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庄严的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
elevated  ·  godlike  ·  majestic  ·  majestical  ·  Olympian  ·  palatial  ·  portly  ·  sacred  ·  solemn  ·  stately  ·  venerable  ·  magnific  ·  magnifical  ·  Miltonic  ·  togated  ·  portlier  ·  statelier  ·  maestoso

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Observing him for the first time, Annabella remarks that Byron has "the kind of eloquent formal beauty that gives an illusion of its owner's good taste."


He runs to the piano and takes his ashplant, beating his foot in tripudium


Whoever takes an oath, ought duly to consider the weightiness of so solemn an act, and in it to avouch nothing but what he is fully persuaded is the truth.

Nu 5:19,21 Ne 5:12 Ex 22:7,8,9,10,11 3 )谁需宣誓,应妥为考虑之重,使庄严的一种行为,并在它avouch无关,但他是完全说服事实就是如此。

They are far away from jest and deconstruction, they are yearning, yearning for the kind of religion full of elevation and awfulness, maybe just the piety is a little near to art.


The burial service is performed with solemn and mournful music.


Aa The burial service is performed with solemn and mournful music.


After the clangor of organ majestic, or chorus, or perfect band


According to the same letter, the Visitandines with solemn vows must pass five years of simple vows before proceeding to solemn profession (Bizzarri,"Collectanea", 1st ed., 778-91). Except in the case of a pontifical indult placing them in subjection to a first order these nuns are bound by the following rules: The bishop has full jurisdiction over them; he may dispense from all constitutions not reserved to the Holy See, and from particular impediments to admission, but may not modify the constitutions.

教廷准许竖立一座修道院的visitandines与庄严的誓言在斯普林菲尔德,按同一封信中, visitandines与庄严的誓言一定要通过五年的简单的誓言,然后才开始严肃的专业( bizzarri "丛书",第1版, 778-91 ),除了在一个宗座indult置他们于她们遭受的第一个命令,这些尼姑都受下列规定办理:主教有充分的管辖权;他可免除由所有的宪法并没有预留给教廷,并从特定的障碍入学,但不得修改宪法。

Would it be an unlicensed trespass of the imagination to conceive that on the night preceding the day of which you now commemorate the fiftieth anniversary--on the night preceding that thirtieth of April, 1789, when from the balcony of your city hall the chancellor of the State of New York administered to George Washington the solemn oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States, and to the best of his ability to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States--that in the visions of the night the guardian angel of the Father of our Country had appeared before him, in the venerated form of his mother, and, to cheer and encourage him in the performance of the momentous and solemn duties that he was about to assume, had delivered to him a suit of celestial armor--a helmet, consisting of the principles of piety, of justice, of honor, of benevolence, with which from his earliest infancy he had hitherto walked through life, in the presence of all his brethren; a spear, studded with the self- evident truths of the Declaration of Independence; a sword, the same with which he had led the armies of his country through the war of freedom to the summit of the triumphal arch of independence; a corselet and cuishes of long experience and habitual intercourse in peace and war with the world of mankind, his contemporaries of the human race, in all their stages of civilization; and, last of all, the Constitution of the United States, a shield, embossed by heavenly hands with the future history of his country?

是否会想象的无牌侵入的设想,在当晚的前一天你现在纪念成立五十周年-在当晚前的4月,1789年,第三十届时从您的市政厅阳台的校长纽约州管理的乔治华盛顿的庄严宣誓忠实地执行了美国总统的办公室,和他有能力保持最好,保护和捍卫美国宪法-,在愿景对我们国家的父亲晚上的守护天使出现在他面前了,在他母亲的尊敬形式,并以欢呼和鼓励的重大和庄严的职责,他对他承担的表现,已交付他西装天体装甲-头盔,虔诚的原则,正义,荣誉,仁爱,这从他与最早的婴儿,他至今走过的生命,他的所有兄弟的存在,组成; 1矛与自我独立宣言的真理镶嵌,剑,与他所带领的自由战争的独立凯旋门首脑会议的国家的军队一样,一个是胸衣和cuishes长期经验和在和平与人类世界的战争习惯性交,人类他同时代的,所有的文明阶段,以及最后的是,在美国,一个盾牌由天手饰的,宪法他的国家未来的历史?

This is a house after my own heart, small, cosy and yet dignified in appearance.


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godless /不信神的/ | godlike /神似的/庄严的/与神相称的/ | godliness /虔诚/敬神/信仰/


interdict阻断 | gravitas 庄严的举止,庄严 | potable water可饮用水

Imperial Way:庄严的道路

4:美化的道路(Aesthetic Roads)华丽的道路(Grand Way)把一般的道路扩大2倍宽,而庄严的道路(Imperial Way)则扩大到3倍. 在建立富人区之前通常需要把富人区普通的道路升级成华丽或者庄严的道路. 有4种住宅墙,效果都一样.


magnitude 巨大,宏大 | majestic 宏伟,庄严的 | majesty 威严,庄严


无价值的,琐碎的 Nugatory | 庄严的,神圣的 Numinous | 钱币学的 Numismatic

solemn promise:庄严的誓言

5742solemn ceremony隆重的典礼 | 5743solemn promise庄严的誓言 | 5744solemn words庄严的话语

solemn words:庄严的话语

5743solemn promise庄严的誓言 | 5744solemn words庄严的话语 | 5745solida. 固体的,结实的,可靠的,实心的; n. 固体


magni- 表示"大 | magnific 庄严的 | magnifical 庄严的


magnific 庄严的 | magnifical 庄严的 | Magnificat 圣母玛利亚颂

allegro maestoso:庄严的快板

钢琴家在演奏这一乐章时实际选取的拍节机记号无关紧要,只要它听起来是快板;没有任何织体方面或音乐方面的理由使它听起来是庄严的,像庄严的快板(Allegro maestoso)那样,所以演奏出这样的效果意味着背叛了原作的精神.