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胶 的英文翻译、例句

基本解释 (translations)
glue  ·  mucus  ·  pastern  ·  gloea  ·  glued  ·  glues

stick with glue
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After 5 minutes,mix half of minute more before the wallpaper glue liquid of good quality obtained 涂胶 Gelatinize


Gum plant species are available, the use of different The quality polymer materials to create suitable for various occasions (oil, chemical resistance medium, high resistance, low temperature, anti-aging, and so on) the use of various types of rubber products. 1, GM products are rubber mats-washers, shock absorption pads, the oil O laps, all kinds of sheathing Aprons, machinery and other accessories. 2, high and low temperature-resistant silicone products, such as lighting jacket, medical supplies, food industrial products and strengthen the resistance of medium fluoride胶制品; fire products; anti-aging, resistant to ozone B C products; combination of low-friction rubber sealing systems. 3, with metal skeletons rubber products, such as road construction machinery tracked plate, shock absorption pads, rubber tire, such as Sa Shuiche shock absorption pad.


This dissertation involves the study of the growth dynamics of colloidal particles under unequilibrium and irreversibility condition. Firstly, it is of interest to investigate whether the ideal diffusion or reaction-limited aggregation universal behavior can be observed for the initially polydisperse practical system of basic yttrium carbonate as well. The fractal structure of basic yttrium carbonate aggregate cluster was observed using transmission eletron microscopy. The aggregation kinetics of basic yttrium carbonate colloids was studed using dynamic 1ight-scattering techniques. At 1.00mol/l NaCl solution the fast diffusion-limited aggregation behavior was observed with an increase in the aggregate size over time described by a power law. The aggregates are characterized by a fractal dimension D=1.82. The disordered and ramified cluster is consisted of primary colloidal particles and tenuous and more open. These are in good agreement with those observed for other colloidal system such as colloidal gold (1.86), silica (1.85) and polystyrene latex (1.82) in diffusion-limited aggregation from the static and dynamic light scattering by Lin. Therefore ideal diffusion-limited aggregation behavior can be observed in practical polydisperse system as well. Smoluchwski and fractal theories were used to obtain the aggregation rate constant for initially polydisperse system for the first time.


Producted RF and CRF aerogels by process of sol-gel technics, dynamic-exchange, CO2 supercritical drying, and procedural increase in temperature carbonization methods, which have eximious capability and nanometer network structure; Systemic analysis various factors which effect gel course, such as ratio of reactants and the dosage of catalyst, and probed into the better experiments conditions(the concentration of resorcinol and formaldehyde is more than 2% and the value of R/C is between 50 and 300); During gel course , primary investigated the viscosity curve and particle size distribution of sol-solution, and analyzed the reason of catalyst dosage effects particle size of gel, and confirmed that the up-growth of gel follows the theory of " polymerize increase ".The experiment results indicated that ultrasonic with unvarying temperature disposal shortened gel time and optimized quality of gels, and the factors of ultrasonic effect gel reaction velocity were analyzed; Prepared organic aerogels using compounds of resorcin and hydroquinone substitute resorcinol reacts with formaldehyde the first time, and also optimized the proportion of resorcinol and hydroquinone (the proportion of hydroquinone in 10%~40%).


The main production and operation: cork-chip, cork wallpaper, cork, cork coaster, coaster foam rubber, rubber foot pad, EVA products, TPE of styrofoam, to force胶制品, sea Miandian, mouse pads, tape, various colors of the flock paper, jewelry boxes, jewelry, dust tablets, blankets, and imports of various special AEPE Zhenzhu Mian single, double-sided adhesive .


Trans-Blot Cells and Systems 170-3825 Trans-Blot Cell With Wire Electrodes and PowerPac HC Power Supply, 100120/220240 V, includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with power cables, 4 fiber pads, 1 pack precut blot absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm), power supply, power cord, instructions 170-3850 Trans-Blot System With Plate Electrodes and PowerPac HC Power Supply, 100120/220240 V 170-3853 Trans-Blot System With Plate Electrodes, Super Cooling Coil, and PowerPac HC Power Supply, 100120/220240 V, includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with power cables, 4 fiber pads, 1 pack precut blot absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm), power supply, power cord, instructions 170-3910 Trans-Blot Cell With Wire Electrodes, includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with power cables, 4 fiber pads, 1 pack precut blot absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm) 170-3939 Trans-Blot Cell With Plate Electrodes and Super Cooling Coil, includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with power cables, 4 fiber pads, 1 pack precut blot absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm) 170-3946 Trans-Blot Cell With Plate Electrodes, includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with power cables, 4 fiber pads, 1 pack precut blot absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm) Trans-Blot Cell Accessories 170-3912 Super Cooling Coil, required for all high-intensity transfers 170-3913 Gel Holder Cassette, includes 2 fiber pads 170-3914 Fiber Pads, 15.5 x 20.5 cm, 6 170-3920 Trans-Blot Standard Wire Electrode Card, cathode 170-3921 Trans-Blot Standard Wire Electrode Card, anode 170-3922 Trans-Blot Cell Buffer Tank 170-3923 Trans-Blot Cell Lid With Power Cables 170-3943 Trans-Blot Platinum Anode Plate Electrode 170-3944 Trans-Blot Stainless-Steel Cathode Plate Electrode 170-3945 Trans-Blot Plate Electrode Pair, platinum anode and stainless-steel cathode 16 规格:说明: Trans-Blot Plus

