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adult  ·  major  ·  majored  ·  majoring

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What expatiated by him are the puzzling, bemusement and distress of the generation of youths, who grown up in today's society, to the world.


AIM: To explore the relationship between bone mineral density and body mass index by measuring the bone mineral density of calcaneum in adults at the descending period of bone mass.


There has a linear correlation between vertical jump height and bone density, bone strength of calcaneus.


Some legislative suggestions are stated in order to improve the adult wardship system:upgrading the ideas of adult wardship,improving the legislation,enlarging the applicable scope of adult warship system,introducing dis...


The weakly or strongly stained CaBP-LI/CB-Audouble-labelled cells gradually increased caudalward.In the middle rostrocaudal third of the red nucleus,the double-labelled neurons mainly occupied the ventromedial portions of the red nucleus.


The characteristics of CaBP-LI positive rubrospinal neurons in the red nucleus showed that these neurons was not homogeneous. Rubrospinal neurons had their subpopulation in term of CaBP like immunoreactivity (from strongly posotive to negative) and special distribution features.Key words: calbindin-D28k; immunocytochemistry; red nucleus; rubrospinal tract; rat


Results The rubrospinal neurons were retrogradely identified by cholera toxin subuint B coulpled with colloidal gold (CB-Au,prepared by our laboratory).No CaBP-LI positive neurons identified by CB-Au was present in the rostral level of the red nucleus.

结果 红核-脊髓投射成年人神经元表现为两种亚型:一种为CaBP-LI阴性成年人神经元;另一种为CaBP-LI阳性成年人神经元。

Firstly,a reform should start from the updating of ideas.New ideas such as " respection of self-decision of the disabled","maintaining a normal life of the disabled",and "the adult guardianship systems must concetrate on the human rights of disbled" should be established.The system should pay attention to the existing source of ability of the disabled,and there should be flexible regulations concerning the particular needs of the disabled.Secondly,on the procedures of legislation, the adult guardianship systems should be added in the "Family"part of sub-regulations.Thirdly,the content of adult guardianship should include :(1)The broadening of its application ,(2)The establishment of voluntary guardianship and the improvement in nominating a guardian.(3)Different levels of guardians should be nominated in accordance with the capacity of the subjects,(4)Supervision system over the guardians should be established for restriction.(5)There should be concrete regulations on the content of a guardianship to stipulate the rights and obligations of a guardian.


Her team's analysis of a sample of 5,400 American adults 20 and older found 23.5 per cent of normal-weight adults were metabolically abnormal, whereas 51.3 per cent of overweight adults and 31.7 per cent of obese adults were metabolically healthy, at least when it comes to their risk for heart disease.


In a study of parental status and depression among 17,469 adults over the age of 51, researchers found that having no children, either biological kids or stepchildren, was linked to lower rates of sadness, insomnia and other depressive symptoms, compared with having children.


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也不是鲸(Whale),而是人(People). 所有的人都具有某些共同的特性,使他们有别于其他动物. 但是他们相互之间也是稍有不同的. 婴儿(Baby)与成年人(Adult)相同吗?不同. 他们的动作和说话都不同. 但是婴儿肯定也是人.

was with a grown man:是和一个大我很多的成年人

My first kiss|我的初吻 | was with a grown man.|是和一个大我很多的成年人 | - You're not gonna tell on me, are you? - Of course not!|- 你不会出卖我的,是吧? - 当然不会!

Foolish dreams can destroy a grown man:愚蠢的梦想|足以毁掉一个成年人

That nothing ever lasts in this world|这世上没有恒久不变的事情 | Foolish dreams can destroy a grown man|愚蠢的梦想|足以毁掉一个成年人 | What chance has a 17-year-old girl?|一个17岁的女孩又能有什么机会...

be grown-up:作为一个成年人

grow up : (人)成长 | be grown-up : 作为一个成年人 | for some reason 由于某个理由

grown up:(形容词短语)成年人

it......形式主语, 用不定式做真正的主语 | grown up : (形容词短语)成年人 | grow up : (人)成长


it......形式主语,用不定式做真正的主语 | grownup:(形容词短语)成年人 | growup:(人)成长

Because I am a grownup:因为我是成年人了

And I can do anything I want.|我想做什么就做什么 | Because I am a grownup.|因为我是成年人了 | Okay, quick. Help me get this off.|好,快,替我脱掉

Impolitely corrects adults:不礼貌的更正成年人

Recognizes problems 能发现问题 | Impolitely corrects adults 不礼貌的更正成年人 | Has a good sense of humor幽默感强

adults exchanging drinks around a pub bar in token of temporary trust and friendship:在酒吧里为表示一时的相互信任和友谊而干杯的成年人

72. she took offence at being call... | 73. adults exchanging drinks around a pub bar in token of temporary trust and friendship.在酒吧里为表示一时的相互信任和友谊而干杯的成年人. | 74. redeem this tok...

age of majority; legal age:法定成年人的年龄

法典编纂 codification of codes | 法定成年人的年龄age of majority; legal age | 法定程序legal procedure