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立即 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
directly  ·  forthright  ·  immediately  ·  incontinent  ·  instant  ·  instantaneously  ·  statim

at a moment's notice · at a word · in a moment · in no time · in short order · like a shot · off hand · on a dime · on the instant · on the line · on the nail · out of hand · right now · straight off · then and there · tout de suite · at the drop of a hat · without delay · more directly · most directly · without further ado · at short notice
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Together you will also review the SNAQ and compile a list of Immediate Action Points.

你们还要一起研究 SNAQ 和完成一份立即立即行动点的清单。

Put down a gastric tube and aspirate the contents. I'll call my attending now and meanwhile, the orderly will take him up to surgery.


Then the listed companies having the corrections of accounting errors in the period from 1999 to 2004 were collected as research sample. Then the incidence which spurred the listed companies adjust errors in time was testified by methods of mean value test and multivariate linear regression. The major empirical results are summarized below: the inspection of The China Securities Regulatory Commission, other supervision outside and income quality correlated positively with it. The effect on profits correlated negatively with it. The hypothesis of the CPA firm change and assets-liabilities ratio didn't correlate with it.


It neutralizes ammonia, chlorine and chloramine, instantly preparing tap water for immediate addition to the aquarium.


Appear visible cyanotic asphyxia, respiratory weakened or disappeared, numbness of the mouth or nasal cavity to see traces of milk, at this time, the newborn immediately face down, with palm root back flap, so that aspiration of milk expectorate, such as no breathing, then and hold the nose to the mouth-to-mouth breathing 60 times per minute, and according to whether the carotid artery pulsatility decide whether to do heart massage, while immediately to hospital.


This time five minutes have passed, the first batch of implementation debarkation flight vehicle group formation, the major part already has mounted this fully was the pothole mist layered planetoid, and inserted difficultly belonged to them, the first serial number was 001 group red war flags; After they land, immediately puts on specially made the universe exposure suit, harbors several big courages, went out the starship; They pull under Farr's leadership in party chief, is putting on the specially made adsorption shoes, is braving the steam which raids intermittently, carries on the tense starship fixed task, sees only universe super all-purpose adhesive which they use to prepare beforehand, clinched the anchor chain acme anchor sticks tightly in, in this planetoid hard gloomy outer covering or the every large or small slit edge, then started immediately for other debarkation group, the clear signal direction and the debarkation location choice as well as the establishment direct work and so on supreme headquarters, facing is being stepped on by them under the foot, huge terror rapid advance this planetoid, they were already growing the universe soldier who most stood out for the humanity!


I was loath to spend our last Shot too hastily; so I call'd my Servant, not my Man Friday, for he was better employ'd; for with the greatest Dexterity imaginable, he had charg'd my Fusee, and his own, while we were engag'd; but as I said, I call'd my other Man, and giving him a Horn of Powder, I bad him lay a Train, all along the Piece of Timber, and let it be a large Train; he did so, and had but just Time to get away, when the Wolves came up to it, and some were got up upon it; when I snapping an uncharg'd Pistol, close to the Powder, set it on fire; those that were upon the Timber were scorcht with it, and six or seven of them fell, or rather jump'd in among us, with the Force and Fright of the Fire; we dispatch'd these in an Instant, and the rest were so frighted with the Light, which the Night, for it was now very near Dark, made more terrible, that they drew back a little.


There are two goals in this article. The first one is to investigate an EOQ model with immediate return for imperfective items under an increase of price. Another purpose of this paper is to investigate and EOQ model with immediate return for imperfective items under imperfect inspection.


Upon which our reader takes up the candle in his hand, for't was in the nighttime, and views himself in the glass, and inconsiderately burns above half his beard off; whereupon he immediately takes upthe pen and writes in the margin of the book,"Proba tumest,"—that is, I know him to be a fool.

于是我们的读者立即擎起烛台——因为那是在夜间——照看自己在镜子里的尊容,一不小心烧掉了他一半多胡鬓。于是他立即拿起笔,在书页空边上写道:"Proba tum est",即我知道他是个傻瓜。

The local injection of trypsin can be used in clinical practice as a new and effective therapy for snakebite.Our experiments indicate that when a lethal dose of crotalinae snake venom was injected into mice subcutaneously, survival rate increased significantly if a dose of trypin had been injected locally and promptly.


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I'll be left over:我立即就来

I'd enjoy the company. 我很高兴有个伴. | I'll be left over. 我立即就来. | I'll be left dawn you. 我立即就来.

Immediate Hotline:立即热线

立即计费 Immediate Charging | 立即热线 Immediate Hotline | 立柱 Vertical Shaft

immediate cash payment:立即付现

immediate addressing 立即定址 | immediate cash payment 立即付现 | immediate display 直接显示

immediate cash payment:立即付现,即时付现

immediate cancel 立即取消,立即作废 | immediate cash payment 立即付现,即时付现 | immediate cause 直接原因

immediate delivery:立即交货

immediate delivery 立即发货;直接交付 | immediate delivery 立即交货 | immediate effect 即刻效果

immediate delivery:立即发货;直接交付

immediate delivery 立即发货 | immediate delivery 立即发货;直接交付 | immediate delivery 立即交货

immediate inference:立即推理

"立即延伸","immediate extended" | "立即推理","immediate inference" | "立即指令,即时指令","immediate instruction"

immediate operand:立即运算元

"立即模式定址","immediate mode addressing" | "立即运算元","immediate operand" | "立即操作","immediate operation"

immediate cash payment:立即付现,即时付现

immediate cancel ==> 立即取消,立即作废 | immediate cash payment ==> 立即付现,即时付现 | immediate cause ==> 直接原因