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完全地 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
absolutely  ·  abysmally  ·  altogether  ·  clean  ·  cold  ·  colder  ·  completely  ·  dead  ·  diametrically  ·  entirely  ·  full  ·  fully  ·  perfectly  ·  proper  ·  radically  ·  sheerly  ·  soundly  ·  spang  ·  totally  ·  utterly  ·  wholly  ·  cleaned  ·  cleans  ·  fulled  ·  capapie

bag and baggage · down the line · every inch · flesh and fell · hand and foot · head over heels · hook line and sinker · in itself · like fun · right-down · to perfection · to the full · to the nail · to the teeth · up to the hilt · to a miracle · to the world · up to the knocker · more fairly · most fairly · cap-a-pie · neck and crop
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Both because of original sin and their own acts of sin, all mankind, excepting Christ, in their nature state are thoroughly corrupt and completely evil, though they are restrained from living out their corruptness in its fullness by the instrumentalities of God's common grace.


As for Galaxian Explosion, I don't think Shaka can stop it completly, because what we saw in OVA 8 when Saga used the attack, he didn't use his full powers in this attack because if he used his full powers I am sure the temple at least would be destroyed a little, but what we saw there!!


With a vengeance 彻底地,完全地彻底地, The communist northern tier of a peninsula once known as the Hermit Kingdom has lived up to that name with a vengeance.


Not to mention the plethora of italicization and of exclamation points.

书里有太多的副词,像"完全地"、"显然的"、"明显地"、"极度可怕地"、"美国现有的生产能力的第三部分的本质上永远无利用"(见 p26),这些话,真是很让人疲劳,更不必说那些多余的斜体字,以及多余的论点了。

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.


It is that the Stamp Act be repealed absolutely, totally, and immediately.


I mean,when I'm with him,I'm totally,totally...


It is very likely that this worthy couple never absolutely conspired and agreed together in so many words; the one to cajole the young gentleman, whilst the other won his money at cards: but they understood each other perfectly well, and Rawdon let Osborne come and go with entire goos humor.


You have come from different hinds, with your different temperaments, with your different understandings, with your different wisdoms, and before you can accept this Truth fully, before you can understand it in all its nakedness, in all its simplicity, there must be purity of mind and tranquility of heart.


On my way up north up on the ventura i pulled back the hood and i was talking to you and i knew then it would be a life long thing but i didn't know that we we could break a silver lining and i'm so sad like a good book i can't put this day back a sorta fairytale with you a sorta fairytale with you a sorta fairytale with you things you said that day up on the 101 the girl had come undone i tried to downplay it with a bet about us you said that- you'd take it as long as i could i could not erase it and i ride along side and i rode along side you then and i rode along side till you lost me there in the open road and i rode along side till the honey spread itself so thin for me to break your bread for me to take your word i had to steal it and i'm so sad like a good book i can't put this day back a sorta fairytale with you a sorta fairytale with you i could pick back up whenever i feel down new mexico way something about the open road i knew that he was looking for some indian blood and find a little in you find a little in me we may be on this road but we're just imposters in this country you know so we go along and we said we'd fake it feel better with oliver stone till i almost smacked him seemed right that night and i don't know what takes hold out there in the desert cold these guys think they must try and just get over on us and i was ridin' by ridin' along side for a while till you lost me and i was ridin' by ridin' along till you lost me till you lost me in the rear view you lost me i said way up north i took my day all in all was a pretty nice day and i put the hood right back where you could taste heaven perfectly feel out the summer breeze didn't know when we'd be back and i, i don't didn't think we'd end up like like this

在途中提高北方在 ventura 上提高我向后地拉头巾而且我正在和你说话而且我知道然后它会是生活长的事物但是我没有知道那我们我们可以休息一个一线希望而且我很这么忧愁同类一本善行书我不能放这日子背面一近似美丽宛如在神仙故事中的与你一近似美丽宛如在神仙故事中的与你一近似美丽宛如在神仙故事中的与你你说那个日子的事物在 101 上提高女孩有来未完成的我试验过的不予重视它藉由一个打赌有关我们你说那-你将会拿它只要我可以我无法消除它而且我乘坐向前边而且我向前骑边你然后而且我向前骑边直到你失去的我在那里在开着的道路中而且我向前骑边直到蜂蜜传布它本身如此瘦的因为我对休息你的面包因为我拿你所说的话我必须偷它而且我很这么忧愁同类一本善行书我不能放这日子背面一近似美丽宛如在神仙故事中的与你一近似美丽宛如在神仙故事中的与你我可以精选向后地向上的每当我感觉??落新的 mexico 方法关于开着的道路某事我知道他是找寻一些 indian 血和稍微在你里面稍微找发现在我里面我们可能是在这一条道路上除了我们只是 imposters 在这国家中你知道因此我们向前去和我们说我们有假货它以脚踏铁槌石头感觉好很多直到我几乎有味道他似乎是权利哪一夜晚和我不知道什么控制向那边在那沙漠寒冷这些人认为他们一定尝试而且仅仅在我们身上克服而且我是 ridin'被 ridin'向前边一阵子直到你失去的我而且我是 ridin'被 ridin'向前直到你失去的我直到你失去的我在那后面视野你失去的我我说方法向上的北方我花了我的日子极其重要的是一相当好的日子和我放头巾正确地背面哪里你可以味道天堂完全地感觉夏天微风没有知道当我们将会回来而且我我做不没有想我们有结束在同类上面同类这

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all to nothing:百分之百的; 十足地, 完全地, 充分地

all to nothing 百分之百的; 十足地, 完全地, 充分地 | amount to nothing 等于零, 无结果 | apropos of nothing 凭空地, 突如其来地; 没有任何联系地; 顺便地


imperfections /不合格折贴/ | imperfectly /不完全地/有缺点地/不完备地/ | imperfectness /不完全/缺点/不完备/

like fun:[口]有力地 迅速地 完全地, 彻底地

VBScript Visual Basic 描述语言 | like fun [口]有力地 迅速地 完全地, 彻底地 | shoot a covert 在猎物藏身的地方射击猎物

like fun:[口]有力地; 迅速地; 完全地, 彻底地 [美俚]决不会, 靠不住, 才怪呢

have rare fun 玩得非常愉快, 尽量快乐 | like fun [口]有力地; 迅速地; 完全地, 彻底地 [美俚]决不会, 靠不住, 才怪呢 | make fun of sb. 嘲弄; 取笑

outright ad.1:坦率地,直率地,无保留地 2.完全地,彻底地 3.立即,当场

vt.激起...的义愤,激怒 | outright ad.1.坦率地,直率地,无保留地 2.完全地,彻底地 3.立即,当场 | outset n.开始,开端


perfectly plastic material 完全塑性材料 | perfectly 完全地理想地 | perforate 穿孔


soundless /无声的/完全静寂的/静悄悄的/ | soundly /完全地/健全地/坚牢地/ | soundmark /音标/

to the fullest:最充分地,最完全地

be full of 盛/充、装满... | to the fullest 最充分地,最完全地 | fully ad.充足地,完全地

entily ady:完全地.全然地.整个地

entier adj 整个的;完全的,全部的 | entily ady. 完全地.全然地.整个地 | Power能力.力量.权力.

all to pieces:完全地, 粉碎地

all to nothing || 一定 | all to pieces || 完全地, 粉碎地 | all to smash || (完全)粉碎, 全部崩溃