电泳转印槽组件 1。缓冲液槽及带有电缆的盖 2。凝支架转印夹 3。纤维衬垫 4。电极丝 5。电极板 6。特级冷却芯 Trans-Blot 转印槽是功能灵活的转印设备,可理想地用于多种转印应用。Trans-Blot 转印槽特点包括:*能进行多转印,可容纳3 块PROTEAN I xi 凝、6块Criterion 凝、12块Mini-PROTEAN 3 或Ready Gel 预制*多组参数灵活可设,可调节的电压设置(从30 V 的过夜转印到200 V 的1 小时快速实验)*电极间距设置为8 cm 用于标准印迹杂交,或设置为4cm 用于高强度印迹杂交*可选择板式电极:涂有铂金的钛作为正极,不锈钢为负极,能提供高强度电场和比其它电极更高的电流密度。或选择较经济的铂金电极丝*通过特级冷却芯和水循环仪来调节温度―是天然酶(4°C)或高强度转印的理想选择,随着转印时间增加(多达24 小时),不会引起缓冲液耗竭(在高强度转印中必须使用冷却芯,也推荐用于所有板式电极的应用)*带铰链的凝支架转印夹能避免滑动,确保凝与印迹膜间的紧密接触;每个转印夹都有颜色标记以保证在转印槽中的正确定位 Trans-Blot 转印槽的锁闭凝支架转印夹系统。转印夹(1)支撑凝(2)印迹膜(3)两侧有纤维衬垫和滤纸(4)确保凝三明治内的完全接触。凝夹垂直插入缓冲液槽中(5)。

The adhesive for honeycomb paper board has complete varieties covering the whole industry, such as cold-press adhesive for agglutination and hot-press adhesive for agglutination, flexible adhesive film and rigid adhesive film, low-speed adhesive and high-speed adhesive, slow-drying adhesive, quick-drying adhesive and instant-drying adhesive, so it can meet various demands of producing honeycomb paper board..


A subsidary of Greenwich Technology Development Ltd, Lubao is a ISO9001 certified company specifically engagin",,"卡拉胶 Carragenan,软糖粉 Gummy candy powder,果冻粉 Jelly powder,肉制品粉 Carrageenan for use in meat products 及技术咨询 and on-site technical consultation


Products include: Anti-high temperature, low temperature industrial self-adhesive, special multi-layer self-adhesive, printable PET TAGS, spacing plastic self-adhesive, mold labels, trademarks, self-adhesive stickers, removable stickers, anti-theft self-adhesive, fragile stickers, computer sticker printing, bar code stickers, drum stickers, label, gilt stickers, membrane electrostatic stickers, aluminum platinum self-adhesive paper, pvc stickers , laser anti-counterfeit labels, transparent labels, color labels.


Acer-production company to operate the various rubber products (conductive silicon rubber, PORON aging anti-skid rubber; natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and synthetic rubber, etc.); color EVA; highly flexible foam to force胶制品; various colors and high-density sea Cotton products (cotton fire; enhanced filter cotton; compressed cotton; anti-static cotton; PVC cotton; noise cotton; suction Mexican cotton; Zhenzhu Mian, etc.), various colors and shapes with Beijiao velvet, velvet paper, cloth, paper Park, Dust network, EPE anti-static protection of film, Pakistani products faster, double-alone desktop products and various special stickers heat conductive materials.


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1.星形质细胞 星形质细胞(astrocyte)是质细胞中体积最大的一种,与少突质细胞合称为大质细胞(macroglia). 细胞呈星形,核圆形或卵圆形,较大,染色较浅. 星形质细胞可分两种:①纤维性星形质细胞(fibrous astrocyte),

Gel time:胶性时间 (台) 胶化时间,凝胶时间

Gate Array 闸机阵列,闸列 (台) 门阵列 | Gel Time 性时间 (台) 化时间,凝时间 | Gelation Particle 凝点 (台) 凝

Gelation Particle:胶凝点 (台) 凝胶点

Gel Time 性时间 (台) 化时间,凝时间 | Gelation Particle 凝点 (台) 凝点 | Ghost Image 阴影 (台) 重影

Glue spreader:涂胶辊;上胶机

glue line 粘线 | glue spreader 涂辊;上机 | glue spreading machine 上机,涂

Glue spreader:涂胶辊,涂胶机,喷胶器

glue solution 液 | glue spreader 涂辊,涂机,喷器 | glue stain 污染




一.初识蜂(蜂食品) 蜂(Propolis)是由两个希腊字母组成的:Pro(前),polis(城市),意思是说:"在城市前方保卫城市. " 古人发现,蜜蜂用蜂缩小蜂巢的巢门,并在巢内涂满蜂,数万只蜜蜂都要靠蜂来保护,因此是用Propolis来命名. 蜂是工蜂从杨树、桦树、松树等树

rubbery gel:胶凝力强的凝胶胶

rubberizing machine 注液机 | rubbery gel 凝力强的凝 | rubbery texture 坚韧组织(指肉类)


质细胞首先分化为各类质细胞的前体细胞,即成星形质细胞(astroblast)和成少突质细胞(oligodendroblast). 然后,成星形质细胞分化为原浆性和纤维性星形质细胞,成少突质细胞分化为少突质细胞. 最近有人在体外培养的研究中发现,


化 gelatification | 产的;成的 gelatigenous | 肉;明;动物 gelatin