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平原 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
Campagna  ·  champaign  ·  flat  ·  flatland  ·  plain  ·  plains  ·  flats  ·  flatted  ·  flatlands

flat country
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Key forage plants consist of alfalfa, erect milkvetch, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, crownvetch, white clover, red clover alsike clover, common orchardgrass, smooth brome; planting divisions with obviously optimal combinations of forage plants in Henan province cover the following 6 respects:(1)Northern plain forage planting division;(2)North-west mountain area forage planting division;(3)Middle-east low lying plain and nan-yang basin forage planting division;(4)Western mountain area forage planting division;(5)Huaihe river-south and Tongbai mountain area forage planting division;(6)Eastern plain forage planting division;These conclusions will provide necessary theoritical data or base for right choose of foeage plants as well as great development of grass industry in the future in Henan province.


The Great Central Plain中部大平原:The land mass between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians.


The Great Central Plain 中部大平原: The land mass between theRocky Mountains and the Appalachians.


The Great Central Plain中部大平原:The earth mass in with the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians.


Although, much like the Colchis plain in the west, nearly all of the low-lying areas of eastern Georgia including the Mtkvari and Alazani River plains have been deforested for agricultural purposes.

不过 ,东部的许多情况和西部的刚切斯平原类似,几乎所有格鲁吉亚东部低地平原,包括 Mtkvari 和 Alazani 平原上的森林都为了农业开发而砍伐掉了。

As a result of the great decliner, the groundwater system's recharge, runoff and discharge have evolved from charactered with rain-evaporation to with exploitation; and the natural flow field charactered with flowing from piedmont to coastal plain have changed into the new charactered with exploitation, and of which groundwater decrease cones as the convergers.


A model of development of agro-industry in Jiang-han plain was proposed, factors affecting the development of agro-industry in Jiang-han plain were decided using delphin and analytic hierarchy process, and systematic dynamics flowing chart and equation of agro-industry in Jiang-han plain were established utilizing systematic dynamics method.


Ancient times the Babylon civilization located the environment belonged to the subtropics desert climate, but benefitted from two rivers, young sent pulls the bottom river and the Tigris River mother's gracious gift, was having the exceptionally broad impact plain, but by was in the arid few rain in the middle of the desert climate, on the one hand thus created the local wooded area to be very few, on the other hand was the great plains which so stretched to the horizon smoothly like baffles, from this has become the sierra absolute forbidden area, from this occupied the plain center region people, even if wanted to use the firm stone material, also could because was far away, either was gives way before difficulties looks Shi Xing to sigh, either was after pays the extremely soaring price, shipped in by farSeveral stones only can use in actually carving the magnificent precious tombstone, even was in some plain person all not once has seen the mountain appearance for a lifetime, in brief took root in two river basin Cuban Billen civilization, finally is framed was the soil texture civilization, they created the cuneiform character, all could not but engrave above the thin clay tablet, was recording the exceptionally precious history, obviously in the different region humanity, all was influences subtly sparely no effort regarding the side each kind of environment resources use.


The geometry of canopy and interception of photosynthetically active radiation were measured.


It is well known that Huang-huai-hai Plain flourished around Han and Tang dynasties, not only boasted of the highly developed agricultural economy, handicraft industry and cultural education, but also of the population quality and proportion. while the physiognomy of the Plain has changed greatly since Song and Yuan dynasties due to the frequent deluge and the river course change of Yellow River, which caused the changes of the trace elements amount in the plain\'s soil, especially the decrease of virtual zinc which caused the cultural developing process to stagnate gradually after Song and Yuan dynasties. Trace elements like a invisible hand worked uniquely on cultural developing process.3The geographical environment and the morbid population of Lin Xiang Kingdom in Sun-Wu Kingdom Period.


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aggradation plain:填积平原;加积平原

填积阶地 fillstrath terrace | 填积平原;加积平原 aggradation plain | 填积沉积 aggradational deposit

aggradation plain:加积平原,填积平原

"加积,填积,聚集","aggradation" | "加积平原,填积平原","aggradation plain" | "填积堆积","aggradational deposit"

bolson plain:沙漠盆地平原;乾湖平原

沙漠磨光面 desert polish | 沙漠盆地平原;乾湖平原 bolson plain | 沙漠岩漆 desert lacquer

Burning Steppes:燃烧平原----燃燒平原

西瘟疫之地----西瘟疫之地----Western Plaguelands | 燃烧平原----燃燒平原----Burning Steppes | 沉没的神庙----沉沒的神廟(阿塔哈卡神廟)----Sunken Temple

dissected plain:切割平原

切割准平原;切蚀准平原 dissected peneplain | 切割平原 dissected plain | 切割高原 dissected plateau

dissected peneplain:切割准平原;切蚀准平原

切割冲积扇 dissected fan | 切割准平原;切蚀准平原 dissected peneplain | 切割平原 dissected plain

glacial plain:冰成平原,冰川平原

glacial phosphoric acid 冰磷酸 | glacial plain 冰成平原,冰川平原 | glacial river 冰川河,冰河,冰源河

lacustrine plain:湖成平原;湖平原

"湖底有机堆积","lacustrine organic deposits" | "湖成平原;湖平原","lacustrine plain" | "湖积土","lacustrine soil"

valley flat:河漫滩,谷底平地,谷底水平原,谷地小平原

valley fill 河谷堆积,河谷填积 | valley flat 河漫滩,谷底平地,谷底水平原,谷地小平原 | valley floodplain 河谷洪泛平原

flood plain deposit:泛滥平原沉积,洪泛平原淤积土

flood plain bench ==> 漫滩阶地 | flood plain deposit ==> 泛滥平原沉积,洪泛平原淤积土 | flood plain discharge ==> 洪泛平原流量