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疾病 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
ailment  ·  disease  ·  ill  ·  illness  ·  infirmity  ·  malady  ·  sickness  ·  wog  ·  pathema  ·  diseasing  ·  infirmities  ·  maladies  ·  ailments  ·  complaints  ·  diseases  ·  illnesses  ·  lurgy  ·  sicknesses  ·  wogs

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Results In 2005 the first five death causes of residents in the three gorges reservoir area were circulatory system disease,tumor,respiratory disease,injuries and poisonings,digestive system disease;which shared 87.96%of all causes of death.The sorting of PYLL was injuries and poisonings,tumor,circulatory system disease,endocrinopathy,respiratory disease;those PYLL were 20406.43 man years.

结果 2005年,三峡库区居民死亡率前5位的死因依次为心脑血管疾病、肿瘤、呼吸系统疾病、损伤与中毒和消化系统疾病,占全死因构成的8796%;引起居民寿命损失的主要疾病为损伤与中毒、肿瘤、心脑血管疾病、内分泌营养代谢性疾病、呼吸系统疾病,PYLL合计为2040643人年。

Under the guidance of the "Wei Li New Treating Theory", many breakthroughs have been achieved in diagnosis and treatment for intestinal diseases, falling sickness, psychosis, gynecopathy, pediatrics; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases and respiratory system diseases.


Subject areas include analytical and theoretical plant pathology, bacteriology, biological control, disease control and pest management, ecology, epidemiology, etiology, genetics, mycology, nematology and virology etc.


The change cannot be explained by a previous personality disorder and should be differentiated from residual schizophrenia and other states of incomplete recovery from an antecedent mental disorder. This disorder is characterized by an excessive dependence on and a demanding attitude towards others; conviction of being changed or stigmatized by the illness, leading to an inability to form and maintain close and confiding personal relationships and to social isolation; passivity, reduced interests, and diminished involvement in leisure activities; persistent complaints of being ill, which may be associated with hypochondriacal claims and illness behaviour; dysphoric or labile mood, not due to the presence of a current mental disorder or antecedent mental disorder with residual affective symptoms; and longstanding problems in social and occupational functioning.


In preliminary diagnosis system, apparent clinical symptoms were broken into seven parts in terms of general, skin/body, respiratory, digestive/excretive, locomotive/nervous, reproductive, and attack age. Users could choose symptoms what they observed in this list. The system calculated accordingly and summed up weighted value in different symptoms of individual diseases, and showed top ten possible diseases sorted by sum of weighted value. The report also could show belief percentage of top ten possible diseases by a pie chart and illustrate the basis and reasons of inference.


D the preparation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 11 representative nature of medicine prescription medicine tables.Basis in the database,respectively,internal medicine physicians in respect of each case by the medical prescription of the cold,temperature, level attributes for classification and analysis of statistics,the preparation of the 11 medical home "prescription medicine Medical statistical summary in nature,""Medical exopathic disease Recipe nature of tables"," Miscellaneous Diseases Medical prescription tables nature",both from the point of prescription and efficacy for the study of the nature of the disease syndromes to provide support,as well as understand the thinking of clinical medicine and academic differences between the provision of quantitative basis.


Under the guidance of the "Wei Li New Treating Theory", many breakthroughs have been achieved in diagnosis and treatment for intestinal diseases, falling sickness, psychosis, gynecopathy, pediatrics; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases and respiratory system diseases.


Male chronic disease is related to hyperlipidemia. Aging is related to higher number of related diseases. Those lived alone with divorce status have a higher percentage of unawared hyperlipidemia. BMI value correlates positively with related diseases and number of diseases. Job holders reported less related diseases. Those who report having hyperlipidemia also register a higher percentage of diabetes. Population in Tauyuan, Shinchu, Miali, Taichung, Chunghua and Nantou counties have higher awareness of self-reporting hyperlipidemia, while population in Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Penhu counties have much lower self-awareness. Furthermore, those having self-reporting hyperlipidemia are statistically significant with their conditions in heart-disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease.


Among them, 545 cases have eyelids disease (3.95%), 4235 cases conjunctivas disease (30.66%), 844 cases cornea disease (6.11%), 501 cases glaucoma (3.63%), 1309 cases cataract (9.48%), 1155 cases retina disease (8.36%), 2807 cases error of refraction (20.32%). 650 cases take health inspection (4.71%). The other diseases add up to 1765 (12.79%) which consist uveitis, orbit disease, lacrimal disease, eye trauma, check after surgery etc.


