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夷平 的英文翻译、例句


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level  ·  levels  ·  leveled  ·  levelled  ·  deplanation

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And the rapid uplift of Tibetan Plateau, commenced around 8 Ma or 3 Ma, can be explained by the convective removal and replacement by hotter asthenosphere of the thickened lithosphere...


Being controlled by the rheology of the lower crust, erosion may level off the topography, and can break the balance of kinetics and thermodynamics inside of the crust therefore rebuild the structure and component of the curst. the uplift process of the mountains is then enhanced; we believe that the rate of the exhumation is controlled by both the uplift of orogen and the outer spheres of the earth.


The earthquake triggered several giant waves that swept away thousands of houses.


At least 50 people have been reported dead in neighorhood leveled in fives states.


During the Pliocene to early Pleistocene strong NW-SE crustal extension resulted in disintegration of the planation geomorphology and formation of a graben basin in the area.


Hauk has Snake ingrained additionally a explosve that is scheduled to raze inside twenty-two hours, that will fall short Snake if he fails a goal, as during any rate as Hauk will encounter unsleeping with a explosve disarmed if Snake succeeds .

隼有蛇根深蒂固的另外一个计划夷平内二十二小时explosve,这将低于蛇,如果他不为任何隼期间将与解除武装explosve unsleeping遇到蛇,如果成功率的目标。

The compressing from the completed collision of Indian plate and Eurasia plate made TienShan mountain, KunLun mountain and Pamir rose rapidly and complicatedly, including fault rising and strike slip lineament mountain building.


Subaerial erosion occurs often with reduction to a peneplain.


The tectonic evolution history of Tianshan is an example. In the Triassic, it was once uplifted to form the mountains with thick molasse accumulation on both its sides, Junggar and Tarim Basins. Then it became a peneplain by the exposion and deplanation in the Jurassic, forming the widespread coal-bearing strata which can be correlated. From the Cretaceous to the Early Cenozoic, it was uplifted again, until the Quaternary to build huge mountains with two large sedimentary basins on both sides.


A freezing planation mechanism is proposed to explain formation of the plateau surfaces and the Northwest Sichuan Plateau is freezing planation geomorphology, which is formed undertectonic uplift conditions in a large area.


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伊普尔期|Ypresian Age | 夷平[作用]|planation | 夷平面|planation surface, graded surface

planation:均夷作用 均夷作用 夷平作用

planarzigzagstructure 平面锯齿结构 | planation 均夷作用 均夷作用 夷平作用 | planationsurface 夷平面 侵蚀面

planation surface:平夷面

平夷作用 planation | 平夷面 planation surface | 纤硅铜矿 plancheite

Raze Direhorn Post:夷平恐角崗哨 夷平恐角崗哨

Raze Direhorn Post! 夷平恐角崗哨 夷平恐角崗哨! | Breaching the Path 破壞農場 突破道路 | Single Sunfury Signet 一個日怒徽章 單個日怒徽章

level raze flatten:夷平

泄露, leak reveal betray disclose divulge | 夷平 level raze flatten | 低头,点头, nod bow bend incline

raze, smooth away:消除,抹去,夷平

284. 近路捷径 shortcut | 285. 相互地mutually | 286. 消除,抹去,夷平 raze, smooth away


appinite 富闪深成岩类 | applanation 加积夷平作用 | applause 喝彩

raze vt. level to the ground; demolish:夷为平地, 夷平

advance a. 预先的; 先行的;前面的 | raze vt. level to the ground; demolish 夷为平地, 夷平 | homogenizing pres. part. 同质化的;类同的


Rashid Hotel 拉希德酒店 | razed 被夷平 | reconnaissance 侦察

planation stream piracy:夷流袭夺

医疗泉 medicinal spring | 夷流袭夺 planation stream piracy | 夷平作用 deplanation