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改善的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
meliorative  ·  ameliorative

更多网络例句与改善的相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

It has outstanding differences between customer's importance and satisfaction of service quality. According to the importance-satisfaction matrix analysis, the second quadrant is the「first-improved zone」. The improved items include :「TWC servants help their customer to solve problems at full steam.」,「TWC charges customers correctly.」 and 「TWC customers can get any information aforehand.


Clinical Relevance: Virtual reality with treadmill training is recommended to improve community ambulation ability in patients with stroke.


chemotherapy can improve the life quality of bronchogenic carcinoma suffers. And the improved symptom is the main cause of improvement on the life quality.


And the processing of coating was discussed.The results show that 3% In_2O_3 coati...


So, we use Theory of Constraints to diagnose organization's internal constrain and expect the TOC will be succeed to solve the organization's problems. On the other side, in the make-to-order factors the Production Control department is the most critical key for the coordinate with Production and Sales. But we found the Production Control department hadn't played the role of coordinate by appropriately because they have some problems what hadn't solved till now yet in this case.


ransdermal glyceryl trinitrate improved shoulder pain with activity, range of motion in abduction and forward flexion, supraspinatus force, and impingement," Dr. Paoloni noted."These are common clinical manifestations of the condition, and the improvement was of the order of 26% over standard shoulder rehabilitation and placebo patch."


First described the current production flow about company A briefly; Secondly, analyses its manufacture scene strictly according to theory of constraint thinking process,through structured Current Reality Tree finding out its bottleneck;By structured conflict picture, seek the inflex


From thephilosophical point of viem,three concepts on the nature ofeaucation are morth people's attention:Opening-up is a"possibility for the better",ana the opening-up society canoffer the conaitions ana opportunities for further improvement ana perfection;the opening-up society mill abanaon "ultimate truth",pay respect to plurality,abanaon authority ana mill notstubbornly aahere to certain opinion nor blinaly chime in mithothers;in the opening-up society,self-auestioning is a necessary ability ana habit to promote unaerstanaing,to seekperfection.


To improve the 4 points is a vast project, the first re-educate consumers to educate themselves and improve the process is to adjust the physical store, paragraphs of improvement, coupled with the paragraphs of promotional activities, performance entered another phase.


The noise improvement need synthesizes the establishment of index sign, is the influence factor which brings orbit noise to meeting to make a study first, again collect an actual measurement data application to return to seven modes of returning the orbit noise of the way establishment, part 2 then makes use of the way of expert's questionnaire, applying the technique of Delphi-AHP, begging to take seven powers of noise factors


更多网络解释与改善的相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

improvable:可改良的; 可改善的 (形)

improvability 可改进 (名) | improvable 可改良的; 可改善的 (形) | improved 改进过的 (形)


melioration 改善 | meliorative 改善的 | meliorism 世界改良论

improved rocketry:改善的

3. rocketry 导弹 | 1. improved rocketry 改善的? | 2. standard missiles 标准导弹


unimpressive 印象淡薄的 | unimproved 未加改善的 | unimproved 未垦的


ameliorable 可改善的 | scented soap 香皂 | Dresden Bank A 德累斯敦银行


amelioration 改善 | ameliorative 改善的 | ameliorator 改良者


amendable 可修正的 | amendatory 改善的 | amende 道歉

amendatory:改善的, 修正的, 改正的

amendable | 可修正的 | amendatory | 改善的, 修正的, 改正的 | amende | 道歉, 赔偿

reformative:改进的; 改善的 (形)

reformational 改革的; 宗教改革的 (形) | reformative 改进的; 改善的 (形) | reformatory 改革的, 感化的, 革新的 (形)

Were the key parameters or the most important thing to be fixed identified:辨别改善的标准是什么

What's in it for the business? How does the busin... | Were the key parameters or the most important thing to be fixed identified? 辨别改善的标准是什么? | Does everyone describe what will be measured i...