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扭动 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
twist  ·  twisted  ·  wring  ·  twists  ·  wrings

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The old accountant took a look sideways at the cake in afeared eyes, and began to twist on his bed anxiously.


Athetosis Involuntary, slow writhing movement of limbs subsequent to basal ganglia pathology .


Look! Does the baby act like dancing by twisting its trunk?

瞧! 这棵小树像不像是扭动它的树干跳舞?

In my silver high-heel shoes,I go to take part in a belated dinner,I go through a tall wood in a rush,On the trees there are fantastic tropical fruits and clocks streamed with egg white,The sweet fragrance of those fruits seduces me,I pick off a beautiful dragon fruit,But see many white worms lying in it when cutting it,I scream and throw it on the ground,Those worms creep to me and begin to grow,I creep onto the tree,They also creep towards the tree wiggling their bodies,I remove my cumbrous high-heel shoes and voile skirt creeping towards a high place,like an agile cheetah,But strangely my small bag oppressively cumbers me,It turns out that the bag is full of pumpkins, monkey dolls with large mouths, crystal bottles and silver coins,I give all of these a vicious discard towards the ground from the tree,But those worms open their big mouths and swallow all of them greedily,Becoming more obese and uglier,I desperately creep upwards,Suddenly the moon is not so far from me,I jump on it with ease,Suddenly finding that the moon is a porous spongy body with the fragrance of the oven-fresh French stick bread,It takes me to flow away from that tree full of worms,I want to light a cigarette but ignite the sponge on the moon,So I descend from the height,Falling down to a huge birds' nest,In an instant my whole body is wrapped by a slick and white egg shell,I find myself becoming a new embryo,Crouching in the warm and ropy liquid,The world presents a color of delicate light yellow,In a vacuum-like silence,I hear my contented voice,"What a perfect world"


Local girls with their castanets and their swinging hips.


She laughed, twisting her shoulder in a horrible parody of coquetry.


He turned the doorknob and opened the door.


Carpet patterns wriggle and writhe, a congregation of lounge lizards metamorphoses into actual reptiles, and hypocrisy and the absurdity of the human condition become ironic commentary in which the participants in the druggie experience see with better clarity through what is supposed to be a stuporous veil than those who are straight and sober.


When squeezed three times in a row, Elmo would begin to shake and laugh hysterically.


One tradition says that if you twist the stem of an apple, assigning a letter of the alphabet to each turn, the stem will break off when you've reached the initial of someone who loves you.


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双挺腿 Double Strainght Leg | 交叉扭动 Crisscross | 脊椎前伸 Spine Stretch Forward

Writhed like lightning, and was gone:扭动如闪电,并走了

But suddenly that part of him that was left behind convulsed in undignified has... | Writhed like lightning, and was gone扭动如闪电,并走了 | Into the black hole, the earth-lipped fissure in the wall-fr...

They danced rhythmically, swaying their hips to the music:他们伴着音乐扭动屁股,有节奏地跳舞

Vicky swayed and fell. 维基摇晃着倒... | They danced rhythmically, swaying their hips to the music. 他们伴着音乐扭动屁股,有节奏地跳舞. VN | to persuade sb to believe sth or do sth 说服;使相信;使动摇 VN...

How you doing there, squirmy:你觉得怎么样,扭动先生

[11:42.789]Forget about it. 何需挂齿 | [11:44.599]How you doing there,squirmy? 你觉得怎么样,扭动先生? | [11:47.124]I'm hanging in. 我窝在里面


plush:豪华的,绒毛的 | wiggle:扭动 | bodily fluids:体液


wigglevariablearea波形变面积 | wiggle快速摆动;扭动;弯曲线;波形 | wiggle-springcasinghook螺旋弹簧提引钩

variable wiggler magnet:可变扭动子磁铁

variable wide pulse 可变宽度脉冲 | variable wiggler magnet 可变扭动子磁铁 | variable word length 可变字长

variable wiggler magnet:可变扭动子磁铁QDJ中国学习动力网

variable threshold logic 可变阈值逻辑QDJ中国学习动力网 | variable wiggler magnet 可变扭动子磁铁QDJ中国学习动力网 | variant 变体QDJ中国学习动力网


wiggle 扭动,摆动 | wriggle 扭动,蠕动 | slit 裂缝,撕开

wriggler:扭动的人或物; 孑孓 (名)

wriggle 蠕动, 摆脱, 蜿蜒前进; 使扭动, 挣 (动) | wriggler 扭动的人或物; 孑孓 (名) | wriggly 蠕动的; 回避的 (形)