Detail Contents: Genetic disorders -- Immune deficiencies -- Breast cancer -- Colon cancer -- Melanoma -- Cystic fibrosis -- Hemophilia -- Liver disease -- Cardiovascular disease -- Muscular dystrophy -- Alzheimer's disease -- Parkinson's disease -- Huntington's disease -- Viruses: the cornerstone of gene therapy -- Viruses are living crystals -- Viral genomes may be RNA or DNA -- Viruses evolved from plasmids -- Viruses know how to infect cells -- The virus as a gene vehicle -- Viruses used in gene therapy -- Ashi DeSilva: a promising start -- Clinical trials defined -- Cells of the immune system -- Adenosine deaminase -- Preliminary research -- Clinical procedure for ADA gene therapy -- The DeSilva clinical trial -- Jesse Gelsinger: down to earth -- Ornithine transcarbamylase -- Preliminary research -- Clinical procedure for OTC gene therapy -- The Gelsinger clinical trial -- The investigation -- Concluding remarks -- Future prospects -- Safer vehicles -- Reducing immune rejection of the vector -- Improved risk assessment -- Redesigning human anatomy and physiology -- Ethics of gene therapy -- The Belmont report -- Clinical trials -- Physiological enhancement -- Cosmetic applications -- Legal issues -- Regulatory agencies -- The Gelsinger legal trial -- International regulation -- Resource center -- Eucaryote cell primer -- Recombinant DNA primer -- The human genome project -- X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID-X1)-- Alzheimer's disease -- Huntington's disease.

细节内容︰遗传疾病-免疫的缺乏-乳腺癌-结肠癌-黑瘤-囊性纤维变性-血友症-肝疾病-心血管疾病-肌营养不良-早老性痴呆病-帕金森疾病-亨廷顿疾病-病毒︰基础的基因治疗-病毒在活著水晶--病毒的基因可能是RNA或者DNA --病毒从plasmids被逐步形成--病毒知道怎样感染细胞--作为一辆基因车辆的病毒--基因治疗使用的病毒-Ashi DeSilva︰有希望开始-临床试验确定--细胞的这免疫系统-Adenosine deaminase-初步研究-临床程式给埃达基因治疗--这DeSilva临床试验-婕西Gelsinger︰到地球-Ornithine transcarbamylase-初步研究-临床程式给OTC基因治疗-- Gelsinger临床试验-调查-达成评论-前景-更安全的车辆--矢量的降低免疫的拒绝-改进风险估计-重新设计人解剖学和生理学--伦理学的基因治疗-那些贝拉蒙特报告-临床试验-生理提升-美容应用-法律问题-协调机构-- Gelsinger 合法审讯-国际管理-资源中心人物-Eucaryote信元第一-Recombinant DNA 入门--人类基因工程-- X 连结的严重的结合的免疫缺陷(SCID-X1)-早老性痴呆病--亨廷顿的疾病

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疾病疾病(Disease)的概念:疾病是机体在一定的条件下,受病因损害作用后,因自稳调节紊乱而发生的异常生命活动过程. 疾病-概述疾病(Disease)的概念:疾病是机体在一定的条件下,受病因损害作用后,因自稳调节紊乱而发生的异常生命活动过程.

health insurance:疾病保险

本站友情链接:石家庄平安保险珠海平安保险 疾病保险(Health Insurance) 疾病保险指以疾病为给付保险金条件的保险. 某些特殊的疾病往往给病人带来的是灾难性的费用支付. 例如癌症、心脏疾病等,这些疾病一经确诊,必然会产生大范围的医疗费用支出.

Nosology; Science of the classification of diseases:疾病分类学; 疾病学

Noso-intoxication 疾病性自体中毒 | Nosology; Science of the classification of diseases 疾病分类学; 疾病学 | Nosonomy; Nomenclature of disease 疾病命名法

rheumatic disease:风湿性疾病

风湿性疾病(rheumatic disease)归称结缔组织疾病(connective tissue disease)泛指结缔组织本身或以结缔组织为主要病变的一类疾病.是一组病因不明的自身免疫性疾病.经典的风湿性疾病:风湿热、SLE、类风关、皮肌炎、硬皮病.血管炎综合征:过敏性紫癜、川崎病.其他:肾小球肾炎、DMI、ITP等等.风湿热年龄:6~15岁季节:冬春性别:无


健康照护这个字眼并不恰当,仿佛整个经济体的七分之一是用在疾病(sickness)产业上,字典中的疾病定义是"身体不适、不健康、虚弱或罹患某种疾病". 疾病产业是被动性的产业,虽然病痛的严重程度不一,但人们只有发生特别状况或罹患疾病时才会成为疾病产业的客户.

herpetic stomatitis:疱疹性口炎 口腔疾病、外科疾病、疾病症状、眼科疾病...尽在

gum gingiva 牙龈 | herpetic stomatitis 疱疹性口炎 口腔疾病、外科疾病疾病症状、眼科疾病...尽在111580.com | infraorbital space 眶下间隙

circumvallate papillae:轮廓乳头 口腔疾病、外科疾病、疾病症状、眼科疾病...尽在

caries 龋齿 | circumvallate papillae 轮廓乳头 口腔疾病、外科疾病疾病症状、眼科疾病...尽在111580.com | crown fracture 冠折


nosogeography (疾病地理学) | nosography (疾病記述学,疾病論) | nosologist (疾病分類学者)


nosography (疾病記述学,疾病論) | nosologist (疾病分類学者) | nosomania (疾病狂,疾病妄想症)

autoimmune diseases:自身免疫性疾病

自身免疫性疾病(autoimmune diseases)是指机体对自身抗原发生免疫反应而导致自身组织损害所引起的疾病. 许多疾病相继被列为自身免疫性疾病,值得提出的是,自身抗体的存在与自身免疫性疾病并非两个等同的概念,自身抗体可存在于无自身免疫性疾病的正常人特别是老年人,