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扭曲 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
contort  ·  distort  ·  distortion  ·  gnarl  ·  retortion  ·  twist  ·  twisted  ·  wreathe  ·  writhe  ·  wry  ·  torqued  ·  tortility  ·  tortuosity  ·  twistification  ·  wreathed  ·  wrier  ·  writhed  ·  writhing  ·  contorting  ·  contorts  ·  distorting  ·  distorts  ·  tortuosities  ·  twists  ·  wreathes  ·  writhes  ·  wryer

scrunch up
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Proposed a new method of determining the cell thickness and the twist angle of twisted nematic liquid crystal cells, a quarter-wave plate was inserted between the liquid crystal cell and the analyzer, a stepper motor rotated the Retarder by , and measured the light intensity of every modulated point, solved the stokes parameters of polarization light exiting from the liquid crystal cell using Fourier analysis method, thereby determining the cell thickness and the twist angle.


The degree of twist distortion increases with pretilt angle.


The regulation of gene expression is to have relations to the assembly of the DNA binding proteins which bind to DNA to initiate the transcription. Some of these proteins have the ability to promote bending or looping of DNA. The FIS protein regulates gene expression in Escherichia coli by this property of bending DNA. There are many researches to discover the mechanism of FIS protein binds to DNA. However the experiment data only show the supposititious results and figure out the model of FIS-DNA complex structure. This research uses molecular dynamics simulation to compute the detail of the interaction between FIS and DNA. We observed FIS prominently affects the DNA bending by the type of local bending. Analyzing the DNA structure properties, roll and slide, also demonstrates the local bending type and region. The hydrogen bonds between FIS and DNA are analyzed to compare with the experiment data. Finally we compute the binding free energy between FIS and DNA to estimate the result of simulation and compare with the value of λ-repressor-DNA complex.


The head loss coefficient of down inlet linear transition is less than tortile transition and those above of outlet almost same.


Methyl Sartortuoate and Methyl isosartortuoate are two tetracyclic tetraterpenoids isolated from the sarcophyton tortuosum tixier-durivalt by Chinese scientists. Biogenetically, it could be regarded as a Diels-Alder combination of two cembrenoids, i.


The crystal structures have been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction.Cadmium atoms in compounds 1 and 2 show an eight-coordinated distorted square-antiprismatic geometry and a seven-coordinated distorted pentagonal bipyramidal geometryrespectively. Copper atoms in compounds 3 and 4 show a six-coordinated distorted threeprismatic geometry and a four-coordinated distorted tetrahedral geometry respectively.


To the liquid-crystal display from its structure, the principle as well as the classification has carried on the introduction, twists to the row (TN-Twisted Nematic); Ultra distortion to row (STN-Super TN); Double-decked ultra distortion to row (DSTN-Dual Scan Tortuosity Nomograph); The thin film crystal (TFT-Thin Film Transistor), introduced the thin film crystal liquid-crystal display with emphasis.

对液晶显示器从其结构,原理以及分类进行了介绍,扭曲向列型(TN-Twisted Nematic);超扭曲向列型(STN-Super TN);双层超扭曲向列型(DSTN-Dual Scan Tortuosity Nomograph);薄膜晶体管型(TFT-Thin Film Transistor),重点介绍了薄膜晶体管型液晶显示器。

His mad contorted smile; writhed lips; my writhen features- Walter scott.


Experimental results indicate that the B/A value greatly affects the internal Nusselt number and friction factor of the twisted tube because the parameters decrease with the increase of B/A and S/d values, more rapidly with the former, and that the Nusselt number and friction factor of the twisted oblate tube increase respectively by 30%~150% and 20%~50%, as compared with those of the smooth tube at the same Reynolds number and Prandtl number.


I sat in the cafe by the cracker factory You were practicing a magic trick And my thoughts got rude, As you talked and chewed On the last of your pick and mix Said your mistaken if your thinking that I haven't been caught cold before As you bit into your strawberry lace And then a flip in your attention in the form of a gobstopper Is all you have left and it was going to waste Your past-times, consisted of the strange And twisted and deranged And I love that little game you had called Crying lightning And how you like to aggravate The ice-cream man on rainy afternoons The next time that I caught my own reflection It was on it's way to meet you Thinking of excuses to postpone You never look like yourself from the side But your profile did not hide The fact you knew I was approaching your throne With folded arms you occupy the bench like toothache Saw them, puff your chest out like you never lost a war And though I try so not to suffer the indignity of a reaction There was no cracks to grasp or gaps to claw And your past-times, consisted of the strange And twisted and deranged And I hate that little game you had called Crying lightning And how you like to aggravate The icky man on rainy afternoons Uninviting But not half as impossible as everyone assumes You are crying lightning Your past-times, consisted of the strange And twisted and deranged And I hate that little game you had called Crying lightning Crying lightning Crying lightning Crying lightning Your past-times, consisted of the strange And twisted and deranged And I hate that little game you had called Crying


更多网络解释与扭曲相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

distorted wave Born approximation (DWBA):扭曲波玻恩近似 = 扭曲波[玻恩]近似

distance of distinct vision 明視距離 | distorted wave Born approximation (DWBA) 扭曲波玻恩近似 = 扭曲波[玻恩]近似 | distribution function 分布函數

contorted fold:扭曲褶皱

contorted bed 扭曲层 | contorted fold 扭曲褶皱 | contorted mass 扭曲块体

contorted stratum:扭曲层

contorted mass 扭曲块体 | contorted stratum 扭曲层 | contorted structure 扭曲构造

contortion folding:扭曲褶皱作用

contortion fissure 扭曲裂缝 | contortion folding 扭曲褶皱作用 | contortion 扭曲

Space Warp Display Toggle:空间扭曲显示开关

Space Warp Bindings空间扭曲连接;空间扭曲绑定 | Space Warp Display Toggle空间扭曲显示开关 | Space Warps空间扭曲

perspective distort:透视扭曲 透视扭曲

personality 个性 个性 | perspective distort 透视扭曲 透视扭曲 | pessimistic 封闭式 封闭式

twistification:扭曲 歪曲 ( 被) 扭曲( 或歪曲) 的事物

branch manifold 多歧管 | twistification 扭曲 歪曲 ( 被) 扭曲( 或歪曲) 的事物 | commodity by country system 按国别列商品制度

bird caging:局部扭曲,局部扭曲,钢丝打结

bird banding ==> 鸟类环志 | bird caging ==> 局部扭曲,局部扭曲,钢丝打结 | Bird centrifuge ==> 伯德离心脱水机


Warp Height扭曲高度 | Warps空间扭曲对象;扭曲 | Wave波浪;波浪编辑修改器

double curvatures vane:扭曲叶片

扭曲叶片 distortional vane | 扭曲叶片 double curvatures vane | 扭曲叶片 twisted blade