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It also carries on four levels of single-factor laboratory experiments with three sample soils: clay, cohesionless soil and sandy soil, concerning three elements: cement mixture ratio, age, water content in order to find out the contractibility under different test conditions, and also the permeability of locking surface between cement soil and concrete.


Based on definitions of stress and strain, and the D'Alembert's principle, stress and strain of soils at various depths were derived from the data of acceleration, displacement, as well as excess pore pressure measured in the test. The stress paths and stress-strain relationships of saturated sand during the shaking event, and their connection with development of excess pore pressure were revealed.


The so called state-dependent dilatancy theory was suggested and applied in sand modeling.


The volumetric strain due to stress-dilatancy of sand is found to be composed of a reversible dilatancy component and an irreversible dilatancy component.


Through detailed analyzing some influencing factiors of sand liquefaction, seven parameters were selected as assessment indexes. They are earthquake magnitude, peak ground surface acceleration, standard penetration value, specific penetration resistance, relative compaction, average particle diameter, and water table. The extension assessment model has been established that was applied to assessment of sand liquefaction potential. The model had been trained by the historical data and has been assessed in virtue of sand liquefaction from the historical data by simulating, and got a excellent result. After introduction of the support vector machine theory, this paper established the assessment model of sand liquefaction based on the support vector machine, and assessed in sand liquefaction from virtue data of some fields in home and overseas with the tool Libsvm, which was programmed based on the support vector machine theory. And got a good coherency between the assessement results and the actual liquefaction.


Numerical simulation and shaking table tests for acceleration response of piles in liquefiable ground were performed under three earthquake events.

结果表明:三种地震输入下,自下而上沿桩-柱墩长度方向,加速度峰值放大系数变化基本一致且均出现在10~20s时段内,加速度时程曲线的形状也极其相似;压缩0.15g El Centro波输入下加速度反应在砂土层与黏土层过渡带有增大趋势、在地表则有一定程度减小,且压缩0.15g El Centro波较0.15g El Centro波输入下均偏小,0.15g El Cen-tro波输入下自下而上桩的加速度时程幅值和峰值放大系数的试验值、计算值均一直有较大幅度增大;0.5g El Centro波输入下,加速度时程幅值的计算值和试验值在桩折断位置之下一直增大、至砂土层与黏土层过渡带则大大减小,加速度峰值放大系数的试验值和计算值在砂土层与黏土层过渡带突变增大、而在地表则明显减小,且较0.15g El Centro波输入下桩的峰值放大系数要偏小。

The main achievements could be summarized as follows.1. The basic stress-strain characteristics and related physical mechanisms for sands under cyclic rotation of principal stress axes were investigated based on three kinds of drained tests including fixed principal stress axes, cyclic rotation of principal stress axes with magnitudes of principal stresses kept constant, and cyclic changes of principal stresses in both their axes and magnitudes. The main deformation behavior of sands with inherent anisotropy under cyclic rotation of principal stress axes with magnitudes of principal stresses kept constant was obtained in the following.


The rate of wetting front advance and infiltration rate under certain ponded infiltration was significantly reduced by Sodium Polyacrylate , and as a result effectively reduced water in a sandy soil leaking to a deeper layer under the plough layer.


Numerical simulations by assemblies of circular panicles can qualitatively reflect the general characteristics of liquefaction behavior of sand. The interval effect of aspect ratio of elliptical panicle on the mechanical behavior of numerical sample is obtained, and the reason is related to the initial average co-ordination number. The regularity of evolution of fabric in the process of sand liquefaction under cyclic loading can be qualitatively achieved by using the numerical sample randomly mixed of panicles with different shapes. Numerical simulations can not only demonstrate the macro phenomenon of particle breakage, mostly importantly, it can also expose the evolution of particle breakage microscopically, and would contribute to further research of the micromechanics of particle breakage.


The time from saturated soil moisture content to wilting percentage of Aeolian sandy soil, Loessial soil and Lou soil was extended by 244.72%,251.11% and 36.31% respectively when Sodium Polyacrylate was applied at the suggested dosage.


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clayey sand:粘质砂土

sandy clay,砂质粘土 | clayey sand,粘质砂土 | sandy loam,壤土、亚黏土

coarse sand:粗砂土 粗砂

coactor 相互作用者 相輔者 Y | coarse sand 粗砂土 粗砂 Y | coarse-grained 粗粒的 粗粒狀 Y

coarse sand:粗砂土

03.039 黏土 clay | 03.040 粗砂土 coarse sand | 03.041 细砂土 fine sand

gritty soil:粗砂土

gray desert soil 灰漠境土,灰钙土 | gritty soil 粗砂土 | groundwater soil 潜水土,潜育土

loamy sand:壤砂土

03.028 砂土 sand | 03.029 壤砂土 loamy sand | 03.030 粉[砂]土 silt

Sandy soil vegetation:砂土植物羣

砂土 Sandy soil | 砂土植物羣 Sandy soil vegetation | 白檀精油 Santalene

Sandy soil vegetation:砂土植物群

sandy soil 砂土,砂质土壤,含沙土 | sandy soil vegetation 砂土植物群 | sandy well 出砂油井

sandy soil liquefaction:砂土液化

振动液化:vibrating liquefaction | 砂土液化:sandy soil liquefaction | 砂土液化:liquefaction of sands

silicicolous plants:砂土植物

silicicoles 砂土植物 | silicicolous plants 砂土植物 | silicified cell 硅质细胞

earthquake stonebrash liquefaction:地震砂土液化

砂土液化:liquefaction of sand foundation | 地震砂土液化:earthquake stonebrash liquefaction | 抗液化剪应力:con-liquefaction shear stress