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地方的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
endemic  ·  provincial  ·  regional  ·  regionally  ·  territorial  ·  vernacular  ·  endemical

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In vain they rush frantically round from place to place,trying to escape from avenging boredom by mere clatter and motion.


But just over the next range of hills, out of sight,to the north east, is a windmill that still merrily go es, and about five miles away to the north west is another also active; so that things are not quite so bad hereabouts as in many parts of the country, where t he good breezes blow altogether in vain


I think his fancy for referring everything to the meridian of Concord did not grow out of any ignorance or depreciation of other longitudes or latitudes, but was rather a playful expression of his conviction of the indifferency of all places, and that the best place for each is where he stands.


If Wenzhou People will purchase a loan in the local and the occupier of local funds, then the foreign capital investment in the local should not and will not be occupied by local bank loans and local funds it?


The Townhall meeting is organized jointly with UNICEFand is supported by other United Nations agencies,NGOs and private sector partners.bThe Regional MeetingsFrom the 22 to 23 August 2009, the youth delegates will participate in regional meetings to discuss regional activities, share experience and develop regional actions.

遇见的 Townhall 共同地被联合国儿童基金会所组织而且被其他联合国代理商支援,非政府组织和私人的部门 partners.b)地方的 MeetingsFrom 22-232009 年八月,年轻人代表将会参与地方的会议讨论地方的活动,分享经验而且发展地方的行动。

Root of ox of unconscious ox manager is born to once had said not to see us the place is little, the person of little place does not think criterion already, consider the major issue that is the whole nation, and seeing him is little place person or great place person, what think by right of only is countrywide important matter, with respect to enough the proof cheats Niu Congqi pace to having commonweal gene the commonweal consciousness that; also is Niu Gensheng, just break free from conventions, him appellation the competitor is teammate, make quality is life, the business concept that the product is bearing is rooted in every employee memory gemmiparous, cheat an ox that is to say from inside outside arriving, from start to expand, spread all over commonweal behavior every corner that the company grows.


The backwardness of government system in these areas results in fettering the economic development.


The backwardness of government system in these areas results in fettering the economic development. Thus in the process of developing the west and all-round well-off society, we have to be guided by reformed concepts and break through by improve the government functions. One of crucial targets in present economic schedules of local governments is to improve the investment and management environment in order to build a favorable market system which also is an important task of political civilization construction. This target will be arrived at by quickening the transformation of governmental functions through innovative institutions and focusing on improving the local governmental abilities through enhancing the ability of legal governance.


Although family hegemony on region lied in a great measure on the amount of their possession quotient of regional social resources, inasmuch, the process of family promotion went always with the plunder of political、 economic and cultural and educational resources. However, when limited resources had been partitioned, and a stable force structure had formed, the big families would construct their existing place from culture and education、 economy、patronizing the younger generations 、striving more resources from outside and so on, to improve the relationship of family and region, furthermore, to provide harmonious condition for their development. What they had done composed "the redounding phenomenon", and this kind of redounding behavior had surely exerted notable effect for regional stability and development. It may be the real cause that how ancient Chinese family could control region social.


Autonomous areas organs of self-dual : on the one hand as a local organs of state power in its term, and, terms of activities and organizations, and other local people's congresses and people's governments of the same level roughly the same.


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A Big Fish in a Little Pond:小塘中的大鱼,小地方的要人

a big fish in a little pond 小塘中的大鱼,小地方的要人 | a cold fish 态度冷冰冰的人,不热情的人 | a queer fish 古怪的人


epode 长短句交替的抒情诗体 | eponym 名字被用于命名地方的人 | eponym 齐名的人

Hyrax on Rocks:蹄兔趴在岩石上(在水流入不能走的地方的岩石上)

Warthog in Tall Grass 草丛里有小野猪 | Hyrax on Rocks 蹄兔趴在岩石上(在水流入不能走的地方的岩石上) | 18.Ostrich hrazing 鸵鸟(河边的两只)

banker, observer, Londoner, villager:表示"从事某种职业的人, 某地区,地方的人

12)-eer, 表示"从事于......人" engineer, volunteer | 13)-er, 表示"从事某种职业的人, 某地区,地方的人" banker, observer, Londoner, villager | 1) aer, ar, 含义是"空气,大气" aeroplane, aerial,


providence天意 | provincial省的,地方的 | provisional暂时的


swabbing /刷浆/刷色/刷水/ | swabian /德国的兹瓦本地方的/ | swaddle /襁褓/用襁褓包/束缚/


vicinage 附近的地区 | vicinal 一地方的 | vicinal 本地的

azonic:不限于一地方的, 非地方性的

azonia | 氮阳离子 | azonic | 不限于一地方的, 非地方性的 | azonines | 偶氮宁类染料(商名, 染醋酸丝用)

Pakisabi sa akin ang kasaysayan ng pook na iyon:请给我讲讲那个地方的历史

Ano ang panahong pinakamaganda ang tanawin dito? 这个地方什么季节最漂... | Pakisabi sa akin ang kasaysayan ng pook na iyon. 请给我讲讲那个地方的历史. | Mayroon bang bulkan at batis doon? 那里有火山和泉水...

There's always so many people, and they're being corralled like cattle:哦,那些滥地方. 那些地方的人总是挤的满满当当,跟牛群似的

Statue of Liberty, Empire St... | There's always so many people, and they're being corralled like cattle.|哦,那些滥地方. 那些地方的人总是挤的满满当当,跟牛群似的. | And, you know, there's always some ...