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特征 的英文翻译、例句


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更多网络例句与特征相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

To demonstrate the reasons why China should employ a different type of democracy, Chinese scholar Liu Xirui wrote an article called "Integration: the essential characteristics and final destiny of Chinese democracy"(融和:中国民主的本质特征与归宿) In it, he claims that the form of democracy in modern China is a combination of the results of China's development in conjunction with certain fundamental beliefs.


The method optimizes the features according to the class separable criterion of margin of within-class and among-class distance and selects the optimized feature vector combination based on four kinds of features,such as gray histogram feature,wavelet transform feature,gray level co-occurrence matrix feature and moment invariants feature,with 26 dimension feature vectors in all.


First it concludes elementary methods for product modeling such as feature recognition, feature-based design and feature mapping. Then it probes into the mechanism of constraint-based feature parametric modeling, representation of feature parametric model and methods for solving constraint in details. At the end it proposes a feature-based modeling system that makes good use of resources and synthesizes many feature modeling methods, and analyses the development of prototype system oriented to actual application.


Suprasegmental features- stress, tone, intonation 超切分特征:重音,声调和语调 Distinctive features can also be found running over a sequence of two or more phonemic segments.


Then, the relation between vibration and sound, the acoustic holography method, the indeterminacy and identifiability of BSS, the BSS algorithm are discussed in detail. Based on above researches, the dissertation is divided in following four sections. The first section investigates the BSS algorithm suitable to acoustic feature separation. The algorithm of the joint approximate diagonalization of eigen-matrices is proposed. The spectra or the time-frequency distributions of source signals are the interesting features in ABD and they are separated from mixing signals by JADE algorithm. Then, the convolutive mixing model is transformed into a high-dimension instantaneous mixing model, and the deconvolution of source signals is achieved by the joint approximate block diagonalization of eigen-matrices. The proposed algorithm has a global minimum, and it is unsensitive to noise interference.


As to the aspects of constructing methods for hedonic price index, based on the comparison of the current methods, this paper classifies them into four varieties, pooling data index, cross section index, hedonic-price-function-based modeling index and hedonic-price-function-based quality adjustment index.


As feature extraction acts an important role in pattern recognition system, we propose three novel feature extraction methods for HCCR: a、Two structural feature extraction methods, Stroke Cross Counting Features and Peripheral Features are studied. According to the characteristics of Chinese handwriting samples, we extend the SCCF and PF respectively to weighted elastic SCCF and weighted elastic PF. Experiments show that the modified feature extraction approaches are better than original approaches. b、A new statistical feature extraction method——Elastic Meshing Directional Decomposition Feature extraction is proposed. According to the stroke statistical properties of Chinese character, we first decompose a handwritten character pattern into four directional subpatterns. Then a set of elastic meshes are applied to each of the four subpatterns respectively to extract the pixel distribution features.

统计识别方法:利用统计模式识别的经典方法——Bayes分类方法来进行汉字识别的研究,特征提取是统计模式识别的关键,本文着重围绕手写体汉字的特征分析和提取方法进行了研究,提出了三种特征提取的新方法: a、两种改进的结构特征提取方法:在笔划密度特征和外围特征的基础上,结合手写体汉字的特点,提出了加权非均匀笔划密度特征、加权非均匀外围特征特征提取新方案; b、一种新的统计特征提取方法——弹性网格方向分解特征,根据汉字方块字的特点及笔划分布的统计特征,对手写体汉字进行横竖撇捺四方向的分解,并利用一系列的弹性网格对汉字分解后各分量的象素进行统计而提取特征,实验证明该特征提取方法用来进行手写体汉字识别是十分可行和有效的。

The findings indicated that, the Japonica rice RVA profile characteristic is the concurrently Indica rice nature with the glutinous RVA profile characteristic continuously change body, assumes 5 kind of characteristics class groups, the few idioplasms has the glutinous starch RVA profile characteristic, also has some idioplasms for the starch RVA profile characteristic of Indica rice, the partial idioplasms have the high quality RVA profile characteristic, namely setback for the negative value, the overwhelming majority idioplasm RVA profile characteristic approx


Characteristics and Temperament 外形特征和性格特点 The main characteristics of Labradors are their coat, tail, head and temperament.


Main points of the thesis are as follows:(1) The main function models and information relations between these models in the CAPP system in the integrated CAD/CAM project are explained, a new process plan design method is mentioned based on analyses of process plan design. This method is based on the process plan prototype, and develops the prototype little by little until the perfect process plan is completed, the prospect of this method is discussed;(2) The feature abstracting rules and methods are studied, a feature coding system is developed based on GT, all the defined feature models are described by the mathematical methods;(3) The integrated method of CAD/CAPP based on features is mentioned, this method defines a feature exchanging model, and develops an interface software to exchange design data into technology data base, this technology data base includes the design and technology information of the parts;(4) The process plan reasoning method based on features is created, this method uses Mycin algorithm to solve the reasoning of the feature process plan. A process plan making system is developed. In this system part process plan is made by the semi-intelligent method, this method uses the feature reasoning, feature process chain searching and man-computer talking together;(5) The main structure of the HOPE system is introduced, a shaft drawing and its process plan made by this system are shown, the data process problem in process drawing making is also discussed;(6) A new method of describing process rule is introduced, this method uses IfThen rules and neural nets weight values together to describe process rules, the BP algorithm is adopted in this method;(7) The optimal machining sequence problem of the process steps on the same fixturing is discussed, optimal algorithms SA is applied to solve this problem, the result shows that this method is more efficient than the traditional method;(8) All jobs in the thesis are summarized. In order to carry out the research in the future, some rational proposals are given.


更多网络解释与特征相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Feature analyse:特征分析

特征简化:Feature extracted | 特征分析:Feature analyse | 形状特征:feature extracting


权重是基于特征属性(attribute)计算得出的. 一个网络可以具有任意数量的权重. 网络中的每个feature class可以有几个权重或者全部权重或者没有与属性关联的权重. 每个特征的权重由这个特征的属性决定. 每个权重可以和一个或者多个属性关联,

characteristic cone:特征锥;特征锥面

特征条件 characteristic condition | 特征锥;特征锥面 characteristic cone | 特征锥体;特征二次曲面 characteristic conoid

characteristic conoid:特征锥体;特征二次曲面

特征锥;特征锥面 characteristic cone | 特征锥体;特征二次曲面 characteristic conoid | 特征常数;特征值 characteristic constant

characteristic line:特征线,特征谱

characteristic curve 特性曲线 | characteristic line 特征线,特征谱 | characteristic spectrum 特征光谱,特征

characteristic equation of a matrix:矩阵特征方程,矩阵特征方程

characteristic equation 特性方程,特征方程=>特性方程式 | characteristic equation of a matrix 矩阵特征方程,矩阵特征方程 | characteristic error 特性误差

characteristic function of a set:集的特征函数,集合的特征函数

characteristic function 特性函数 | characteristic function of a set 集的特征函数,集合的特征函数 | characteristic function of the binomial law 二项分布律的特征函数

characteristic spectrum:特征光谱,特征谱

characteristic line 特征线,特征谱 | characteristic spectrum 特征光谱,特征谱 | charge 电荷,充电,起电

characteristically simple group:特征单群

固有向量 characteristic vector | 特征单群 characteristically simple group | 特征线;特征面;特征... characteristics

characterizing definition:特征定义

特征线;特征面;特征... characteristics | 特征定义 characterizing definition | 蓝图 chart