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增值 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
appreciate  ·  increment  ·  iv  ·  appreciated  ·  appreciates  ·  appreciating  ·  appreciations

value-added · increase in value
更多网络例句与增值相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

We continue to emphasize value-added human capital goals take precedence over the objectives of financial capital appreciation!


Profit model is the strategic issue in the media industry. The dual sales is the core of the media industry.There are some defaults in the profit models such as single, linear and low value-added in the converging trend in the media industry.As the impact of convergence in the media industry appear gradually, the value chain of media industry take on network-based, flexible and similar structure.The innovation of profit model in media industry should focus on value-added, value chain transformation and governance of the value chain management.


With the growth of the WAS and the user amount, the presentVSPs could not meet the demands, and began to cumber the further developmentof the WAS.


Then significance of rational allocation of added values from land development along rail transit line is illustrated. Meanwhile, the paper discusses principles of rational allocation of added values, based on rent theory.


The study consider that the mostly factors which can effect incremental effect of ports are total cost control and customer satisfaction. In order to make the incremental effect maximize, we need wipe off "the no incremental task" and optimize "incremental task". We should make total cost decrease sostenuto, to optimize the task chain. On this basis, we can got customers' anticipate of value and form a customer value chain.


The unearned increment is resulted not from work of individuals, but from social progress, economic development and team effort.


Companies in the mobile value-added services, fixed-line value-added services, network communications areas of value-added services with a strong product development, marketing and customer service capabilities, and give full play to the company management and staff at all levels, accumulated over the years in the field of telecommunications value-added services Experience


If you or your organization has capital that can be invested freely, and would like it appreciate in hi-tech field, or achieve your hi-tech business, or diversify your venture, and at the same time you and your team have the correct perspective of capital appreciation, healthy investment mind and the spirit of cooperation, are willing to accept unexpected investment risk or business risk that may be not prevented by sound risk management and control system due to uncertainty of future, BOHO INTERNATIONAL is happy and ready to work closely with you, help you invest successfully.


Then it anatomizes these fourlinks from the relations between subject and object, and analyzes the general manifestation and other ones. With these analysis,itreveals how and where the knowledge grow in the knowledge value chain of enterprise.


Chapter 1 introduces the OTA technology, current state of mobile value-added service platform and research contents and meaning of this article. Chapter 2 describers the relevant protocols of mobile value-added service platform, such as WAP, PAP, PUSH OTA. Chapter 3 discusses system architecture, contents management, OMA DRM, users management, devices management, download mode and process, WAP PUSH and billing of the platform. Chapter 4 gives the implementation of the platform, mainly describes the implementation of WAP portal, contents download and billing.

本文第一章简单介绍了OTA技术、无线增值业务平台的现状及本课题研究的内容和意义,在第二章对增值业务平台涉及的相关协议如WAP、PAP、PUSH OTA进行了介绍,第三章详细研究了无线增值业务平台的系统结构、内容管理、OMA DRM、用户管理、设备管理、OTA下载、WAP PUSH的实现方式及流程以及计费处理,第四章阐述了平台的实现,重点介绍了WAP展示、内容下载、计费等的实现过程,并对软件架构、项目管理工具等进行了详细介绍。

更多网络解释与增值相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Accretive Acquisition:具增值作用的收购项目

Accretion 增值 | Accretive Acquisition 具增值作用的收购项目 | Accrued Expenses 应计费用

value-added application:增值业务

增值作业:Value-Added Activity | 增值业务:value-added application | 渠道增值:value-added channel system

capital from appraisal adjustment:资产重估增值所得资本

capital formula 资本等式 | capital from appraisal adjustment 资产重估增值所得资本 | capital from appraisal adjustment 资产重估增值所得资本

appreciation in assets value:资产增值

165appreciation duty财产增值税 | 166appreciation in assets value资产增值 | 167appreciation of currency货币增值

appreciation of currency:货币增值

Appreciation 增值 | appreciation of currency 货币增值 | appreciation of fixed assets 固定资产增值

capital appreciation:兩- 資本增值 台- 資本增值;資本升值

capital and shareholding structure 港- 資金及股權結構 | capital appreciation 兩- 資本增值 台- 資本增值;資本升值 | capital asset 兩- 資本資產 台- 資本資產


bets and sweeps tax 博彩及彩票税 | betterment 不动产增值;修缮经费 | betterment income 资产增值收入

betterment income:资产增值收入

betterment 不动产增值;修缮经费 | betterment income 资产增值收入 | betterment profit 以资产增值方法计算的利润额

betterment income:资产增值收入tQW中国学习动力网

betterment 不动产增值;修缮经费tQW中国学习动力网 | betterment income 资产增值收入tQW中国学习动力网 | betterment profit 以资产增值方法计算的利润额tQW中国学习动力网

VAST ValueAddedServiceProvider:增值服务提供商

VASP ValueAddedService 增值服务 | VAST ValueAddedServiceProvider 增值服务提供商 | VADAC 增值交易商