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打折扣 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
abate  ·  discount  ·  discounting  ·  rebate  ·  abated  ·  abates  ·  abating  ·  discounted  ·  discounts  ·  rebated  ·  rebates  ·  rebating

at a discount · sell at a discount · give a discount
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Sometimes he is right,but usually his predictions have to be taken with a grain of salt.


There was less to drop and the days were enlivened by the banter of Jan, the anglicised Afrikaner I had been told to work with.


The thinkers of the Lunyu School fully expressed their persistence of individualism and their reconsideration in literary modernity Yet the persistence and escape existed side by side, this mode of behavior and thinking indicated that the self-subject of the modern scholars was illusive and was hard to carry on when the modern scholars were covered by the powerful tradition and deeply controlled by modernity's consciousness of time Chapter Two Reconsidering on the character of modernity with leisure ampleness, resisting the human alienation caused by modern materialism and mechanism with humor, reaffirming the space of self-expression, which formed the humor, the leisure, the modern, and the aesthetic spirit implication of Lunyu School But the modern scholar's powerful inclining to the tradition made Lunyu School's aestheticism draw close to live in seclusion And its aesthetic modernity is also discounted for that reason Chapter Three It is the emotion and the leisure manner owning by the middle aged people that help to bring about Lunyu School's essay's adjusting in main key and moving massively in theme Lunyu School changed the way for "gaining the experience of life"in the twenties'prose It went from highly enthusiastic writings to reserved life-concerning and recite with appreciation in everyday life

第一章 三十年代左翼文学以其"新"、"进步"和"时代性"确立了自己的合理性地位,而时代思潮的转换、文艺与政治的日益密切使五四自由知识分子所坚持的个人主义成了"落伍""颓废"的表征。论语派自由思想者充分表达了对个人主义的执着、对文学现代性的反思,但坚持与逃逸并存的行为与思维模式表明现代士子在忧生伤世的强大传统笼罩下和一往无前的现代性时间意识的深刻控制下,个人主体的难以为继和虚幻性。第二章以闲适的余裕对奔竞躁进、汲汲功利、一往无前的现代性特征进行反思,以幽默对抗现代物质主义机械主义对人灵智的异化,重申自我表现的空间,构成论语派幽默闲适的现代性审美精神内涵。但现代文人对于传统的强大趋同力,则使论语派审美主义向隐逸文化靠拢,其审美现代性由此大打折扣。第三章中年情感与闲适气度直接促成论语派散文基调上的调整及主题的大幅横移,在趣味、游戏、幽默、闲适中改变了二十年代散文"问世"的径路,从意兴湍飞的激扬文字走向了沉潜适世的生命关怀与日常人生的吟味与咀嚼。

If all trading,link passes network vitrification, the lubricant advantage of bagman sells at a discount greatly necessarily.


While we bemoan the decline of literacy, computers discount words in favor of pictures and pictures in favor of video.


Its tactics triggered a landmark antitrust case that handcuffed the software giant for a decade, hampering its ability to respond when the real Web boogeyman appeared: Google Inc.


I mean, if I appeared in a cardigan, a sweater and brogue shoes it wouldn't be quite the same.


We could afford to borrow a bit more over the next year if we had a plausible plan to get the deficit under control thereafter," says Len Burman of the Urban Institute, a think-tank."


And the publishing of blogbooks naturally has its limits. No matter what, they'll always only be records of things gone past and will never be able to keep up with the internet. In this regard, blogbooks by all appearances lack the ability to remain relevant, giving a big boost to the appeal of reading.


I saw that it was not just my freedom that was curtailed, but the freedom of everyone who looked like I did.


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at a discount:按赔价计算;按贴水价格计算;打折扣

associated company 相联公司;联属公司 | at a discount 按赔价计算;按贴水价格计算;打折扣 | at a premium 按溢价计算;按升水价格计算

to sell at a discount:打折扣出售

打折扣购买to buy at a discount | 打折扣出售to sell at a discount | 打折扣-让价to reduce to make a reduction

to sell at a discount:打折扣

打折扣购买 to buy at a discount | 打折扣?+-? to sell at a discount | 打折扣-让价 to reduceto make a reduction

Please state your best terms and discount for cash:由于打折扣, 请告知最好的装货(船)条件

Please put us on your best terms, as this order forms pa... | Please state your best terms and discount for cash.由于打折扣, 请告知最好的装货(船)条件. | Please put us on your very best shipping terms ...

We Please state your best terms and discount for cash:由于打折扣, 请告知最好的装货(船)条件

We Please put us on your best terms, as this order for... | We Please state your best terms and discount for cash. 由于打折扣, 请告知最好的装货(船)条件. | We Please put us on your very best shipping t...


另外中国人通常会把欠外国人的人情债打折扣(discount),因为他们认为外国人只是暂时(transient)存在于他们的生活中,不会在中国待很久. 小心并审慎地(carefully and sparingly)利用关系. 特别要小心专门替人搞关系赚钱的人(guanxi merchant).

discounting principle:打折扣原则

对象-关系学说 object-relation theory | 打折扣原则 discounting principle | 符号学习理论 sign-learning theory

take with a grain of salt:听...的话,予以打折扣

91. Take for 误认 | 92. Take with a grain of salt 听...的话,予以打折扣 | 93. At first glance 乍看

wear thin/water down score:打折扣

31 势不两立 sth against sth | 32 打折扣 wear thin/water down score | 33 大展鸿图 big point


watered 用水的 | watered-down 打折扣的 | waterer 饮水的人