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瞬间 的英文翻译、例句


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in a flash · split second · in a pig's whisper
更多网络例句与瞬间相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

In this article,the authors analyze the aiguille voltage of the whole-bridge DC source converter circuit according to the mathematics model when the MOSFET transistor is shut and the instant voltage equations are obtained.


The results were as follows.(1) In the backward handspring, the trajectory of CM and horizontal velocity of CM in junior-high and college gymnasts were lower and higher than those of senior-high gymnast, so the vertical velocity is better when they perform tucked backward somersault. College gymnast has higher vertical velocity than junior-high and senior-high gymnasts in take-off moment of backward handspring phase.(2) Senior-high and college gymnasts have more elbow and shoulder angle in take-off moment of backward handspring and tucked backward somersault phase. Therefore, angle of both arm is bigger for performing in hand push away phase in the backward handspring, and increased the reaction force with body in the tucked backward handspring.(3) College gymnast has large knee flexions in hand support and push away moment in the backward handspring, it would increase rotation radius and better moments of inertia in the backward handspring.


May 12, 2008, at 14:28, Wenchuan, the disaster area arises suddenly ---The mountains and rivers burst apart in the twinkling of an eye, the road is sprained and broken in the twinkling of an eye, destroy in the twinkling of an eye in the cities and towns ……Meet head on the whole nation in 30 days of natural disaster, China's general mobilization, manpower, material resources, financial resources are concentrated fast unprecedentedly.


There are two kinds of intoxicating instantaneousness : one is departure , and the other is death in that all the object matters countered in our life are the external forms of this instantaneousness which are to be experienced and realized .


The results showed that there existed variation among eucalypt families in wood physical-mechanical properties and wood chemistry. There were significant differences among E.pellita families、E.grandis families and E.urophylla譋.grandis clones in wood colors as well as between Strains and within trees.The variation of the surface wetability of wood between E.grandis families and E.urophylla譋.grandis clones were significant.Even in the same families level or clones level,there still existed the same regulation. The degree of collapse of eucalypt had a large relation in the amount of tylosis in vessel and vestured pits on the cell wall of vessel. The more rich tylosis and vestured pits in vessels,the more probability to occur collapse for eucalypt.The biggest moment collapse was probably the critical point of the drying degrade.During the fomulation of drying technology,it is necessary to adopt moderate condition to make the vessels which had formed the biggest moment collapse at the biggest moment collapse resume,especially to prevent the permanent set.At the normal temperature level,the main factors which influenced residual collapse were the contents of ray parenchyma and axial parenchyma .Nearly all the cells joined the course of forming the moment collapse and biggest moment collapse.Interval drying was fit for eucalypt plantation which was easier to make collapse.


The former refers to those echoes andsparkles in the characters\' minds which are vividly captured in arhythmic and colorful way from the real life; the latter refers to the profound spiritual reflections on the present moments. The secondchapter discusses the "tunnelling" process, the chronological distortionand prolongation of psychological time, through which moments ofrecollection as narrated time are represented.


Liao Yibai's world might be a warped metal ball in the midst of flying, reflecting the scene of that instant. That instant is full of all kinds of details and all kinds of purgatories of conflict. After so many years of preparation, making films, making sculptures, painting oil paintings, after all these years of bringing all these things together, it is all to express a self-world for that instant.


The main technical parameters which decide the movement speed are the ankle angle of the support leg, the horizontal velocity, the hip angle and the support leg's hip joint angle, knee angle and the former support distance at the moment of contact, and the latter leg's hip joint angle, the upper arm's movement scope, the support leg's knee angle, the swing knee's angle, the support leg's hip angle at landing phase, and the ankle angle, the support leg's hip angle, the swing velocity of the former leg, the hip angle of the swing leg and the angle of the landing knee at the pushing phase.


Biomechanics of should joint at the empty out and transition moment: In the instant of leaving of the left foot, the angle between shoulder and hip was 27°, the angle of pull was 150°, the angle of axis between shoulder was -12°; In the instant of touchdown of the right foot, the angle between shoulder and hip was 72°, the angle of pull was 151°, the angle of axis between shoulder was -85°, the speed of left shoulder was 2.43 m/s, the speed of right shoulder was

腾空和过渡阶段肩关节的生物力学指标:左脚离地瞬间肩髋角度为27 ,拉引角度为150 ,肩轴角度为-12 ;右脚着地瞬间肩髋角度为72 ,拉引角度为151 ,肩轴角度为-85 ,左肩速度为2.43m/s、右肩速度为1.37m/s;左脚着地瞬间肩髋角度为58 ,拉引角度为136 ,肩轴角度为19 ,左肩速度为3.49m/s,右肩速度为1.89m/s。

Ground parts: an overhead-type indicator by sampling ground capacitance transient current in the first half-wave and ground transient voltage in the first half-wave, to compare their phase, when the sampling ground capacitance transient current mutation and more than a certain value, and the instantaneous voltage and grounding The first-phase half-wave, while wire-to-ground voltage is reduced, then the judge circuit grounding occurred.


更多网络解释与瞬间相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

instantaneous failure rate:瞬间失效率,瞬间故障率

Instantaneous availability 瞬间可用度 | Instantaneous failure rate 瞬间失效率,瞬间故障率 | Instruction manual 指导说明书


flashgun /闪光枪/ | flashily /闪光地/瞬间地/浮华地/ | flashiness /闪光/瞬间/浮华/


flashily /闪光地/瞬间地/浮华地/ | flashiness /闪光/瞬间/浮华/ | flashing /闪光/遮雨板/防水板/


jiff /瞬间/ | jiffy /一会儿/瞬间/ | jigger /跳蚤/


可以说,它是在设计的未来(projected future)影响既定的"过去"(Geworfenheit)时由于决定而闪现的,并且在未来与过去的这种相遇中构成了海德格尔所谓的"瞬间"(moment):瞬间不是延续,它是这个"当下"的暂时样态--是另外两个时间范围的产物,


moment 瞬间 | momentary 瞬间的 | monarch 君主

momentary overload:瞬时过载;瞬间超载

瞬间负载 momentary load | 瞬时过载;瞬间超载 momentary overload | 单耳听觉 monaural hearing

momentary load:瞬间负载

分子极化 molecular polarization | 瞬间负载 momentary load | 瞬时过载;瞬间超载 momentary overload


momentary 瞬间的 | momently 瞬间 | momentous 重大的

flash pasteurization:巴氏瞬间灭菌法;瞬间巴氏灭菌法

flash evaporation 闪蒸 | flash pasteurization 巴氏瞬间灭菌法;瞬间巴氏灭菌法 | flash pasteurizer (巴氏)瞬间杀菌器