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思考 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
bethink  ·  cerebration  ·  cogitate  ·  cogitation  ·  consider  ·  intellection  ·  reason  ·  reasons  ·  think  ·  thinking  ·  cerebrate  ·  bethinking  ·  bethinks  ·  cerebrated  ·  cerebrates  ·  cerebrating  ·  cogitated  ·  cogitates  ·  cogitating  ·  considers  ·  thinks  ·  reflections  ·  speculations  ·  thinkings  ·  cerebratmon

thinking cap · spell over · think deeply · ponder over
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Perhaps surprised at first, we are left to ponder how Calvino would have made that statement, and, as always with him, the pondering leads to more.


It cannot be denied that There is no denying that even if animals can think , they cannot be compared with human beings in terms of the depth and complicatedness of the thoughts .


It cannot be denied that//There is no denying that even if animals can think, they cannot becompared with human beings in terms of the depth and complicatedness of the thoughts.


As F. J. Harvey Darton, an early scholar of children's literature, explains, they "have the same ideal, in one aspect held by Rousseau, in another wholly rejected by him : the belief that a child should steadily contemplate Nature, and the conviction that by so doing he will be led to contemplate the traditional God".

这两本颂歌也是写给查尔斯的。一位研究儿童文学的早期学者 F.J。哈维。达顿这样解释,"这两本书主旨相同,部分和卢梭的观点相合,部分则与他的观点完全相反:它们确信儿童应该持之以恒地仔细思考自然,从思考自然过渡到思考传统意义上的上帝。"

On the other side are some ethologists who seem to be more generous-minded, who see no compelling reasons to doubt that animals in general are quite capable of real thinking and do quite a lot of it -- thinking that isn't as dense as human thinking, that is sparser because of the lack of language and the resultant lack of metaphors to help the thought along, but thinking nonetheless.


The first part is the author"s special viewpoint about the thinking ability, such as the meaning, the essence, the classification and the operating process. The second part describes the relations between developing thinking ability and the urgent needs of country, society and individual development from five aspects. The third part is about the connection and differences of thinking ability, intelligence, ability, creativity and the constructivism theory. The forth part analyses the teachers" nine injudicious actions that will influence the students" thinking ability. The fifth part discusses the students" seven bad learning behaviors that will cause the degradation of thinking ability. The sixth part is about the unsuitable policies or actions adopted by school, society or family that will cause the degradation of the students" thinking ability. The seventh part discusses the countermeasures that can maintain and develop the students" thinking ability. The eighth part brings forward twelve countermeasures that can exercise the student"s thinking ability in chemistry teaching. The last part gives a brief account of the task.The author expects that this article can enhance the coteries" attention to the students thinking ability.


I think that the normal sequence of learning problems should be thinking first, followed by friends think the problem, and finally think loyalty issue.


In this paper, the performance of rapid interior design study graphic thinking mainly from the perspectives of the analysis and discussion on the basic theoretical concepts, and in-depth analysis of the performance of the interior design based on fast mode of thinking - thinking diagram, and on this basis, this paper presents Graphic thinking "Trichotomy" viewpoint: conceptual diagrams, and graphic style of firmness diagram, and then use graphical thinking "Trichotomy" perspective based on the graphic design thinking fast indoor performance of different forms.


The transpostional consideration between cadres and ordinary people will help their understanding. The transpositional consideration between cadres will help the cooperation, between persons will help solve contradichtions and build a harmonious circumstance, between different fields will result in a harmonious and sustainable development.


This thesis investigates how instructional leaders at the Windhoek College of Education make sense of their roles. The Windhoek College of Education was selected for this study because that is where I work, therefore it would be easy to observe some of the responses provided by the interviewees.


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cogitable 可以思考的 | cogitate 思考 | cogitation 沉思


cogitable /可以思考的/可做思考题目的/ | cogitate /思考/考虑/ | cogitation /熟考/思考/考虑/

cogitation n.f:思考,思索

coffre n.m. 箱,(轿车的)行李箱 | cogitation n.f. 思考,思索 | cogiter v.i. 思考,思索

divergent thinking:扩散性思考

季弗德的智力结构论,将思考历程区分聚敛性思考(convergent thinking)和扩散性思考(divergent thinking)两个概念,前者指针对一个问题寻找一个可接受的最佳答案,后者指根据既有的讯息生产大量、多样化的讯息.

illogical thinking:不合逻辑思考

loosening of association 思考连结松散 | illogical thinking 不合逻辑思考 | pressure speech 言语急迫

Thinking Cap:思考之帽 思考軟帽

Nimar's Tribal Headdress 尼瑪爾的部落頭巾 尼瑪爾的部落頭飾 | Thinking Cap 思考之帽 思考軟帽 | Carved Stone Idol 小石像 石刻塑像

thoughtful: a.1:沉思的,思考的 2.表达思想的,经过缜密思考的,有创见的

therapy: n.治疗,疗法 | thoughtful: a.1.沉思的,思考的 2.表达思想的,经过缜密思考的,有创见的 | tidy: a.1.整齐(洁)的 2.有条理,精确的

imaginal thought:心像思考

命题思考--propositional thought | 心像思考--imaginal thought | 行动思考--motoric thought


noematachograph 思考速度描记器 | noematachometer 思考速度测验器 | noematachymeter 思考速度测验器

formal operatory thought:形式运作思考 形式运作思考

formal operations period 形式运算期 | formal operatory thought 形式运作思考 形式运作思考 | formal organization 正式组织