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可改善的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
improvable  ·  ameliorable  ·  meliorable  ·  mendable

更多网络例句与可改善的相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Clinical Relevance: Virtual reality with treadmill training is recommended to improve community ambulation ability in patients with stroke.


Alkaline lipase Greasex 50L is one of the leather enzyme products of Novo Nordisk AS. After extensive control trials on pigskins, evaluating effects by degree of fat removal and qualities of result leather, we got1 Fat removal rate can be increased by 10%and leather qualities such as napping and softness can be improved by using Greasex 50L together with liming enzyme NUE 0.6 MPX2 Some surfactant together with Greasex 50L is good to fat removal, and the recommended ratio is 0.05%~0.1%∶13 The fat content in the skins is lower after treated with Greasex 50L,which also benefits the successive processes, such as bating, pickling and tanning. As a result, the leather qualities, such as fineness of grain, softness, napping and evenness of dyeing can be improved.

Greasex 50L是诺和诺德公司生产的碱性脂肪酶已在皮革工业中广泛使用,为了更好地应用这种酶制剂,我们对Greasex 50L在猪皮方面的应用条件进行了研究采用对比的方法,用脂肪去除率和皮革的质量作为评价标准,研究结果表明1适量的浸灰酶 NUE 0.6 MPX可使Greasex 50L的脱脂率增大,同时可改善皮革的起绒状况和革身柔软性2一定量的表面活性剂与Greasex 50L配合使用,有利于脂肪的去除,用量为平平加的0.05%~0.1%3 经Greasex 50L脱脂的裸皮在鞣制后油脂含量也较低,有利于后续工序进行,从而使成革粒面平细、革身柔软,臀部起绒得到改善,染色均匀性良好

In the paper, the kinds of reachability notions are defined and charactered firstly in their matrices and graphs. By the discussion of the matrix standard form and its transitive closure, the relation among the maximum partial reachability sets, the standard form of the matrix and its transitive closure are posted and the network partial reachability is based. The standard form provides methods for the improvement of the network reachability.


Execute " with large generation small " hind, can reduce generate electricity coal consumption and ensure moving economy, safe; is ameliorable atmosphere environment, reduce the contaminant; such as discharged soot, SO2 to be able to reduce water resource is used up and; of liquid waste discharge capacity can reduce discharge capacity of grey broken bits and noise.

实行&以大代小&后,可降低发电煤耗和确保运行经济、安全;可改善大气环境,减少排放的烟尘、SO2 等污染物;可减少水资源消耗和废水排放量;可减少灰渣排放量和噪声。

Results: Clozapine can significantly improve BPRS score, while risperidone can significantly improve factor scores of Anergia, thought disturbance, hostil-suspiciousness during 15 week treatment. Scores of side effect have significant difference between two groups, with risperridone group lower than clozapine group.


The mCIMT therapy improved movement performance of the affected hand, bimanual coordination, and energy efficiency immediately and one month after therapy.


There was a significant difference in apomorphine-induced rotational behavior between microencapsulated BCC graft group and non-microencapsulated BCC graft group (P <0.01). Conclusion Transplantation of BCC into brain can improve the abnormal rotational behavior in PD-like rats, which was correlated with the survival of BCC in the host brain. The micro-capsules from APA can decrease the host immune response to the heterogenic BCC grafts.


Three in the third trimester, the uterus was the right rotation, left lying in the womb can improve the degree of right rotation, which can reduce uterine vascular tone, an increase of placental blood flow, improve the intra-uterine fetal oxygen status and is conducive to fetal growth and development, which is to reduce low birth weight infants at birth and lower perinatal mortality rate has important significance.


objective to observe the protective effect of qiliqiangxin capsule in rabbit heart ventricle reconstitution of chronic heart failure.methods using the method of giving rabbit abdomen aorta half ligations to build the chronic heart failure model to observe qiliqiangxin capsule the effect to blood flow mechanics index,room wall thickness,heart exponent and heart ventricle reconstitution biochemistry index.results qiliqiangxin capsule could reduce effectively bp,lvsp,lvedp,t wave,improve room wall thickness and heart exponent,reduce angii and alt,all the paramenters ahd notable difference,composed to those of model group (p<0.05,p<0.01).conclusion qiliqiangxin capsule can improve the blood flow mechanics change of chronic heart failure rabbit,which has notable inhibitory action on heart ventricle reconstitution which originate from chronic heart failure.inhibition of ang ii,alt of immune nerve endocrine system may be a mechanism of qiliqiangxin capsule.


The noise improvement need synthesizes the establishment of index sign, is the influence factor which brings orbit noise to meeting to make a study first, again collect an actual measurement data application to return to seven modes of returning the orbit noise of the way establishment, part 2 then makes use of the way of expert's questionnaire, applying the technique of Delphi-AHP, begging to take seven powers of noise factors


更多网络解释与可改善的相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

improvability:可改良的性质或状态, 可改善

suction 吸入, 吸力, 抽气, 抽气机, 抽水泵, 吸引 | improvability 可改良的性质或状态, 可改善 | prevaricate 支吾搪塞


impropriety 不适当 | improvability 可改善 | improvable 可改进的

improvability:可改进 (名)

impropriety 不适当, 不正当的行为, 不得体 (名) | improvability 可改进 (名) | improvable 可改良的; 可改善的 (形)


improvability 可改善 | improvable 可改进的 | improvably 可改良似地

improvable:可改良的; 可改善的 (形)

improvability 可改进 (名) | improvable 可改良的; 可改善的 (形) | improved 改进过的 (形)

reformable:可改革的; 可改过自新的; 可革除的 (形)

reform 改革, 改良; 改过, 自新; 改善 (名) | reformable 可改革的; 可改过自新的; 可革除的 (形) | reformation 改革, 改善, 改正 (名)


ameliorable 可改善的 | scented soap 香皂 | Dresden Bank A 德累斯敦银行


amendable 可修正的 | amendatory 改善的 | amende 道歉

amendatory:改善的, 修正的, 改正的

amendable | 可修正的 | amendatory | 改善的, 修正的, 改正的 | amende | 道歉, 赔偿


improvable /可改良的/可改善的/可利用的/ | improvably /可改良似地/可改善似地/ | improved /改良的/