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有些 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
rather  ·  some

a bit of a · a few · in a sort of way
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On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.[17] I don't have an attitude problem.


You who are letting miserable misunderstandings run on from year to year, me aning to clear them up some day; you who are keeping wretched quarrels alive bec ause you cannot quite make up your mind that now is the day to sacrifice your pr ide and kill them; you who are passing men sullenly upon the street, not speakin g to them out of some silly spite, and yet knowing that it would fill you with s hame and remorse if you heard that one of those men were dead tomorrow morning; you who are letting your friend's heart ache for a word of appreciation or sympa thy if only you could know and see and feel, all of a sudden, that "the time is short" how it would break the spell! How you would go instantly and do the thin g which you might never have another chance to do!


When I'm asked whom I write for, after the obligatory, I write only for myself, I realize that I have an imaginary circle of peers -- writers and respected or savvy theatre folk, some dramatic writers and some not, some living, some long gone....


18Children Will Listen Children come into the world with their own agendas, some to brighten our days, some to test our patience, some to give us purpose, some to take care of us.


But, pa Mom often are done mistily by the memory of darling, some things little baby looked to remember, some words listen not to forget, can some of thing has some of word to look to say repeatedly repeatedly, seem even if cannot enter lovely cerebella bag.


Some were oblong, some rounds, some triangular ,and some square.


Many ideas abound, some good, some not, some original, some just a repackaging of earlier works.


Some people grow up in the river, some people living in the central mountain city, some people have unusual interest of military, and some people are want to be writers, and some people readed, some people know how to weave, and some people know Stendhal, and some people is Sisters , also someone like record with language, have a lot of people is stubborn to the extreme.


When I was in the Just Jack hiphop label affixed, I also find themselves made a mistake, but I do not know how to correct such a mistake, started from the DJ Just Jack concerts give you a rap music Feeling, but also the United Kingdom than The Streets, Just Jack is right or more like a singing, and Just Jack has an indie folk singing voice, I would hope that he can really sing some of the flavor of a melody Works, but do not misunderstand me, it was precisely because in a beautiful album to add a lot of the rap part, seemed offensive, in the main song Starz In Their Eyes in, breakdance style of the song to song sounds More like a European dance music, the same Styles also reflected in another one song I Talk Too Much above, hiphop album of songs is another theme, the album from the start of the Glory Days, and then to Disco Friends and Lost Full of British-style hiphop, in more than half of the album, the album's tone and transferred to another like some indie, some folk feel, but also from time to time with some electronic elements, like this you have to listen to the music Hold On, that is, to the later, the album only gradually become the acoustic, into a sentimental, has become another Just Jack, Mourning Morning: Some of the flavor of the atmosphere, in particular, his included with the accompaniment of a string , The guitar more to increase the effectiveness of the appeal of the song, the album is the most outstanding works of the gas, and the last one of the songs have a similar Spectacular Failures of the same style, hidden track, and The Offspring of some punk rap categories have similar accidents .

当我在把 Just Jack 贴上hiphop标签之后,我发觉自己又犯了一个错误,但是我却不知道该如何去改正这样一个错误,从DJ起家的 Just Jack 的音乐会给你一种说唱音乐的感觉,但是比起同样是英国的The Streets, Just Jack 说得还是更像是唱,加上 Just Jack 有着一副唱indie民谣的嗓音,我倒希望他能够真正唱出一些有味道的有旋律的作品,但是也别误解我的话,正是因为在本来一张优美的专辑中加入了许多说唱的部分,所以显得有些唐突,在主打歌曲 Starz In Their Eyes 中,breakdance风格的曲子让歌曲听起来更像是一首欧洲舞曲,同样的曲风还体现在另外一首歌曲I Talk Too Much上面,hiphop的歌曲是专辑的另外一个主题,从专辑一开始的Glory Days,再到Disco Friends和Lost充满着英国式的hiphop,就在专辑过半的时候,专辑的基调又转到了另外一个样子,有些indie,有些民谣的感觉,还时不时加上一些电子的元素,喜欢这样的音乐你要听听Hold On,也就是到了后来,专辑才渐渐变成的acoustic,变成了sentimental,变成了另外一个 Just Jack ,Mourning Morning颇有些大气的味道,特别是他的配器加上了弦乐的伴奏,吉他的效果更加增加了歌曲的感召力,是专辑中最出色的作品之气,最后一首歌曲的Spectacular Failures同样有着类似的风格,hidden track和The Offspring的有些说唱类punk有着意外地相似。

Some are red, and some are not; some are blue, and some are not; some are emeralds, and some are not.


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But at other times, it's about something much less tangible:但在另外一些时候, 有些不怎么好处理的问题

and seeing it through.|然后,看着... | But at other times, it's about something much less tangible.|但在另外一些时候, 有些不怎么好处理的问题 | Sometimes all it takes is a little grace.|有些时候, 那只需要...

Some without a bandanna:有些则完全不用手帕

Maybe two different colored bandannas.|而且可能要用到 两种不同颜色的手帕 | Some without a bandanna,|有些则完全不用手帕 | some with the camera being held.|有些要用提起来的镜头拍摄

Something bigger:有些疯狂

Something really 含着一些真的爱 | Something bigger 有些疯狂 | Something guilty 也有些罪过

Some women handle it coolly, calmly, while others:有些女人很冷静,而有些则

Another choice is how to deal with an ex-boyfriend.|另一个选择是如何面对前男友 | Some women handle it coolly, calmly, while others...|有些女人很冷静,而有些则... | Fuck! Steve.|妈的,是史蒂夫

Some do the deed with many tears:有些挥泪杀死挚爱

Some sell, and others buy; 有些出卖,有些收买; | Some do the deed with many tears, 有些挥泪杀死挚爱, | And some without a sigh; 有些连叹息都吝于给予;

Something lacy:有些是花边的

Something intimate.|有些很诱惑 | Something lacy.|有些是花边的 | Something whorish.|有些像是妓女的

And some of us sail through our troubles:我們當中有些會順利通過難關

And some of us soar to the stars 我們當中有些會翱翔於星空 | And some of us sail through our troubles 我們當中有些會順利通過難關 | And some have to live with the scars 有些則必須與傷痕度日

Manche lieben dich:有些人热爱你

Manche treten dich. 有些人践踏你, | Manche lieben dich. 有些人热爱你, | Manche segnen dich. 还有些人祝福你.

Some almanacs are not available:有些年历不可用

Some settlers are not permanent.有些住户并不是长期居住. | Some almanacs are not available. 有些年历不可用. | Some platforms are not reserved. 有些戏台没有预定出去.

some brighteyed and crazy some frigthened and lost:有些闪烁着狂热的眼光 有些惊恐着迷失的眼神

they flutter behind you your possible past 他们的灵魂在你... | some brighteyed and crazy some frigthened and lost 有些闪烁着狂热的眼光 有些惊恐着迷失的眼神 | a warning to anyone still in command 一种任何...