CARDAMINE

Aubrieta olympica Boiss:奥林匹克紫芥菜

Aubrieta kotschyi Boiss. et Hohen. 考氏紫芥菜 | Aubrieta olympica Boiss. 奥林匹克紫芥菜 | Aubrieta pinardii Boiss. 皮纳德紫芥菜

Aubrieta 'Kaskadenfeuer:紫芥菜

Aubrieta 'Kaskade Purpur' 紫芥菜 | Aubrieta 'Kaskadenfeuer' 紫芥菜 | Aubrieta kotschyi Boiss. et Hohen. 考氏紫芥菜

Aubrieta 'Gloriosa:紫芥菜'荣耀

Aubrieta 'Gloriosa' 紫芥菜'荣耀' | Aubrieta gracilis Spruner ex Boiss. 柔美紫芥菜 | Aubrieta gracilis Spruner ex Boiss. ssp. scardica 斯卡多紫芥菜

Aubrieta 'Vesuv:紫芥菜

Aubrieta pinardii Boiss. 皮纳德紫芥菜 | Aubrieta 'Vesuv' 紫芥菜 | Aubrieta x cultorum Bergm. 'Dr. Mules' 庭院紫芥菜'穆勒博士'