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自己的 的英文翻译、例句


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Ain  ·  own  ·  owned  ·  owning  ·  owns  ·  ain

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From a very early age the Prince was aware that he was born in the purple and was very conscious of his elevated state.;贵族或皇室的;帝王的- Royal or imperial; regal.;相关词条:imperiality;prince;monarch


Have you come up with a catchphrase 引人注意的字句 of your own?


8A型,和订阅的57B章;十三.47-59, which treats of leprosy in garments, was codified separately, for in verse 59 it has a colophon of its own.


Do one's bit 尽自己的一份力量 We can finish this job on time if everyone does his bit.

bowl 每一个人都尽自己的本分,我们就能按时完成这项工作。

Of one's choice 自己选择的 It is of my choice and it's none of your business.


Brad Paisley -- Letter To Me 写给自己的信 If I could write a letter to me And send it back in time to myself at 17 First I'd prove it's me by saying look under your bed There's a Skoal can and a Playboy no one else would know you hid And then I'd say I know it's tough When you break up after seven months And yeah I know you really liked her and it just don't seem fair All I can say is pain like that is fast and it's rare And oh you got so much going for you going right But I know at 17 it's hard to see past Friday night She wasn't right for you And still you feel like there's a knife sticking out of your back And you're wondering if you'll survive You'll make it through this and you'll see You're still around to write this letter to me At the stop sign at Tomlinson and Eighth Always stop completely don't just tap your breaks And when you get a date with Bridgett make sure the tank is full On second thought forget it that one turns out kinda cool Each and every time you have a fight Just assume you're wrong and dad is right And you really should thank Mrs.


To turn one's back on someone to get on someone's back 首先我们要讲的是:to turn one's back on someone.


At this point," says Gregg,"I consider myself to be almost maniacally疯狂的 ambitious.


Stef的bodY language, when they were kissing he's hands were always ALWAYS touching somepart of Brian's body(notice how he slid his left hand down Brian's arm slowly, and his right arm sort of CRADLED Brian's torso), and at all time his eyes were closed, that must be one earthshaking kiss for Stef....he's taking it slow to feel and share...isn't it beautiful??

另外亲吻背后的原因是很严肃的,少数人群总是被大众排斥的(我想是人的天性会恐惧和自己不同的事物),而作为大众他们的数字已经决定了他们的影响力。有些时候即使少数人的做法/选择是对大众没有威胁的也会受到打击--cause they are different。而同性恋这件事是个自然现象,你不能剥夺别人选择的权利/爱的权利,大众的选择不是以本质的对错为标准的而是自己的利益。

The critic, it appears, had, with her own hands, borne the anonymous, typed copies to the editorial sanctum of the 主要的 foremost of monthlies, and, claiming a prerogative, refused to move aside from the pathway of orderly business until the Great Gaines himself, editor and autocrat of the publication, had read at least one of them.


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[Because I own all of me , I can become intimately acquainted with me:因为我拥有我自己的一切,我可以和自己成为亲密熟悉的朋友

我所有的失败和错误. ... | 因为我拥有我自己的一切,我可以和自己成为亲密熟悉的朋友. [Because I own all of me , I can become intimately acquainted with me .] | 这们我可以爱自己并且能够和我的每一部分友善相...

humbler humble:指"对自己或自己的地位、成就等表现得谦卑的", 但现在主要指"自感低卑的

ellipsoidal 椭圆体的 | humbler humble指"对自己或自己的地位、成就等表现得谦卑的", 但现在主要指"自感低卑的" | photolithograph 影印石版

in one's own name:用自己的名义, 由自己负责

in name only 名义上; 有名无实; 徒有虚名 | in one's own name 用自己的名义, 由自己负责 | in the name of 以...的名义 借...为名; 以...为借口 凭...的权威

on one's own terms:按照自己的条件[价钱]; 按照自己的主张

on even terms 和...不相上下 | on one's own terms 按照自己的条件[价钱]; 按照自己的主张 | on sb.'s terms 按照某人的条件[意见, 定价]

His behavior was certainly self-defeating:他的行为的确是不利于自己的. (弄巧成拙的, 不利于自己的企图的)

64:We hope ultimately to be able to buy a house of our own.... | 65:His behavior was certainly self-defeating.他的行为的确是不利于自己的. (弄巧成拙的, 不利于自己的企图的) | 66:crisis of confidence信任危...

I was unrecognizable to myself:自己都认不出自己的模样

I was bruised and battered i couldn't tell what i felt 我鼻青脸肿,痛苦难以名状 | I was unrecognizable to myself 自己都认不出自己的模样 | I saw my reflection in a window 在窗中看见我自己的倒影

keep one's end up:做好自己份内的事, 尽自己的责任;(在困难面前)坚持下去, 不泄气;勉强

hold one's end up 做好自己份内的事, 尽自己的责任;(在困难面前)坚持下去, 不泄气;勉强 | keep one's end up 做好自己份内的事, 尽自己的责任;(在困难面前)坚持下去, 不泄气;勉强 | in the end 最后, 终于

show one's hand:表明自己的计划或意图

show one's colours 摊牌, 公开自己的计划; 吐露自己的真实打算 | show one's hand 表明自己的计划或意图 | show one's heels 一溜烟地逃走;[美][体]追过, 大显比赛的优越本领

who throws away a career, abandons her kids:放弃自己的事业 抛弃自己的孩子

What? What do you call a woman...|什么? 你该怎么称呼一个... | who throws away a career, abandons her kids...|放弃自己的事业 抛弃自己的孩子... | and runs off with another man?|和另一个男人私奔的女人?

seeks own loves:在自己的路上,寻找自己的所爱

I always not all was walk like this.On own road,/我一直不都是这样走的么. | seeks own loves,/在自己的路上,寻找自己的所爱, | but even if is one day for who the worry,/就算是有一天为谁而烦恼,