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粗体 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
bold  ·  bolder

更多网络例句与粗体相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Text controls include: Font, Size, Align Left or Center, Text Color, Bold, Italics.


HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro support: tables and nested tables, table width, table borders, CSS, images, hyperlinks, font face, color, size, page alignment, bold, italic and underline text, special characters, command line interface, automatic coding select, rtf spelling language select.

htmltortf转换器亲的支持:表和嵌套表,表宽,表的边界,以CSS ,图像,超文本链接,字体,颜色,大小,页面对齐,粗体,斜体和下划线文字,特殊字符,命令行界面,自动编码选择,的RTF拼写语言选择。

To emphasize text you can use the bold tag or italic tag (this text will appear in italics).


Everybody notices, when installing TITLE I chose {maxz_name},{maxz_name} is online watch,{maxz_name} gut introduces as the keyword, should reflect a these content in BODY so, and be reflected with marked form come out, how marked, the method that we use has, add in the place of occurrence keywordLabel, add to keyword font thick, add underline to wait, here recommends use font to add rough method, so some safer, ah, especiallyLabel, do not want to be used more as far as possible, or flat do not use him, will tell to search engine with boldfaced means, the content of the keyword that chooses about me is here.


It extends txt2pdf, with features such as the ability to add form feeds, to skip the first form feed, to not print the file name in the first line, to set the top and left margins, and to set all the text to bold, italic, or bold italic.


Medium:(1) The weight of a typeface midway between light and bold.


It is more conservative with screen handling and thus does not screw up the screen as easily as more or less. p uses its own termcap package with TERMPATH support that makes it easy to have a local .termcap file in the user's home directory to override bad termcap entries. p supports three text attributes for nroff: bold, italic, and bold-italic. p is able to find patterns in higlighted text. p also filters out unprintable characters.


The antifungal activities of these materials were investigated and build foundation to develop low poison plant antifungal products. In experiment, polyphenols were extracted by reflux ectraction method which applyed petroleum ether to degrease and methyl alcohol solvent. Phenolic hydroxyl were examined and inspected by colour-developing reaction and the content of total polyphenols was determined by UV-spectrophotometry. Screening test were performed to the antifungal activities of polyphenol extraction by the tube dilution method to the selected ten pathogenic fungus such as Dothiorella gregaria, Rhizoctonia solani, Phyllosticta pirina, and the minimal inhibitory concentration were measured. The column chromatography and thin layer chromatography were applyed to separate and analyse cortex extracts of Dracaena cochinchinensi Lour.


Titles of works ( art, literature, etc.) should be italicized rather than placed in quotes.


In addition to the headwords of main entries, it contains 157,000 combinations and derivatives in bold type, and 169,000 phrases and combinations in bold italic type, making a total of 616,500 word-forms.


更多网络解释与粗体相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]


bold-facebold-facetype 粗体铅字 | bold-faced 粗体字的 | bold-faced 厚颜**的

bold-faced:厚颜**的, 冒失的, 粗体字的

bold-face | 粗体铅字, 黑体字 | bold-faced | 厚颜**的, 冒失的, 粗体字的 | boldface | 黑体字, 粗体铅字


0) [ 粗体 ](Bold) 图标:用于将被选中的文本变成粗体显示.(11) [ 斜体 ](Italic) 图标:用于将被选中的文本变成斜体显示.(12) [ 加下划线 ](Underline) 图标:用于将被选中的文本加上下划线.(13) [ 执行程序 ](Restart) 图标:这个图标的作用是从头开始执行程序.单击该图标,


bold 粗体 | bolder 比粗体更加粗 | lighter 比正常字体淡

capital boldface letters:大写粗体字母

lowercase boldface letters 小写粗体字母 | capital boldface letters 大写粗体字母 | diagonal entry 对角线元素

lowercase boldface letters:小写粗体字母

higher-order Markov chain 高阶马尔科夫链 | lowercase boldface letters 小写粗体字母 | capital boldface letters 大写粗体字母


boldface /粗体字/ | boldfaced /厚颜的/冒失的/粗体的/ | boldine /波尔丁/

boldfaced letter:粗体字母

"粗体字","boldface" | "粗体字母","boldfaced letter" | "鲜明度","boldness"

bold-face:粗体铅字, 黑体字

bold-face type || 粗体铅字 | bold-face || 粗体铅字, 黑体字 | bold-faced || 厚颜**的, 冒失的, 粗体字的

bold-face type:粗体铅字

bold 粗体 | bold-face type 粗体铅字 | bold-face 粗体铅字