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自尊心 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
pride  ·  priding  ·  prided  ·  prides

amour-propre · self-esteem · proper pride · sense of self-respect
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Objective:To investigate the effect of mental intervention to elevate self-esteem of abstainer.


Mental intervention has good effect to cultivate self-esteem of abstainer.


There is immense address on this abstemious that strikes about anybody who comes here.


Music also promotes confidence and replenishes self-esteem, adds Gary Allegretto, founding director of Harmonikids, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that provides harmonicas and music instruction to kids with special needs.


Hearing the words, Mom was aware that her son began to gain amour-propre, which was now being undermined by the ranking system.


N.自尊心 I wounded her amour-propre.


A bristle or seta,especially of an annelid worm.…the young woman in whom Marcher's expert attention had recognised from the first a dependent with a pride that might ache though it didn't bristle.


Self-dsteem is what people think about themselves_whether or not they feel valued and when family members have self_respect,pride, and belief in themselvers, this high self_esteem makes it possible to tope with theeveryday problems of growwing up .


Some years ago i knew the chairman of a n american industrial company who was forced out of his post after a losing bitter takeover battle with a foreign conglomerate7).this chairman,already in his 60s,could easily have moved on to a second career as a well-paid consultant,giving speeches,lecturing at business schools,and functioning as an eminence8) grise in his field.but losing his company rankled him--to the point where,within weeks of his departure,he announced that he had acquired control of a new company and planned to compete directly with his old company.i'm sure this decision was totally ego-driven;he wanted to show the world that he hadn't lost a step.unfortunately,running a start-up company is nothing like running a large organization.tasks that he could delegate to several layers of staff in his previous life were now his alone to do.without his old company's resources,he couldn't function at his best.


Low self-esteem female students who visualised a romantic partner subsequently rated themselves as less sensuous, relaxed and physically attractive, than did students with high self-esteem (however no such difference emerged after visualising a same-sex friend).


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amour | 奸情, 恋情 | amour-propre | 自尊,自爱,自尊心,虚荣心 | amoxycillin | 羟氨苄青霉素

Overpowering ego:强大的自尊心

42.Recruit 招募 | 43.Overpowering ego 强大的自尊心 | 44.Collaboration 合作

Respect for people:要尊重办公室/团队的任何人员,以免挫伤员工的自尊心

★ 填平办公室"陷阱",通过沟通与协调营造和谐工作环境. Be careful of the of... | ★ 要尊重办公室/团队的任何人员,以免挫伤员工的自尊心. Respect for people | ★ 尽可能在团队中寻求人际的平衡. Make interpersonal ...


尽管不同的个案有各自的特性,但我相信,在所有的个案中,与基本群体认同的功能最密切相关的,是每个人的人格与生活经验中两个关键性的成分,亦即他的归属感(senseofbelongingness)与自尊心(self esteem).

build self-esteem:树立自尊心

brew v.酿造 | build self-esteem 树立自尊心 | cast an indifferent eye on 无视

strengthenour self-esteem:增强我们的自尊心

111、永恒的主题 eternal theme | 112、增强我们的自尊心 strengthenour self-esteem | 113、追求卓越 strive for excellence


self-importance 自尊 | self-important 自尊心极强的 | self-imposed 自愿接受的


社会上许多问题以及学校学生不良行为及暴力事件,主要是人们失去了自尊心(SELF RESPECT)假如一个人有自尊心,就不会轻易地去伤害别人. 本校学生都需努力学习成为彬彬有礼,守秩序、有自尊心,并且能诚恳待人的好国民.

selfrespect:自尊心 名词

selfreliant 依靠自己的 形容词 | selfrespect 自尊心 名词 | selfrespecting 有自尊心的 形容词

selfrespecting:有自尊心的 形容词

selfrespect 自尊心 名词 | selfrespecting 有自尊心的 形容词 | selfrestraint 自我克制 名词