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发表演说 的英文翻译、例句


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address  ·  addressed  ·  addresses

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Biological Qualcomm reported that since the world recognized the success of the most promising AIDS vaccine trial has been declared a failure, the date of successful AIDS vaccine seems to have become the foreseeable future, the Nobel Medicine Prize, the world's leading AIDS expert David Baldi Professor Moreton speech, claiming that the complexity of HIV based on the variability in the 25 years of human AIDS vaccine can not be found,"and most likely never find such a vaccine."

生物通报道,自从被世界公认最有希望获得成功的艾滋病疫苗试验宣布失败以来,艾滋病疫苗成功之日似乎变得遥遥无期,诺贝尔医学奖得主、世界著名艾滋病研究专家大卫·巴尔迪摩教授发表演说,声称基于艾滋病病毒复杂的变异性,人类在25 年内不可能找到艾滋病疫苗,"并且很有可能永远也找不到这种疫苗。"

I beg leave to address to the council.


I beg leave to address the Council.


I beg leave to address e Council.


By'.'' the Vancouver Board of Trade and Hong Kong-Canada Business Association.


Chamberlain recruited Brains Trust, formed Tariff Reform League, and made speeches throughout the country in order to propagate Tariff Reform and win more supporters.


The former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra has been addressing tens of thousands of his supporters who gathered at a stadium in the capital Bangkok.


The new Japanese garrison Commander at Nanking, General Amaya, on 5 February 1938, at the Japanese Embassy in Nanking, made a statement to the Foreign diplomatic corps criticizing the attitude of the foreigners who had been sending abroad reports of Japanese atrocities at Nanking and upbraiding them for encouraging anti-Japanese feeling.


When they returned to the U.S. in 1902, she became involved in the Women's Trade Union League and the National American Woman Suffrage Association. And in 1907, she founded the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women. In this photo, you can see Harriot Blatch in the middle of Wall Street, speaking to the crowds about giving women the same rights as men. In 1917, she was able to vote--something her mother fought for her entire life.

当他们于1902年回到美国后,她添加了「妇女贸易工会联盟」( Women's Trade Union League )及全国妇女选举权协会,并于1907年成立了「妇女自助平等联盟」( Equality League of Self-Supporting Women );在这张相片内,站在华尔街中央、正在向周遭群众发表演说的女士即为哈里奥特布拉奇,演说内容为妇女也应拥有跟男人一样的权利;1917年时,她终于完成她妈妈毕生想要达到的目标:投下了她的第一票。

Then he would whip them into a frenzy with tirades against blacks and their traitorous white sympathizers.


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Gettysburg Address:(盖茨堡演说)

1863年11月19日,在盖茨堡国家墓园的揭幕仪式上,亚伯拉罕林肯总统(President Abraham Lincoln)发表了着名的演讲:盖茨堡演说(Gettysburg Address). 您以前也许听过它有名的开头内容:「87年前」(Four score and seven years ago). 盖茨堡演说全文极短,

President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress today:小布希总统在国会发表演说

Aldrich, take these.|阿德,拿... | President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress today...|小布希总统在国会发表演说 | ...where he outlined the White House plan for universal health care.|勾勒白宫新...

make a speech:发表演说

927. speak volumes for充分说明 | 928. make a speech 发表演说 | 929. at ...speed 以...速度

to make a speech:发表演说

to make money 赚钱 | to make a speech 发表演说 | to make a will 立遗嘱

Speakers' Corner:英国伦敦海德公园的讲演者之角,人们在这里可以发表任何内容的演说

Shadow Cabinet 英国政府的影子内阁,即在野党内... | Speakers' Corner 英国伦敦海德公园的讲演者之角,人们在这里可以发表任何内容的演说. | Soapbox orators 肥皂箱上的演说家--指讲演者之角那些站在自带肥皂箱之类...

accept speaking engagements:接受邀请发表演说

accelerometer;加速度计;; | accept speaking engagements;接受邀请发表演说;; | acceptability;接受性;;

make speeches:发表演说

22 如果必要的话 if necessary 31 | 23 发表演说 make speeches 31 | 24 写回信 write a reply 31

give a speech:发表演说

1、 把某人关进监狱 put...in prison | 2、 发表演说 give a speech | 3、把...当作 treat...as...

give a speech=make a speech:作演讲,发表演说

16.do a personality survey 做性格调查 | 17.give a speech /make a speech 作演讲,发表演说 | 18.in front of the whole school 在全校师生面前

give a speech=make a speech:发表演说/演讲

get on/off a bus 上/下公共汽车 | give a speech = make a speech 发表演说/演讲 | give King national attention 使得金受到全国人民的重视